Hybrid Tea Roses
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Most rose lovers consider the hybrid tea rose as the culmination of their search for the perfect rose vis-à-vis form as well as color. Aside from the hybrid tea rose's high-centered form, they come in a variety of colors that vary from rich red, oranges and yellows to subtle white, lavenders and pinks having unusual combinations of practically every shade in between.

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Most hybrid tea roses are borne on long, sturdy stems which help them to show off their large and perfect blooms, In addition, the long stems make this variety of rose excellent for use as cut flowers. These roses are a favourite of the florists and also loved by people for their decorative value.

Hybrid tea roses are bred by crossing tender tea roses with tough hybrid perpetual and, hence, they possess the best features of both parents, often bearing fragrant flowers that blossom over and over again all through the summer on enduring plants that are winter hardy.

In fact, most hybrid tea roses bear a single flower on a stem. However, few of them even bloom in sprays. The size of the hybrid tea rose plants differ depending on the variety. There is hardly any negative aspect of this variety of rose, barring the fact that compared to floribundas, miniatures and shrub roses, the plants of hybrid tea rose are not as useful for landscaping.

If you are interested in growing hybrid tea roses, you ought to bear a few things in mind. First and foremost, you should only plant this variety of rose in places where the temperature during winter does not fall below -10°F (-33°C).

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At the same time, you should never plant this variety in places where the summers are hot as well as humid. In fact, hybrid tea roses are meant for growing in the south-western regions of the United States and the lesser humid regions of the Mid-Atlantic.

You may also grow this rose variety in the sections of the Rocky Mountain West, the Northeast, the Midwest, coastal British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest where the temperatures are milder.

However, a few varieties of this rose grow as well as bloom well even when grown in the upper Southeast. Nevertheless, these are rare varieties and you will not usually find these varieties in your local nurseries.

The hybrid tea rose has many virtues and the main among them is the excellence of its high-centered blooms borne on long and strong stems. On an average, a flowers of this variety measures 4 inches to 5 inches (10.2 cm to 12.7 cm) across and in extraordinary instances they may measure as small as about 3 ½ inches (8.9 cm) or as large as 5 ½ inches (14 cm) in diameter.

Hybrid tea roses are typical florist roses having a good blooming season. When grown in the form of shrubs, this variety of roses has a tendency to become slender as well as delicate and to some extent clumsy. Hence, you will need some creativity to work the plants in your garden.

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'Admiral Rodney' Roses

Introduced - 1973

'Admiral Rodney' bears soft, light rose-pink flowers having deeper hues on the reverse side of their petals. This hybrid tea rose has a rich fragrance and possesses a beautiful high-centered form.

Each flower of this variety measures anything between 4 inches and 6 inches across and is composed of as many as 45 petals. The foliage is large, dark green and glossy and is able to resist majority of diseases suffered by roses.

However, the plants are susceptible to rust. The plants of 'Admiral Rodney' grow up to a height of 4 feet and are excellently winter hardy. It is worth mentioning here that the flowers of 'Admiral Rodney' are at their best when they bloom for the first time in the season.

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'Alec's Red' Roses

Introduced - 1970

The most common complaint against hybrid tea roses is that their flowers do not have any fragrance. However, 'Alec's Red' proves that such criticism is unfounded. The crimson to cherry hued flowers of this variety is heavily fragrant.

'Alec's Red' bears huge flowers that measure about 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter each and it is full, composed of about 45 petals.

Compared to most other hybrid tea roses, this variety is stockier and if some attention is given to pruning the plants, they can be grown as a wonderful border specimen, particularly in places having cool climates as this promotes more compact growth of the plants.

When grown in places having warmer climates, this rose has an upright habit and grows vigorously, making them ideal for training to grow up a pillar or fence or against a wall.

'Aloha' Roses

Introduced - 1949

'Aloha' bears double to very double cupped blossoms, which measure anything between 3 inches and 5 inches across. The flowers of this rose variety are extremely fragrant and they blossom copiously at the onset of their growing season as well as in the fall.

In between, they produce a good number of flowers. The inside of the petals of 'Aloha' have a clear rose pink hue, while on the reverse side the pink hue is darker. The centers of the flowers have a warm orange-pink shade.

The foliage of this hybrid tea rose is dark, glossy and has a leathery texture. While 'Aloha' has been classified as a climber rose, you may also grow this as an upright shrub. You may also grow this rose against a wall to display the nodding habit of its flowers.

This also offers another advantage as people are able to see the pink blooms from below. Since it is a compact climber, this rose is an excellent selection for growing on a pillar. In addition, the flowers of 'Aloha' are most suited for use as cut flowers.

'Big Purple' Roses

Introduced - 1986

As the name 'Big Purple' suggests, this hybrid tea rose bears very large flowers, each measuring about 6 inches in diameter and composed of 35 petals. Moreover, the flowers have a true purple hue, similar to grape juice.

Apart from the large size of the flowers, they also possess a breathtaking scent. The plants of this rose grow up to a height of 4 feet to 5 feet, while the foliage has a greyish outside layer that helps the plant to resist diseases. In addition, this rose is also somewhat resilient.

'Blue Moon' Roses

Introduced - 1964

The truth is there has never been a rose with blue hue. However, compared to other roses, the color of 'Blue Moon' rose is closest to blue. This hybrid tea rose bears close to lavender hued flowers, each measuring anything between 4 inches and 4 ½ inches across and composed of 40 petals.

The plants of this variety grow up to a height of 4 feet to 5 feet. In addition, the blooms of 'Blue Moon' rose have a potent fragrance. It is also somewhat winter resistant and its ability to resist diseases is good.

'Bobby Charlton' Roses

Introduced - 1974

The 6-inch flowers of 'Bobby Charlton' have a superb form. The color of the petals is deep pink in the inner side, while on the outsides it is silvery. Each flower of this rose variety is composed of anything between 35 and 40 petals and it has a pleasing, spicy fragrance.

The flowers form a nice contrast with the deep green, leathery leaves, which have an average resistance to rose diseases. However, the plants are rather susceptible to mildew. The plants of 'Bobby Charlton' grow up to a height of 5 feet.

When grown in colder areas, the plants of this rose have a tendency to be very tender, unless they are provided with plenty of protection.

'Bride's Dream' Roses

Introduced - 1985

'Bride's Dream' bears large, double, pale pink hued flowers, which have a high-centered form and possess a light fragrance. Usually, only one flower is borne on a single stem. The plants flower copiously all through their growing season.

The foliage of this rose is deep green, while the stems produce numerous brown thorns. The plants of 'Bride's Dream' have a robust growth. This hybrid tea rose also has a tall and upright habit.

This rose is perfect for planting in garden beds or growing as borders. The flowers of this rose are best suited for use as cut flowers and also for exhibition. Some rose growers consider 'Bride's Dream' to be the best hybrid tea rose in its color class.

'Broadway' Roses

Introduced - 1986

'Broadway' rose bears lovely yellow blooms, each measuring anything between 4 inches and 5 inches across and composed of as many as 35 petals, whose edges are tipped in pink. In addition, the flowers of this rose variety have a delicious fragrance.

The plants usually grow up to a height of 5 feet to 6 feet and are covered with large, deep green foliage having leathery texture. The foliage is resistant to rose diseases. Compared to many other hybrid tea rose, the winter hardiness of 'Broadway' is above average.

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From Satish M. Prabhu, M.D. - Sep-08-2015
We live in Columbia, SC and have grown hybrid tea roses most successfully for over 35 years! They are a little labor intensive; particularly needing a preventive spray program to keep them free from fungal diseases such as black spot and powdery mildew. Best blooms come in mid May and mid October.
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