Shrub Roses
part 6

'Red Meidiland' Roses

Introduced - 1989

The blooms of 'Red Meidiland' are single and have a deep red hue with white centers. The individual flowers measure about 1 inch to 2 inches across and the blooms appear continuously on heavy clusters.

The plants of this shrub rose grow up to a height of about 1 ½ feet and spread about 5 feet in width, making them effective when grown as ground cover. At the end of the flowering season, the plants produce copious amounts of orange-red hip during fall.

'Rosenstadt Zweibrücken' Roses

Introduced - 1989

The Kordes family of Germany has bred numerous prize-winning roses for four generations at their family owned nursery. All these roses have been well-liked and appreciated by gardeners across Europe.

Among the roses developed at the Kordes nursery, 'Rosenstadt Zweibrücken' is one of the most liked roses. Several of the kordesii shrubs actually have a sprawling habit, but 'Rosenstadt Zweibrücken' is a compact plant.

It is almost a dwarf plant that is ideal for growing in smaller gardens or incorporating in a mixed border of shrubs and flowers. The flowers of 'Rosenstadt Zweibrücken' are nearly single and have a coral red hue with yellow. The petals of this rose surround a knot of vivid red stamens.

'Prospero' Roses

Introduced - 1983

'Prospero' rose bears double flowers similar to the blooms of rosa gallica. The flowers of this rose open with a crimson color and having shadings of mauve. As the blooms mature their color changes to rich purple.

The flowers are usually flat and have small petals that are faultlessly arranged in proportioned rosettes and are heavily scented. The plants are in bloom from the beginning of spring and they repeat blooms all through their growing season.

The foliage of this shrub rose has a matte green color. 'Prospero' rose was bred by David Austin and its plants are upright with a bushy habit. The plants have a compact size that makes them suitable for growing in small gardens.

You may also grow this rose in containers and the flowers appear magnificent in any floral arrangement. This rose is a rather fussy plant and it needs extremely good soils for suitable growth.

'Robusta' Roses

Introduced - 1979

'Robusta' bears single, scarlet hued blooms, each measuring about 2 ½ inches across. This shrub rose has been named aptly, as it blooms prolifically all through its growing season. The flowers of 'Robusta' have a pleasant fragrance, while the foliage is dense and attractive, but rather coarse.

The plants produce dark green, glossy leaves having a leathery texture and they form a rich foil for the flowers. The canes are thick and they produce thorns like nails. 'Robusta' is a vigorously growing shrub rose and has a bushy and full habit.

It is perfect for growing as an impenetrable hedge if you plant the shrubs at a distance of 4 feet from each other. In addition, you may also grow this rose as a specimen shrub or plant it the length of a fence.

'Sally Holmes' Roses

Introduced - 1976

'Sally Holmes' rose produces single flowers that are borne in abundance in big, compact clusters. The buds of this shrub rose have apricot color and they unfurl into creamy white flowers each measuring about 3 ½ inches in diameter.

As the flowers mature, their color fades to pure white. The petals of this rose encircle a knot of vivid golden stamens, making the flowers more attractive. The blooms have a delicate fragrance.

The foliage of 'Sally Holmes' is dark green and glossy with a leathery texture. This is a robust rose that it suitable for growing as a huge mounding shrub, which grows up to a height of anything between 4 feet and 6 feet.

The plant also spreads equally, making it a striking specimen. You may also use this shrub in a large border. If you wish, you may also train 'Sally Holmes' rose to grow as a climber and in this case the plant may reach up to a height of 12 feet.

The plants are resistant to diseases and, at the same time, capable of enduring heat and partial shade. The flowers of this shrub rose last for a remarkably long time when used in indoor floral arrangements.

'Scarlet Meidiland' Roses

Introduced - 1985

The flowers of 'Scarlet Meidiland' are semi-double, small and have a cherry pink hue. They are borne in large clusters in midseason and they clothe the entire plant. This shrub rose reblooms dependably till the fall. 'Scarlet Meidiland' changes its color in fall when the plants bear vivid red hued hips and this continues well into the winter.

This shrub rose cultivar was developed for its resistance to diseases and hardiness, but it is also capable of enduring light shade. The plants are vigorous growers and produces trailing canes that make 'Scarlet Meidiland' and excellent selection for growing as a tall ground cover.

Alternatively, you may also plant them in areas where very little maintenance is required. All things concerned, this rose is a star performer even when you compare it with its other outstanding relatives - the group of Meidiland roses.

'Sea Foam' Roses

Introduced - 1964

'Sea Foam' rose bears creamy white blooms each measuring anything between 2 inches and 3 inches across. The flowers appear in large clusters all through the growing season.

This rose produces rounded buds that unfurl into flat or cup shaped blooms having small petals that make a wonderful display against the dark green, small and glossy leaves of the shrub. The fragrance of 'Sea Foam' rose is slight. The plants of 'Sea Foam' rose are very versatile and have a vigorous growth.

They have a trailing or semi-prostate habit which, unless supported do not exceed the height of 2 ½ feet or 3 feet. The canes are long and arching, but they may extend to 8 feet to 12 feet if not checked. You may use this shrub rose in a landscape garden in the form of a ground cover.

Alternatively, you may also grow the plant as a mounded shrub or even as a climber on walls or pillar. The flowers of 'sea Foam' rose are excellent for use as cut flowers. It is very easy to grow this rose, which is somewhat resistant to diseases.

'Sparrieshoop' Roses

Introduced - 1953

'Sparrieshoop' rose bears single, large, pale pink hued blooms, each measuring about 4 inches across. The individual flowers are composed of five broad, curvy petals that surround outstanding golden stamens.

This shrub rose is in bloom all through the summer. The plants are upright and have a bushy habit. They grow up to a height of anything between 5 feet and 10 feet.

'Sunny June' Roses

Introduced - 1952

As the name of this shrub rose suggests, 'Sunny June' bears single, deep canary yellow blooms, each composed of five petals and measures about 3 ½ inches across. The form of the flowers varies from somewhat cup shaped to flat.

The flowers have a tuft of deep red stamens at their centers and emit a spicy scent. 'Sally June' plants are in bloom throughout the summer. The foliage is dark green and glossy, covering the entire plant.

This shrub rose has an upright habit and grows up to a height of 8 feet. The plants are very hardy and an excellent choice for growing them as a pillar rose.

'Tamora' Roses

Introduced - 1983

It is very easy to grow this shrub rose and it is also a wonderful performer. The flowers of 'Tamora' rose are fully double and the petals are arranged in a rosette. The blooms are very fragrant and have a shade of apricot with touches of pink-orange.

The plants of this rose have a sluggish growth. This compact shrub performs well when grown in containers or one the foreground of a border in your garden. 'Tamora' rose is at its best performance when grown in places having warmer climatic conditions.

At the same time, it is capable of thriving in arid conditions too. In fact, this shrub rose most comfortable when grown in Southwest gardens.

'White Meidiland' Roses

Introduced - 1986

The flowers of 'White Meidiland' are the largest among all roses belonging to the Meidiland series. The flowers of this rose are extraordinarily full with each composed of more than 40 petals. As the name of this flower suggests, they have a white - pure white - hue, making an outstanding distinction to the dark green, glossy foliage of the plant.

However, it is unfortunate that the flowers do not naturally fall away as they wither. As a result, the bush may have a shabby appearance after a heavy flush of blooms end. Hence, you need to spend some time to deadhead the blooms to make the plant look tidy after the flowering season.

'White Meidiland' rose is a low growing and spreading shrub that usually puts on a magnificent show, especially when quite a few plants are grown together so that they spread out the edge of a retaining wall or surge down a slope.

At the same time, 'White Meidiland' rose can also be grown equally well in the form of a specimen plant, provided it is placed in a spot where you can admire each luxurious bloom of the plant in detail.



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