The small outgrowths of skin on the body are called warts; these may look serious but are mostly harmless and benign in their effect. The most common forms of warts or outgrowths are plantar warts found occurring in the feet and the common warts that are usually seen on the fingers and the hands, besides these there are other types which are found elsewhere in the body.

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There are warts seen in the genital areas as well, these are highly contagious and are considered the most serious types of warts, these is because the presence of these warts on the genitalia increases the likelihood of getting some form of skin, cervical, and even penile cancers, these genital warts are therefore malignant growths.

A small cut or abrasion on the skin is sufficient for invasion and infection by a human papilloma virus and other types of viruses, these come into the top layer of the skin, and cause the formation of a wart on the surface of the skin. It takes from a month to eight months or even up to a year from the date of initial infection to the actual appearance of a wart on the skin.

The emergence of the wart is also due to factors such as a less than functional immune system in the person, the immune system indeed plays an important role in the development of the wart.

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Supplements and herbs

As the immune system functioning has such a decisive role in the appearance of warts on the skin, the use of the vitamin A and vitamin C and other important supplements can aid greatly in strengthening the immune system to preclude the appearance of warts in the body. In addition these help in the total elimination of the warts themselves over a period of time and may prevent recurrences of infection over the long term. Thus the supplements can play both a prophylactic as well as a therapeutic role in the affected individual.

Substances such as the vitamin E, the oil of the common garlic, and tea tree oil, other herbs like the goldenseal and pau d'arco tinctures, and the gel of the aloe vera can all be used as topical applications to rid the body of warts.

Another external application to eliminate warts is the use of a powdered form of the vitamin C, if this is mixed with water, it can prove itself to be an effective topical agent against warts of all kinds on the body. The use of a compress, such as a piece of flannel or cotton gauze is the usual method by which such substances are applied to the skin of the individual to rid one of warts.

Healing is believed to be accomplished by the use of these substances as each of them is believed to contain anti viral agents. You can try alternative supplements if one of them seems to have no effect on the warts formed in the body.

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Rub some petroleum jelly on the skin around an affected spot if the skin becomes irritated in anyway, all supplements must be used diluted with a little water or vegetable oil, when it is intended for direct application onto the warts. Because warts in the genitalia can become excessively sensitive, all preparations intended for use on the warts in the genital region must be diluted to a great degree before application.

The cotton gauze or flannel used for application of the topical medication must be changed on a regular and daily basis. Within three or four days, effects will become noticeable and the supplements will begin showing results. Do not stop topical treatment till the time the wart heals up completely and the skin smoothens out.

Topical treatments of other supplements like castor oil-combined with a little baking soda, and clove oil can also be used as effective topical applications or used in compresses to be left on the affected area. Even warts in the genital region can be removed using these applications and so can all warts on the other areas of the body.

Because genital warts may have develop into something malignant, medical assistance must be sought at once and you should make sure that it is examined by a competent doctor before starting the use of these applications.


There are many ways to take these homeopathic remedies and it is advisable to start with a relatively low potency: form such as 6x, 6c, 12x or 12c strengths, these dosage strengths can be used once or twice every day of the treatment regimen, a single dose of 30c strength can also be used per day.

The potency and dosage may be adjusted or will need to be changed from time to time, so will the remedy used as the warts may disappear in days or may take months on end to disappear completely. While some of the other remedies can be used as internal supplements, it is possible to use the tincture of thuja mixed with oil thuja oil once or twice each day on the warts themselves as topical treatments.


Causticum is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals who have large warts and other types of warts such as stalked warts and flat warts. Additionally the warts may be fleshy or hard, and the remedy can also be used against horny old warts. The warts can become inflamed very easily and are given to bleed easily.

The warts are also given to oozing out an acrid fluid and often form crust which can harden up. Such warts tend to form in many places on the human body; they can form on the hands, on the fingertips, and in the areas around the nails, and all along the arms. These warts are often painful and sensitive to touch.

The stalked warts are typically small and can occur all over the body of the affected person. The remedy can also be used in the treatment of internally formed warts and seedy warts.

The remedy can also find use in the treatment of all types of facial warts, such as the ones that can form on the eyebrows, in the regions around the lids, the nose, the ones that form on the tip of the nose and on warts that form on the lips. The presence of any of these types of warts on the body can be homeopathically treated using Causticum as the remedy.


Dulcamara is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of warts that are large fleshy and smooth warts, and also in the case of flat warts which develop on the skin of the patient. Such warts typically develop in large crops or groups on the skin of the person. These warts are often inflamed in some way.

Normally these warts can worsen if they are washed with cold water. The warts in general appear on the areas of the body such as the face, on the back of hands and on the fingers and the arms. These warts may also develop on the palm of the hand. The remedy can also be used against stalked warts.

The symptoms from the warts can worsen in damp and cold environments and if the weather changes rapidly; the warts may grow in size or more warts may appear at such times. The presence of these types of warts on the skin of the person calls for the use of Dulcamara as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the individual.

Nitric acid

Nitric acid is to be used in the treatment of individuals afflicted with warts that are often large and soft, the edges of the wart may be jagged or ragged, and the remedy can also be used against stalked warts. The warts usually produce a watery and foul discharge from the surface.

These warts also tend to be given to bleeding on the slightest touch, the warts may also be cracked and itch most of the time. The warts may come along with symptoms such as sticking or pricking and painful sensations. These warts occur in the regions around the mouth, in the regions around the anus, the vagina, and the cervix, in males the warts may occur in the areas surrounding the penis.

The other areas of the body vulnerable to the development of these kinds of warts include places such as the lips and the eyelids, the areas around the nose, the region on the back of the neck, the abdominal area, the region of the breast. The warts may also develop in the hands and the fingers and in the upper arm. The presence of these types of warts calls for the use of Nitric acid as the homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the warts.


Sepia is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of warts in a person; the warts are dark brown or flesh-colored and sometimes reddish in color. The edges of these warts can be jagged, and are often flat or horny; the size of these warts is typically small in size.

These warts tend to occur on the facial region, in places such as the hands, the fingers and in the upper arm. The warts may also develop on the mouth and the chin, and in the neck and the scalp. These forms of warts include the genital warts and the plantar warts affecting the genitals and the feet.

These types of warts tend to affect young girls. These warts are also prone to itching and can often become inflamed. These warts also tend to occur in women during pregnancy, in women undergoing menopause, and in women with developed uterine or menstrual problems. The presence of one or more of these warts calls for the use of Sepia as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the warts.


Staphysagria is to be used in the treatment of warts that are either stalked or resemble a cauliflower in appearance. These warts are often soft, moist and sometimes dry; they are also often jagged around the edges. These types of warts can appear in a person around the gums, the cheeks, and even on the tongue.

These warts may also appear around the area forming the stalk of the penis and in the region around the anus. These warts are very sensitive when touched. These types of warts can develop in the person following an incidence of venereal disease, or because of the presence of psychological symptoms like anger, humiliation and abuse.

The presence of these types of warts in the body of an individual calls for the immediate use of Staphysagria as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the warts.


Thuja is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals afflicted with warts and those people who may be susceptible to the development of all sorts of growths such as warts and benign tumors, etc. on the skin.

The warts of these type are in a variety of shapes some resemble a cauliflower, some are moist, some large, and many are broad and grow rapidly growing, and some possess stalks and are known as fig warts. These warts also come along with stinging pains, and in women the condition of the patient often improves during menstruation when the pains disappear.

The warts can often become cracked, and these are often oozing warts, the smell resembles the odor of old cheese or fish. The color of the warts is typically brown or red navy. The areas of the body most likely to be affected include areas such as the face and the lips, the nose, the feet, and the neck. These warts tend to develop in crops of warts or in grouped forms.

The warts may also form on the genitalia, and in the region around the anus in both men and women. The presence of one or more of these forms of warts calls for the immediate use of Thuja as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the warts.

Additional things you may do

When you are around a pool or at the gym make sure you are wearing shower shoes to minimize the chances of infection. It is known that some types of plantar wart viruses are communicated via locker room floors by people already affected with them. Treatments involving many different types of techniques may be required for the more persistent types of warts; these methods can include the use of prescription wart removers or techniques that involve freezing, burning, or laser treatment methods.

Usual dosage

Aloe vera gel, add dab of aloe vera gel on skin compress. Either fresh leaf or store-bought aloe vera gel can be used.

Garlic oil, add garlic oil to a skin compress.

Goldenseal, moisten a skin compress with goldenseal tincture.

Tea tree oil, add several drops to a skin compress.

Pau d'arco, moisten a skin compress with pau d'arco tincture.

Vitamin E, add contents of a capsule to a skin compress.

Vitamin C, 1,000 mg thrice daily.

Vitamin A, 25,000 IU two times daily for a period of ten days. If you are pregnant or consider pregnancy, do not exceed 5,000 IU daily.

For kids

The elimination of warts in children can be achieved through the use of banana peel; these contain an organic substance which is highly effective for destroying warts and removing them from the body. This particular treatment method is recommended by many professional dermatologists. Use a silk tape to hold a small piece of banana peel against the wart or the affected region of the skin.

These peels can be changed once or twice every day after it has seen some use on the skin for a period of time. Until the time the warts disappear, keep using the peels and repeat the treatment every two weeks; this is the normal time period during which the wart will fade away on its own.

Many forms of the warts that appear in the genital region are eliminated through the use of podophyllin, this is an organic extract of the root of the American mandrake herb, the active compound in it is very toxic to cells and it is primarily used against genital warts. To ensure that the surrounding tissues of the body are not damaged, the use of podophyllin must be restricted to the house, and in all cases its usage should be conducted under the supervision of a doctor.

The antiviral and immune system boosting properties of the shiitake mushrooms can also be used against warts. Children twelve years of age and over can be prescribed a single capsule, given two times a day, for a total treatment period lasting one month.

Other beneficial herbs


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