Climber And Rambler Roses
part 4

'Red Fountain' Roses

Introduced - 1975

‘Red Fountain’ rose produces arching canes that are full of velvety, dark red hued flowers. The blooms of this rose are cup-shaped, ruffled and richly fragrant. Each flower of ‘Red Fountain’ measures 3 inches across and is composed of about 20 to 25 petals.

The plants are in bloom all through their growing season. The plants of this variety of rose are strong as well as robust and grow up to a height of anything between 12 feet and 14 feet. This rose is a good choice for growing on a pillar or trellis. The foliage is dark green and has a leathery texture.

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'Rhonda' Roses

Introduced - 1968

An amateur rosarian hybridized this rose. ‘Rhonda’ rose bears double, somewhat scented, salmon-pink hued flowers that appear in clusters. Each flower of this variety measures 4 inches across and they bloom repeatedly. The plants are vigorous and grow up to a height of 8 feet. The foliage is dark green and shiny.

'Royal Gold' Roses

Introduced - 1957

‘Royal Gold’ rose bears deep golden yellow blooms whose color does not fade even when the flowers mature. The cup-shaped flowers of this variety are somewhat fragrant and they bloom copiously at the beginning of the growing season.

Subsequently, they repeat bloom intermittently. Each flower measures about 4 inches across and is composed of 35 petals. The flowers may appear singly or bloom in clusters. The plants of ‘Royal Gold’ rose are stiff, compact and grow up to a height of anything between 5 feet and 10 feet.

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'Royal Sunset' Roses

Introduced - 1960

The flowers of ‘Royal Sunset’ are cup-shaped or high-centered and have a deep apricot hue, which fades to pale peach during the summer heat. Each flower of this variety measures about 4 ½ inches to 5 inches across and is composed of 20 petals.

The plants repeat bloom well. The plants are stiff and grow up to a height of about 6 feet. The foliage of ‘Royal Sunset’ rose is coppery green and has leathery foliage. They are capable of resisting diseases and are rather tender.

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'Silver Moon' Roses

Introduced - 1910

‘Silver Moon’ rose produces long, pointed, yellow hued buds that unfurl into large creamy white blooms. The semi-double flowers may be borne singly or in clusters. Each flower of this variety measures about 4 ½ inches across and is composed of as many as 2o petals that encircle golden amber hued stamens.

However, this rose does not repeat bloom. The flowers have a fruity fragrance, while the foliage is dark, large, and shiny and has a leathery texture. This rose is a strong as well as a robust climber and may grow beyond 20 feet.

It is well suited for growing on a trellis or any other support. ‘Silver Moon’ is also perfect for training to grow up on a tree. As far as flowering is concerned, this rose is quite shy, but the blooms it produces are really exceptional.

'Sombreuil' Roses

Introduced - 1850

‘Sombreuil’ is among the hardiest of all tea roses. In fact, this rose is considered to be a beauty of the South. However, one can take delight in the flowers of this variety in most places in the North. This is an elegant old climber that bears very double blooms having a creamy hue.

When they open, the flowers are flat and quartered. ‘Sombreuil’ rose blooms heavily at the start of its growing season and subsequently repeats its bloom quite reliably. The foliage of this rose is glossy with a leathery texture that offers a pleasant foil for the pale blooms.

‘Sobreuil’ has a robust, but mannerly growth that can be controlled easily. However, it is advisable not to plant this rose close to a walk as the plants bear plenty of thorns. As an alternative, you may grow this rose on a low wall, pillar or a trellis or any other site from where you are able to take delight in the tea fragrance of its blooms safely.

'Tausendschön' Roses

Introduced - 1906

Translated into English, the name of this rose denotes a ‘thousand beauties’. However, even this is an understatement when you describe the 'Tausendschön' rose. Actually, a specimen of this rose that has grown well offers much more beauties compared to its appearance when it is covered with innumerable clusters of pompon flowers for many weeks in the beginning of summer.

When they open, the flowers have a deep rose pink hue, while the centers are white. As the flowers mature, their color fades to a blushing white.

Since the 'Tausendschön' rose plant is almost without thorns, it is an excellent selection for growing over an arch or on a pillar even in a busy area. You may use this rose in the form of a live trellis for a clematis if you wish to extent its blooming season. Alternatively, you may allow this rose variety to sprawl, using it as an effective ground cover.

'Tempo' Roses

Introduced - 1975

‘Tempo’ rose is among the early bloomers. In fact, it is among the first climber roses that start blooming in the garden. The flowers of this rose high-centered, deep red hued and very double. Each flower measures about 3 inches to 4 inches across and the blooms appear in clusters throughout the summer.

Moreover, the flowers last for a long period and have a light fragrance. The plants grow up to a height of about 8 feet, while the leaves are large, exceptionally resistant to diseases and glossy.

'Veilchenblau' Roses

Introduced - 1909

'Veilchenblau' rose is not only able to endure partial shade, but its colors are best when grown in such a site. When grown in a sunny site, this rose produces reddish purple buds that unfurl into small, semi-double flowers having purple-violet color and streaked with white.

The colourful petals surround a knot of golden stamens. The flowers of 'Veilchenblau' rose have a fragrance similar to that of oranges. On the other hand, when this rose is grown in partial shade, the flowers open with a lilac blue hue that is almost a true blue that one will find in any rose which has not been engineered genetically.

'Veilchenblau' rose is a robust climber and you can train the plants to grow on a trellis. Alternatively, you may infiltrate the canes of this rose into the branches of a low growing tree, where they can move quickly to create a beautiful informal display.

It is especially important that you provide a first-class air circulation in the region of this rose if you are growing it in a shaded location. This will help the foliage to remain free from powdery mildew.

'White Dawn' Roses

Introduced - 1949

‘White Dawn’ rose was the original climber bearing white flowers and it still remains the best white-flowered climber. The fragrant flowers of this rose have a snow white hue and they appear in clusters.

Each double flower measures about 3 inches across, is compose of 35 petals and have gardenia shape. This variety repeat blooms well. The foliage is glossy, while the plants have a vigorous growth, reaching up to a height of 15 feet. ‘White Dawn’ is a winter hardy plant.

'William Baffin' Roses

Introduced - 1968

Among all Canadian explorer roses, ‘William Baffin’ is possibly the toughest. It is worth mentioning here that all roses belonging to this variety are generally tough. ‘William Baffin’ is not only able to endure winter temperatures that fall drastically to -50°F (-45°C), but this rose is virtually free of disease even when it is grown in the North.

This rose is capable of growing as a tall shrub, but it is at its best appearance when it is tied and disciplined to grow as a climber. ‘William Baffin’ is in bloom continuously all through summer until the fall. The flowers of this rose appear in large clusters and have a strawberry pink hue with white centers that are marked by tufts of flashy yellow hued stamens.

Each flower of this rose variety measures about 3 inches (7.5 cm) across. It needs to be borne in mind that this rose is one’s hour of need as it is capable of flourishing even in windy, exposed locations where most other climbers would find it difficult to survive.

'Yellow Blaze' Roses

Introduced - 1989

‘Yellow Blaze’ rose is a sport of floribunda ‘Sun Flare’. The double flowers of this variety have a flashy radiant yellow hue. Each flower of ‘Yellow Blaze’ measures about 3 inches across and is composed of anything between 25 and 30 petals, whose slightly licorice scent. The plants repeat bloom well and grow up to a height of 12 feet to 14 feet. The leaves are glossy and resistant to diseases.

'Zéphirine Drouhin' Roses

Introduced - 1868

Parents whose children are still small will appreciate the thorn-less stems of this Bourbon rose. Since 'Zéphirine Drouhin' stems do not have any thorn, this rose is an excellent choice for growing on an arch over a busy path, as it will not be a problem for passers-by.

Conventionally, this rose has been grown against a wall or on a trellis. However, you may also allow the plant to sprawl in the form of a huge shrub in any casual cottage-type garden. The flowers of this rose are loosely cupped and have a cerise-pink hue.

These delightfully scented flowers blossom nearly all through the growing season. The fragrance of this rose is that of an delicious old-rose scent.

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