Xanthomatosis is a medical condition in which fatty and yellow deposits of organic matter collect in different parts of the body. These depositions occur especially in the skin, in many of the internal organs, they can also occur in the blood vessels, and in the eyes and the brain. The occurrence of such deposits exclusively in the eyelids is known as a xanthelasma.

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The appearance of a xanthoma is similar to that of a bump or sore beneath the surface of the skin. Generally, a xanthoma is even, supple and has a yellowish hue having sharp and distinctive edges.

Xanthomas may be of different sizes - while some of them are very tiny, others are comparatively bigger, more than three inches across. While xanthomas may appear on any part of the body, usually they are seen most often on the hands, elbows, feet, knees, tendons, joints and/ or buttocks.

Generally, aged people as well as individuals having elevated blood lipids mostly endure this condition. Xanthomas are likely to be an indication of a medical/ health condition that concerns an augmentation in blood lipids.

Conditions may include diabetes, certain forms of cancer, primary biliary cirrhosis or PBC, which is a persistent and progressive cholestatic ailment of the liver and/ or inborn metabolic disorders, for instance familial hypercholesterolemia (flawed or missing receptors for LDLs on the surface of the cells).

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The primary objective of treating xanthomas that are related to a fundamental lipid disorder is to detect as well as cure the lipid disorder. In several instances, treatment of the basic problem will lessen or eliminate the xanthomas.

Additionally, treatment of hyperlipidaemia will decrease the risk of heart ailment, while treating hypertriglyceridemia (presence of too much triglyceride in the blood) will help to keep away from pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). Generally, lipid disorders are treated with changes in diet and lifestyle using medications or even without them.

In some cases, people may also undergo surgery to get rid of xanthomas, especially for those that do not go easily. Alternately, xanthomas may also be removed by treating the basic cause - lipid disorder. In grave cases, Xanthoma disseminatum, which harms the functioning of the vital organs, can be treated using radiotherapy or chemotherapy medications.

Precisely speaking, regulating the blood lipids, counting the cholesterol levels and triglycerides, may prove to be effective in lessening the expansion of xanthomas.

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Supplements and herbs

To reduce the levels of harmful fats in the blood, make sure that you consume a lot of raw garlic, along with the daily diet. You may dislike the smell and taste of fresh or raw garlic, in such a case, take some garlic capsules - dosage of these capsules can be three capsules, taken thrice every day, for as long as necessary.

Additional things you may do

The high levels of cholesterol in the body can be lowered by regular exercises undertaken every day. Physical activity of any kind is good for you, take part in any sport or activity which will raise the pulse and respiration rate for more than twenty minutes - this is an important step in dealing with the condition.

Activities such as jogging or swimming, and skipping or a brisk walk are all excellent ways to get into peak physical condition. Relaxation also helps, as many of the studies conducted by researchers have suggested that a daily period of proper relaxation helps lower cholesterol levels - the point is to bring down the increase in cholesterol within the body.

Try alternative techniques as well, such as regular sessions of meditation, or try attending a yoga class - these deep relaxation techniques are excellent in relieving tension. Other things you can try out are the use of relaxation tapes and biofeedback techniques. Blood cholesterol levels can also be lowered by including moderate amounts of polyunsaturated fats in the daily diet.

Such good fats are of plant origin - these fats are found in all plants except coconut and palm oils - include them in the diet. Try to use olive oil for cooking and for the preparation of salads.

Use low-fat vegetable spreads as a substitute for butter in your breakfast. It is best to avoid ice cream and other high fat desserts - try having a sorbet instead of cream. Avoid all confectionery cooked using fat; this includes high-fat snacks like the potato chips. Avoid all fried foods and oily dishes.

At the same time, try to increase your consumption of whole-grain cereals, the diet must include more complex carbohydrates - such as those found in baked potatoes, in pasta and rice. Also include cooked dried beans and peas, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in every meal that you eat during the course of a day. Cholesterol is also lowered by oat bran and rice bran - include these foods in the diet.

You can include reasonable quantities of assorted nuts and fruits like the avocados in your meals. Such foods contain a lot of monounsaturated fat - these compounds may help to lower the blood cholesterol level.

The ideal diet must also contain plenty of fish - fish such as salmon, tuna and fresh water trout, along with mackerel and sardines are excellent choices. Cholesterol levels are reduced by fish oil in the diet; it contains a beneficial compound known as omega-3 fatty acids.

The primary objective for treating xanthomas is controlling the disorders with a view to lessen the growth and spread of xanthomas development. There are several ways to treat xanthomas and some of them are mentioned below.

The most common way of treating xanthomas is removing them by means of surgery or by using destructive modalities in the areas affected by xanthomas. In addition, trichloroacetic acid may be used to treat the lesions formed on the eyelid. In the initial stages, hyperlipidemia treatment comprises adopting a particular diet and using agents that lower lipid levels, for instance, fibrates, statins or nicotinic acid, probucol, and even resins that bind with bile acid.

However, it is not essential to treat eyelid xanthomas. Usually, people treat eyelid xanthomas just for cosmetic purposes. Xanthomas can also be treated using chemotherapy medications or by means of radiotherapy.

There are a number of things you can do to lessen the risks of having xanthoma. For instance, you ought to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol as well as the lipid in the bloodstream. Also keep the metabolic disorders, if any, under control.


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