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'Prairie Dawn' Roses

Climber, Introduced - 1959

This is among the prairie roses that were bred at the Manitoba-based Morden Research Station. 'Prairie Dawn' is an extremely hardy and tall shrub rose. This rose is so cold hardy that it has suffered very little harm even when grown in places where the winters are near-Arctic, especially at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

On the other hand, during rose trials at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum 'Prairie Dawn' rose has shown that it is somewhat susceptible to black spot as well as leaf spot. Nevertheless, generally speaking this is a very healthy rose. The blooms of 'Prairie Dawn' rose are semi-double and have a bright pink hue. This rose blooms in repeated flushes all through its growing season.

The individual 'Prairie Dawn' flower is average sized, measuring about 3 inches (7.6 cm) across. The flowers are fairly fragrant. Precisely speaking, 'Prairie Dawn' rose is a remarkable city shrub, ideally grown along fences or up on walls in sites where exposure as well as wind would kill other varieties of roses.

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'Prairie Flower' Roses

Shrub, Introduced - 1975

The red blooms of 'Prairie Flower' rose comprise seven petals that unfurl into white-centered flowers each measuring 2 inches to 3 inches across. The flowers of this rose have a light fragrance and they may appear either singly or even in clusters all through the summer above the dark green foliage which has a leathery texture.

The bushy plants of this rose grow up to a height of 4 feet. In fact, 'Prairie Flower' rose is among the 11 roses that were hybridized by Professor Griffith Buck of Iowa University. Incidentally, the names of all these 11 roses begin with 'Prairie'. All these hybrid roses are extremely winter hardy.

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'Prairie Rose'

Species, Introduced - 1810

'Prairie Rose' is ideally suited for growing on a sunny bank in the range right from Ontario to Florida and Texas. This rose is naturally a tough pioneer that can even grow well on poor, arid soils. In fact, this rose is excellent for highway planting.

The long canes of this rose can be trained to grow up a pillar or trellis. However, they appear to be at their best form when the plant is permitted to grow as a large shrub in a meadow or in the form of a specimen at the border of an extensive lawn.

The pink blooms of 'Prairie Rose' appear singly much later compared to the blooms of other rose species. Once the flowering is over, this rose produces prominent hips and radiant foliage that makes it a wonderful shrub for any landscape.

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'Precious Platinum' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1974

'Precious Platinum' rose bears clear average red hued blooms that last for a long time and, hence, they are useful as cut flowers. The blooms of this variety of rose repeat very quickly and are somewhat fragrant. Each flower of 'Precious Platinum' measures about 3 inches to 4 inches across and comprises as many as 35 to 40 petals.

The plant has a rather spreading habit and is winter hardy. The canes of 'Precious Platinum' grow up to a height of 4 feet and they are more or less thorny. The leaves have a dark green hue, are shiny and have a leathery texture. Their ability to resist diseases is better than average.

'Prima Donna' Roses

Grandiflora, Introduced - 1983

'Prima Donna' rose bears long and slender buds that unfurl into deep fuchsia pink having a lavender shade. The high-centered blooms of this rose measure anything between 3 inches and 4 inches and comprise 25 to 30 petals each. The flowers have a light fragrance. The flowers appear singly at the onset of spring and later occur in small sprays.

The plants have long stems and the glossy leaves are medium to dark green hued. The leaves of this variety of rose are virtually free from diseases. The plants are bushy and spreading that grows up to a height of 4 feet to 5 feet. It name notwithstanding, 'Prima Donna' is not a finicky plant and it also grows equally satisfactorily in a greenhouse and in the garden.

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'Princesse de Monaco' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1981

'Princesse de Monaco' has been named in the honour of Grace Kelly and every now and then it is known as 'Grace Kelly' in Europe. This rose has cream colored petals with the color of their edges varying from pink to cerise. The individual flower measures anything between 4 inches and 6 inches across and as many as 35 petals.

The flowers are high-centered, while the arrangement of the petals is symmetrical, which is typical of exhibition-quality flowers. In addition, the flowers are pleasantly fragrant. The foliage of this rose is dark green, glossy and large. It is a bushy plant that grows up to a height of 3 feet to 4 feet.

'Pristine' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1978

The flowers of 'Pristine' rose are like Gardenia. They have a light scent and have a delicate ivory color with a flimsy tinge of pink. This rose bears long, spiralled buds that unfurl into high-centered, double blooms, each measuring between 4 inches and 6 inches and having as many as 25 to 35 petals.

Usually, the flowers appear singly on long stems, but they may also occur in clusters. 'Pristine' first blooms in midseason and it repeats sparingly. The leaves are very large and have an attractive shiny reddish green color.

The gracefully colored flowers of 'Pristine' notwithstanding, the plants are very robust and need plenty of room to allow them to flourish. Compared to most other varieties of hybrid roses, plants of 'Pristine' rose also requires thorough pruning.

This rose is well suited for growing in garden beds or in borders. If you wish to use this rose as cut flowers, it is important that you cut them when they are just about to open. This will help to prolong the vase life of the flowers. The plants of this rose are tender and also exceptionally resistant to diseases.

'Prominent' Roses

Grandiflora, Introduced - 1971

In Europe, 'Prominent' rose is known as 'Korp'. The flowers have a classic high-centered form and have a fluorescent orange-red hue. The blooms of this rose are relatively small and each flower measures anything between 2 ½ inches and 3 inches across and comprises as many as 30 to 35 petals.

The flowers appear singly or in sprays and are slightly fragrant. The plant grows up to a height of 3 feet to 4 feet and has dark green, dull leaves having a leathery texture.

'Prosperity' Roses

Hybrid Musk, Introduced - 1919

'Prosperity' bears pale pink buds that unfurl into ivory hued blooms which frequently flaunt a pink blush. The blooms are double, fragrant and individual flowers measure about 1 ½ inches across. The flowers appear in large, weighty clusters throughout the growing season.

The blooms make an excellent display against the copious dark green, glossy foliage. 'Prosperity' is a vigorous grower and has an upright habit. The straight canes of the plant form a graceful arch owing to the weight of the flowers.

Often the bush is equally tall and wide and you need to provide it with enough room in your garden for it to flourish properly. This rose can endure partial shade and it is ideal for growing in a flowering hedge.

'Prospero' Roses

Shrub, Introduced - 1983

'Prospero' rose bears double blooms similar to this of gallica. Initially, the flowers are crimson hued with shadings of mauve, but as they mature, the color changes to rich purple. The flowers of 'Prospero' are flat and their small petals are flawlessly arranged in balanced rosettes.

The flowers are richly fragrant. 'Prospero' rose starts blooming in the spring and repeat blooms all through the growing season. The foliage of this rose variety is dark matte green. 'Prospero' is a David Austin rose and has a bushy and upright habit.

The plants are compact, making them fit for growing in small gardens as well as in containers. In fact, the blooms of 'Prospero' are magnificent when used for floral arrangements. In fact, 'Prospero' is a rather fussy plant and needs extremely good soil for suitable growth.

'Puppy Love' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1978

'Puppy Love' bears pointed buds that unfurl in a combination of coral, pink and orange blooms, which are slightly fragrant. Each flower of this rose variety measures about 1 ½ inches across and comprises 23 petals.

Almost always on flower of 'Puppy Love' is borne on a single stem. The leaves of this rose have a dull green hue and cover the entire plant. The plant is compact, grows up to a height of 15 inches to 18 inches and is resistant to diseases.

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