The stiffening of the muscles results during painful condition known as whiplash, and the pain may be very severe in most cases. Problems like numbness accompanied by burning and tingling sensation in various regions of the arms and fingers result during the condition as nerves are constricted.

Moreover, the paralysis of the muscles in the arms and their consequent weakness is frequently observed during severe conditions of whiplash. The occurrence of headaches and ear ringing is observed as a normal consequence of milder forms of whiplash. The concentration of the person can be affected and sleep is inhibited because of the severe pain in these regions.

The cause of whiplash is the abrupt jerking movement of the body as when the person finds himself or herself abruptly thrust forward, the action may pull a lot of muscles, as the person has usually not braced himself or herself against the violent to and from motion.

A good example is the collision or impact from the rear of the car during an automotive accident, the motion the body experiences are very sudden and violent and some form of strained muscular injury is almost always present.

A great deal of constriction of the nerves occurs, the muscles undergo a lot of pull and are forcefully extended, tearing of the ligaments is normal and the person experiences one or all of these actions in a split second. Injury to the joints and vertebral disks is very common in many instances and this brings about extremes of discomfort and pain to the individual.

The position of the neck and the muscles in it, and the particular position of the body with the force of the crash are important determinants in the seriousness or extent of the injury during whiplash.

Supplements and herbs

To gain symptomatic relief from the pain and the injury, please refer to the section entitled muscles aching and sprains and strains.

Some of the tinctures and the herbal teas, will speed the rate at which muscles will heal from an injury, while at the same time accelerating the tissue reconstruction and relief from painful aches, use the soothing healing herbal baths and compresses on an topical basis, and the tinctures and teas for consumption and both of these two groups together to give you the best complete and holistic care from whiplash.

Tissue formation and reconstruction is hastened and aided to a great extent through the consumption of the horsetail herb, which is very rich in silica. During a treatment regimen lasting a few weeks, thrice a day consume three cups of herbal tea made from the horsetail or if you prefer a glass of water to which 15 drops of horsetail tincture has been added, to calm the nerves and to ease the pain caused during whiplash, consume tea made form the St. John's wort and lemon balm.

Utilize the oil of the St. John's wort, and the essential oil of lavender or herbal compressed made from the horsetail for bringing relief to tense muscles and to speed the rate of tissue growth and healing. The healing of injured muscles can also be greatly aided by the external application of compresses made from the fresh leaf pulp of the comfrey.

This herbal treatment absorbs the blood accumulated from bruises and other areas in the body where blood has pooled up due to injury; it also encourages the cell proliferation and re-growth in the connective tissue and the bones. Blood circulation to an injured area can be increase by taking a hot bath in which 5 drops each of the essential oils of the arnica, the comfrey and the thyme has been added.

Damaged tissue is soothed and repaired and the rate of healing itself accelerates under this treatment. The use of finely chopped fir or pine buds and needles to make an infusion in water can be alternated with the use of the essential herbal oils. Physical warmth around the neck region is an important factor and the warmth should be maintained as long as the injury has not healed.

Additional things you may do

Unless and until the accident involves damage to the cervical vertebra or injured disks, bed rest as a recuperative treatment is not recommended to people suffering from neck pain. Always lie down on your back, and never with the belly down when you have injured your neck, the natural position is the best. The second preferred position for sleeping during a neck injury is the fetal position.

To avoid unnecessarily raising the head above the neck, make sure that you use a flat pillow, which is comfortable and soft at the same time. The spinal region can be greatly strained and the pressure on the neck is enormous when you are lying on your stomach, this position must be avoided at all cost during the injury.

The application of ice on the injured area of the neck during the first forty-eight hours will greatly heal and soothe the muscles. This treatment can be followed afterwards by the application of moist heat, by taking hot showers, by applying hot towels or hot cabbage-leaf packs onto the injured area.

Some other important aspects of gaining holistic relief from chronic pain in the neck are to remove any and all sources of stress, undergo a lifestyle change and the change of habits, develop better posture and practice neck exercises to regain strength. It is important for the neck to be warmed at all times.

In many instances and a soothing physical care and topical massage from a chiropractor, a qualified physiotherapist or from a massage therapist is effective and necessary for relief and healing. Aside from a neck massage in itself, holistic treatment must involve a full-body massage, along with the special emphasis on the injured neck.


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