Roses In Alphabetical Order
'P' part 3

'Piñata' Roses

Rambler, Introduced - 1978

The blossoms of 'Piñata' rose have a close resemblance with those of 'Joseph's Coat'. They have a yellow hue disseminated with red. On the other hand, the flowers of 'Piñata' are comparatively larger with each measuring 3 inches to 4 inches across. When the blooms open, they are high-centered and somewhat fragrant. Each flower of this rose variety comprises about 28 petals.

The 'Piñata' plants repeat bloom consistently and are sufficiently strong to grow and stand alone as a shrub. The canes of this plant are extremely stiff and, hence, difficult to train them to grow along a fence. However, you can train the plants to grow on a pillar up to a height of 8 feet.

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'Pink Grootendorst' Roses

Shrub, Introduced - 1923

'Pink Grootendorst' is a hybrid rugosa. This rose is a sport of 'F.J. Grootendorst' and resembles it in every way, barring the fact that the blooms of 'Pink Grootendorst' are clean and have a medium pink hue. As the flowers mature, the color fades to dusty pink.

'Pinkie' Roses

Polyantha, Introduced - 1947

The cup-shaped blooms of 'Pinkie' are semi-double and have a rose pink hue with a tinge of salmon. Individual flowers measure anything between 1 ½ inches and 2 ½ inches across and comprise about 14 to 16 petals. The flowers of 'Pinkie' appear in large clusters during spring and they repeat in the fall. The flowers of this rose are highly fragrant.

The leaves have a soft green hue and they are glossy. The plants of 'Pinkie' are small and bushy. Often the height of the plants equals their width. This rose is effective when planted in front of a garden bed or border. In addition, this also makes a wonderful container plant. 'Pinkie' is capable of enduring partial shade.

It is a climbing sport that usually grows up to a height of anything between 6 feet and 12 feet. The canes are virtually without thorns and the plants can be trained to grow on fences as well as trellises. However, you can also grow this rose as a hedge or shrub with plentiful blooms by not providing them with any support.

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'Pink Meidiland' Roses

Shrub, Introduced - 1985

'Pink Meidiland' plants have an upright habit and they repeat bloom. The flowers of this rose are borne singly and have a deep pink hue with white eyes and each measure anything between 3 inches and 4 inches. The plants grow up to a height of about 4 feet. The leaves of 'Pink Meidiland' are medium green, small and glossy.

'Pink Parfait' Roses

Grandiflora, Introduced - 1960

'Pink Parfait' rose is an inexhaustible bloomer and its flowers have a blend of pale and medium pink, while the edges of its petals have a darker hue compared to their bases. The individual 'Pink Parfait' rose measures anything between 2 inches and 3 inches and comprises about 20 to 25 petals. The flowers have a high-centered and slender form.

They have a light fragrance. The flowers appear singly or even in sprays on elongated, slender stems. The plants are bushy in nature and resistant to diseases. This rose is extremely winter hardy and the plant grows up to a height of 3 ½ feet to 5 feet. The foliage is medium green, semi-glossy and has a leathery texture.

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'Pink Peace' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1959

Akin to its parent, 'Peace', this rose is also very double and comprises as many as 50 to 60 petals each. When fully open, the individual 'Pink Peace' flower measures about 6 inches in diameter. However, different from its parent, flowers of this rose have a solid color which varies moderate to deep pink. The flowers of 'Pink Parfait' are heavily fragrant.

The shape of the flowers vary from cupped to rounded and have an ornamental shape. The plants of 'Pink Parfait' grow up to a height of 4 ½ feet to 4 ½ feet. The leaves of the plants have a medium green hue, are dull and have a leathery texture. Their ability to resist diseases is better than average and they are excellently winter hardy.

'Pink Pillar' Roses

Rambler, Introduced - 1940

The 'Pink Pillar' rose is a rambler and its flowers have a very distinct fragrance akin to that of citrus. The flowers of 'Pink Pillar' last for a long period and individual blooms measure about 2 inches across and comprises 16 to 20 petals.

This rose bears dark pink buds that unfurl into blooms having a blend of coral, light pink and orange. The plant blooms repeatedly. The edges of the petals are scalloped. The flowers appear in small clusters. The plants of 'Pink Pillar' rose grow up to a height of 7 feet to 8 feet. The plants are also extremely winter hardy.

'Playboy' Roses

Floribunda, Introduced - 1976

'Playboy' rose bears burgundy-bronze buds that unfurl into very showy large blooms having a vibrant blend of yellow, orange and scarlet. Each flower of 'Playboy' rose measures about 3 ½ inches and comprises 10 petals with a yellow eye at the center.

The flowers of 'Playboy' appear in clusters and have a delightful scent. The flowers blossom throughout the growing season. After the flowers wither away, the plants produce beautiful hips. The foliage of 'Playboy' is dark green and glossy.

'Playboy' rose is an aggressive plant and it is very easy to grow this rose variety. The plants are bushy and effective when grown in garden beds and borders.

The flowers appear in small sprays on long stems and last for a long period in the garden as well as when they are used as cut flowers for indoor arrangements. This rose can endure partial shade and are exceptionally resistant to diseases.

'Playgirl' Roses

Floribunda, Introduced - 1986

This rose is actually the complement of 'Playboy' rose. 'Playgirl' blooms endlessly and the hot pink hued flowers occur in large sprays. The individual flower measures about 3 ½ inches in diameter, comprise 5 to 7 petals and are slightly fragrant.

The foliage of this plant forms a beautiful contrast with the abundant blooms. While the leaves are dark green, the plants of 'Playgirl' rose are rounded and grow up to a height of anything between 3 feet and 4 feet.

'Pleasure' Roses

Floribunda, Introduced - 1988

The ruffled flowers of 'Pleasure' rose are well-formed and have a coral-pink hue tinged with salmon. Each flower of this rose variety measure between 2 inches to 4 inches across and are somewhat fragrant. The flowers appear in sprays and excellent for use as cut flowers as they appear on long stems and also last for a long time.

The plants usually don't hold back and bloom again quickly. The foliage of 'Pleasure' is moderate green and they are quite resistant to diseases. The plants grow up to a height of anything between 2 feet and 4 feet.

'Plum Dandy' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1991

lavender hue with a paler shade near the base of the petals. As the flowers mature, their color fades to pale lavender. The individual flower measures about 1 ½ inches to 2 inches across and has a fruity scent. The foliage of 'Plum Dandy' is medium green as well as glossy.

'Plum Dandy' plants grow up to a moderate height. They are bushy and compact and have a rather spreading habit. This rose is perfect for growing in small spaces to contribute color to a perennial border or shrub. This rose is perfect for growing as a container plant.

'Polarstern' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1982

'Polarstern' rose bears very large creamy white buds that have a yellow tinge at their base. These buds unfurl into high-centered, flawlessly formed blooms that comprise as many as 35 petals and measure anything between 3 inches and 4 inches across each.

The leaves of this plant have a medium green color and they are swathed with a greyish waxy coating, which offers them protection making them virtually resistant to diseases. The plants are bushy and grow up to a height of 5 feet to 6 feet. This rose is also winter hardy.

'Popcorn' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1973

'Popcorn' rose bears sprays of diminutive, pure white buds which unfurl into flowers that are similar to popped corn. The semi-double flowers comprise 13 petals each and have radiant yellow stamens.

The fragrance of the 'Popcorn' rose blooms is similar to that of honey. The plants are winter hardy and grow up to a height of anything between 10 inches to 14 inches. The foliage of this rose is medium green and glossy.

'Portrait' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1971

The blooms of 'Portrait' rose are double and the individual bloom measures between 3 inches and 4 inches across. The flowers have an exquisite blend of ivory shading which becomes light and dark pink near the edges of the petals.

The leaves have a dark green hue and are glossy, which covers the plant. The plants of this rose grow up to a height of 5 feet to 6 feet and are extremely winter hardy. Interestingly, 'Portrait' rose is a very successful creation by an amateur breeder.

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