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'Common Moss' Roses

Moss, Introduced - 1696

'Common Mass' is generally believed to be the first rose in its class. In addition, to this day this rose remains the best in its class. The buds of 'Common Moss' are distinctive, appealing and they are overgrown with moss-like glands which gives this cultivar its name.

When the plants are blushed, they give out a pleasant balsam scent. These flowers open in the later part of spring or at the onset of summer. The buds open to clear pink flower resembling bowls and have button-eye centers. Each bloom of 'Common Moss' measures about 3 inches (7.5 cm) across.

This rose cultivar has a rich and potent fragrance, similar to a classic old rose scent. The stems of 'Common Moss' are arching with several thorns. The foliage of this rose cultivar is dark green and roughly jagged along the edges.

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'Communis' Roses

Moss, Introduced - late 1600s

Many rosarians consider 'Communis' to be the most excellent moss rose. 'Communis' is also known as 'Common Moss' and it produces moss-like growths on the sepals, stems as well as the buds. The buds of this rose cultivar are pink and they unfurl to light pink and heavily scented double blooms, each measuring 2 inches to 3 inches across.

The reflexed or curled back petals of 'Communis' surround a green button eye. This plant has plentiful medium green foliage. The 'Communis' plants grow up to a medium height and even their growth rate is moderate. The canes of the plant are arching and generally they are somewhat taller compared to their width. It is a perfect rose to be grown in a garden bed or along borders. 'Communis' rose is hardy as well as resistant to diseases.

'Complicata' Roses


'Complicata' rose flowers only in the beginning of the summer, but it puts a spectacle on show. The blooms of this rose are single and measure about 5 inches in diameter. Different from many other rose cultivars, the flowers of 'Complicata' appear all along each complete branch. The flowers have a deep pink color with a white eye, while the stamens are yellow.

This plant bears light green, large leaves. At the end of the flowering season bright orange hips appear on the plant in fall. The 'Complicata' rose plant is robust and quite easy to grow. This rose plant needs some space in order to grow well. Owing to the arching canes of this plant, it can be grown as a shrub that grows up to a height of 5 feet and spreads over an area of anything between 6 feet and 8 feet.

This rose cultivar can be grown into a spectacular hedge and if you allow the plant to grow well, it can easily reach a height of 10 feet. In addition, you can also train the 'Complicata' rose plant to grow as a climber. This plant has the ability to endure poor soils, humidity, summer heat as well as winter cold. However, you need to do some pruning as the plant may turn out to be rampant.

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'Comte de Chambord' Roses

Portland, Introduced - 1860

The 'Comte de Chambord' is a well-liked Portland rose and when the flowers of this rose are fully open, they have about 200 petals each. The flowers are quartered, large and fragrant with bottom eyes at their center. Initially, the blooms open in a number of shades, including violet, mauve and pink.

When this rose re-blooms in the season, it is unusually freely for any Portland rose. When grown in good soils and under full sunlight, the plant may continue to flower throughout the growing season. The continuous re-blooms coupled with the compact size of the plant, makes 'Comte de Chambord' rose and excellent plant for any cottage garden. Moreover, the flowers attribute gracefulness to perennial borders.

'Constance Spry' Roses

Shrub, Introduced - 1961

'Constance Spry' is the first among the David Austin's English Roses and, hence, it could not fulfill the complete realization of the nurseryman's dream. However, his dream was achieved at a later period. He actually aimed to blend the old garden rose's classic form and beauty by creating a rose that would possess the ever-blooming nature of the present day roses.

'Constance Spry' flowers only once in one growing season. Nevertheless, this rose is considered to be a great success and become enduringly popular among many generations of gardeners owing to its large, double, cup-shaped flowers.

The color of 'Constance Spry' rose ranges from light to medium pink and the flowers have the graceful appearance of an old rose. In addition, the fragrance of 'Constance Spry' is also similar to that of an old-fashioned rose. In case the blooms of 'Constance Spry' rose were not as appealing, these flowers would have definitely won a great following owing to its relaxed, reliable nature.

This rose simply grows well. You can constrain the long canes of 'Constance Spry' by pruning. In addition, you can also grow this rose in the form of a specimen shrub producing large flowers. In case you allow the plant to grow unrestricted, the 'Constance Spry' can turn out to be a robust climber.

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'Cornelia' Roses

Hybrid Musk, Introduced - 1925

This rose is very hardy and is hardly bothered by northern winters or southern summers. 'Cornelia' produces long bending canes that spread elegantly to form a large, eye-catching shrub. Alternatively, you can also tie the canes while they are young and train them to grow along a fence or over an arch. If you restrain the plant by pruning it annually following the first blush of flowers, 'Cornelia' will grow to form a mound that is 5 feet (1.5 m) high as well as wide.

When trained to grow as a climber the canes of the plant may reach many more feet higher. 'Cornelia' is usually covered with several clusters of very double, small and fragrant flowers, which have an apricot-pink hue and golden stamens. This rose blooms continuously during the growing season which ends well into fall.

'Country Dancer' Roses

Shrub, Introduced - 1973

If the room in your garden is restricted for growing roses and you wish to grow a single rose that will serve in the form of an attractive, practical shrub and, at the same time, provide you excellent cut flowers for your house, you should always opt for 'Country Dancer' rose. This rose is deep, semi-double and fragrant. In addition, the plants keep flowering throughout the summer.

The 'Country Dancer' rose is a shrub having dark green, glossy leaves. Individual flowers have sophistication and create a visual impact that makes these flowers useful contributors in any floral arrangement. When used as cut flowers, 'Country Dancer' rose has a remarkably long life. The compact size of the rose makes it perfect for growing in small spaces.

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'Crested Moss' Roses

Moss, Introduced - 1826

'Crested Moss' rose is also known as 'Chapeau de Napoleon' and 'Cristata'. The buds of this variety rose are extremely beautiful, almost like stealing a look through a deeply fringed set of mossy-edged sepals. These buds open to double and cabbage-like medium pink flowers that are quite fragrant.

Each flower of 'Crested Moss' is anything between 3 inches and 3 ½ inches in diameter. The flowering period of this rose is lengthy, but there is no-reblooming. The plants have plentiful light green foliage. 'Crested Moss' rose produces strong, straight and arching canes. You can also grow them like a medium-sized shrub in a bed or along the border. Additionally, the plants can also be trained to grow against a support. This rose is quite hardy and capable of resisting diseases.

'Crimson Glory' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1935

'Crimson Glory' rose bears pointed buds that have a black-red hue and they unfurl into deep crimson and velvety blooms having purple shading. When completely open, the flowers measure 3 inches to 4 inches each. The 'Crimson Glory' rose is a double flower and each blossom comprises as many as 30 to 35 petals that are superbly aromatic.

The necks of these flowers have a tendency to be weak, which makes the flowers nod in the breeze. The 'Crimson Glory' plant has a habit of spreading asymmetrically and is perfect for growing in a garden bed or border. This rose cultivar only blooms on old wood which makes it an excellent specimen on a trellis or an arbor, where the flowers' nodding nature is viewed as an asset.

This rose can also be trained to grow as a climber and as a climber 'Crimson Glory' grows to a height of anything between 10 feet and 12 feet. Plants of both these forms of this rose produce dark green, leathery textured leaves and they flourish in warm climatic conditions. If you wish to avoid the objectionable purple tones of the flowers, it is necessary to protect the plants from the hottest sun.

'Cuddles' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1978

The oval buds of 'Cuddles' rose open to form very double, dark coral-pink blooms, each having anything between 55 and 60 petals. The flowers of this rose are high-centered and measure about 1 inch to 1 ½ inches in diameter. 'Cuddles' rose is lightly aromatic. However, the flowers are long-lasting and this makes them useful both in the garden and as cut flowers. The plants are very compact and may grow up to a height of 14 inches to 16 inches.

'Cupcake' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1981

The 'Cupcake' rose has a pure pink hue and it looks similar to the icing on a cupcake. This variety of rose bears double, high-centered and gently scented flowers. Each flower measures about 1 ½ inches in diameter and comprises anything between 45 and 50 petals. The neat, compact and rounded plants of 'Cupcake' rose grow up to a height of 12 inches to 18 inches and have plentiful glossy foliage. This variety of rose is excellent for growing in containers.

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