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'Radiance' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1908

People who love and have a preference for the hybrid tea class and are looking for hardier roses in this class will find the usually older and not frequently inbred 'Radiance' cultivars to be the best choice. In fact, 'Radiance' is an example.

Towards the beginning of the century, this rose was found flourishing in deserted and neglected gardens and even among old cemetery plantings. In fact, this rose was found thriving well even in the Southeast. Once the roots of 'Radiance' are well established, this rose can tolerate poor as well as arid soils.

'Radiance' will produce a liberal crop of large, double blooms having soft pink hue even in such soils. The appearance of flowers of this cultivar is somewhat old-fashioned making it an excellent choice for people who are working to restore old gardens. The plant is a well-formed shrub, while the fragrance of the blooms is like an old-fashioned damask rose.

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'Rainbow's End' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1984

The deep yellow flowers of 'Rainbow's End' rose are double with the edges of the petals having a red tinge. As the flowers mature their color changes to red. The formation of the flowers is typically that of hybrid tea and they almost do not have any fragrance.

The leaves of 'Rainbow's End' rose are dark, glossy and rather small. This is a miniature rose having an upright habit and are well branched, which makes it a perfect choice for growing in an edge or a garden bed.

You may also grow this rose along a walkway. In addition, you may incorporate this rose into perennial borders. In fact, 'Rainbow's End' is also excellent for growing as a container plant - both indoors as well as outdoor. The plants of this cultivar are hardy and resistant to diseases.

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'Ralph's Creeper' Roses

Shrub, Introduced - 1987

'Ralph's Creeper' rose bears single blooms with a vivid red hue and a white to yellow eye. The blooms of this cultivar appear in clusters and the individual flower measures about 2 inches across. The petals encircle golden hued stamens. The flowers bloom several times all through the summer.

The plants of 'Ralph's Creeper' grow up to a height of 1 ½ feet and they can be effectively used as a ground cover. Some plant may spread up to 6 feet or even more. The foliage of this rose is small and shiny, while the aroma is similar to that of apple blossoms.

'Razzmatazz' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1981

The blooms of 'Razzmatazz' rose are high-centered and their color varies from smoky orange-red to coral. The individual flower measures anything between 1 inch to 1 ½ inches and comprises about 25 to 3o petals. The flowers appear in sprays above the partially glossy foliage. The plants of this cultivar grow up to a height of 18 inches to 24 inches.

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'Red Flush' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1978

'Red Flush' rose bears oval buds which unfurl into cup-shaped and very double blooms whose color varies from pale to average red. Individually, the flowers are about 1 ½ inches across and comprise as many as 50 to 55 petals. The foliage is dull green and resistant to diseases. It almost covers the entire plant that grows up to a height of 16 inches to 20 inches.

'Red Cascade' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1976

It is really ridiculous to classify 'Red Cascade' rose, whose plants grow up to a height of 15 feet (4.5 meters) as a miniature. However, everything, barring the length of the canes of this rose, as diminutive. The leaves are dark green, small and have a leathery texture, while the blooms have a deep, rich red hue.

Each flower of 'Red Cascade' measures roughly about an inch (2.5 cm) in diameter. On the other hand, 'Red Cascade' plants are exceptionally vigorous and fast growing. The plants are practically in bloom throughout the season.

Another quality of this rose is the fact that it can flourish even in conditions that are not very favorable. The plant is equally effectual when grown as a cascading shrub or allowed to grow as a climber on a trellis or pillar.

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'Red Fountain' Roses

Climber, Introduced - 1975

'Red Fountain' produces arching canes that are full of velvety dark red, ruffled and cup shaped blooms that appear in clusters. The heavily scented flowers bloom all through the season. Each flower of 'Red Fountain' measures about 3 inches across and comprises anything between 20 and 25 petals.

The plants of this rose have a robust growth, usually growing up to a height of 12 inches to 14 inches. This rose is a perfect choice for growing on a trellis or pillar. The foliage of 'Red Fountain' is dark green and it has a leathery texture.

'Red-leafed Rose'

Species, Introduced - prior to 1830

The 'Red-leafed Rose' is a Rosa glauca blooms towards the end of spring. The pink flowers of this rose have white eyes. The flowers are borne singly and each measure 1 ½ inches (4 cm) across. While the flowers don't last long on the plant, they are replaced by attractive red, oval-shaped hips that display well against the multicoloured foliage.

The color of the foliage of this rose varies from copper to purplish when grown in sites receiving ample sun, while it is silvery green when grown in shade. The color of the foliage is augmented by the young canes which have a purple hue.

In fact, this makes 'Red-leafed Rose' an extraordinary as well as a striking addition when grown in a mixed border of flowers and shrubs. While this rose is tough as well as hardy, the shrub is almost without thorn. Rosa glauca performs especially well when it is grown in gardens where the climatic condition is cold.

'Red Lion' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1964

The blooms of 'Red Lion' rose are high-centered and have a radiant cherry red hue. Each flower measures about 5 inches in diameter and has excellent substance. The individual flower comprises as many as 35 to 40 petals.

As the flowers open completely, they turn back to form a quill giving the plants a starry outline. 'Red Lion' rose plants grow up to a height of 5 feet to 6 feet and they have an oversized foliage, which is leathery.

'Red Meidiland' Roses

Shrub, Introduced - 1989

'Red Meidiland' rose bears single, deep red blooms having white centers. The flowers appear in heavy clusters and bloom incessantly. Each flower of this rose measures between 1 inch and 2 inches.

The plants grow up to a height of 1 ½ feet and are 5 feet in width, making them effective as a ground cover. Once the flowering season is over, the plants produce plentiful orange-red hips during the fall.

'Regensberg' Roses

Floribunda, Introduced - 1979

The petals of 'Regensberg' rose have a white base with a tinge of various intensities of hot to dusty pink. The individual flower measures about 3 inches across and comprise anything between 20 and 25 petals whose fragrance is similar to the scent of a sweet apple.

This rose is ideal for growing in borders or as a container plant. The plants of 'Regensberg' are low growing but very compact - usually they grow up to a height of roughly 2 feet. In fact, 'Regensberg' rose is among the supposed Hand-Painted series of Sam McGredy IV. This is because each flower on a plant has a somewhat different shade.

'Regine' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1989

'Regine' rose was hybridized by an amateur rosarian. This is a miniature rose whose flower measures about 1 inch across and comprises 25 petals. The blooms have a soft pink hue which is blended with pale pink to cream on the reverse side of the petals. The plants of 'Regine' rose grow up to a height of 14 inches to 20 inches.

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