Roses In Alphabetical Order

'White Dawn' Roses

Climber, Introduced - 1949

'White Dawn' rose is not only the first, but even to this day also the best climber bearing white blooms. The snow-white flowers of this rose are borne in clusters and they are highly scented. The blooms of 'White Dawn' are gardenia shaped and double.

Each flower measures about 3 inches across and is composed of as many as 35 petals. The plants repeat bloom well. The foliage of 'White Dawn' is shiny and the plants have a vigorous nature. They grow up to a height of 15 feet and are exceptionally winter hardy.

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'White Delight' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1989

The name 'White Delight' notwithstanding, the flowers of this rose do not have a pure white hue. Instead, the flowers are ivory rose blending to a soft pink towards the center. The external petals also have a tinge of pink.

The individual flower measures around 4 ½ inches across and is composed of anything between 35 and 40 petals. The foliage of this rose is dark green with a leathery texture.

The plants of 'White Delight' rose grow up to a height of about 4 feet to 5 ½ feet. The stems are long and ideal for cutting.

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'White Lightnin' Roses

Grandiflora, Introduced - 1980

'White Lightnin' rose bears cup-shaped medium-sized (measuring about 3 ½ inches to 4 ½ inches across each) blooms. Each flower of this rose variety comprises 26 to 32 pure, clear white petals and has a lemony scent.

The plants are bushy in nature and grow up to a height of anything between 3 feet and 4 feet. The foliage of 'White Lightinin' is dark green and glossy.

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'White Meidiland' Roses

Shrub, Introduced - 1986

Among all the species in the Meidiland series, the flowers of 'White Meidiland' rose are the largest. In addition, the usually flowers are full, each composed of as many as 40 petals. As the name of this rose suggests, the blooms are white, actually pure white, making an outstanding contrast to the dark green and glossy foliage of the plant.

However, it is unfortunate that, unlike other roses, the blooms of 'White Meidiland' do not fall on the ground naturally when they wither. Instead, they remain on the bush, making it appear noticeably shabby.

This is a common sight with 'White Meidiland' rose after a heavy flush of flowers unless the gardener takes some time to dead head the withered blooms.

'White Meidiland' is a low growing shrub with a spreading habit, which can actually create a stunning show when the plants are grown in a mass close to the edge of a wall or to cascade down any slope. Despite all these, 'White Meidiland' rose can also be grown as a specimen plant in a place where you are able to take delight in each luxurious flower and admire it in detail.

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'White Pet' Roses

Polyantha, Introduced - 1879

This rose bears small, creamy white hued buds with a touch of carmine. These buds unfurl into rosette type double blooms that appear in large clusters. 'White Pet' is a generous bloomer and the flowers appear continuously all through the growing season.

The white creamy flowers make an excellent display against the copious dark green foliage. The plants of 'White Pet' rose are small and have a rounded shape. They grow up to a height of 2 feet and spread equally.

As the plants have a free-flowing nature and neat form, they are an excellent choice for growing as an edge or for including in garden beds or borders. In addition, this rose is absolutely perfect for growing as container plants. Moreover, 'White Pet' rose is also a good source of cut flowers.

'William Baffin' Roses

Climber, Introduced - 1968

While it is true that all Canadian explorer roses are sturdy, 'William Baffin' may be the toughest among them. This rose not only possesses the ability to endure very cold winter temperatures, especially when the temperatures are as low as -50°F (-45°C), but is also free from diseases when it is grown in the North.

While you can grow 'William Baffin' as a tall-growing shrub, the plant actually looks most attractive when it is trained as well as disciplined to grow as a climber. 'William Baffin' rose is in bloom continuously all through the summer months and till the fall. This rose bears large clusters of strawberry pink hued flowers having white centers.

The blooms have striking knots of ostentatious yellow stamens. In fact, you should remember this rose for blooming during your hour of need. It thrives in different types of environments, such as windy and exposed sites, where very few roses, especially climbers, can survive, let alone flourish.

'Will Scarlet' Roses

Hybrid Musk, Introduced - 1947

'Will Scarlet' bears vivid red buds that unfurl into semi-double, brilliant rose red hued blooms, whose color fades towards the center of the flower. When grown in places having hot weather conditions, the center of the flowers has a lilac hue. This makes a delightful contrast with the many yellow stamens of the flowers.

The flowers of 'Will Scarlet' have a very delicate fragrance. The plants bear copious blooms during spring and once again during the fall. Soon after the flowering season is over, the plant produces clusters of round shaped, orange colored hips.

You may grow 'Will Scarlet' in the form of a large shrub, which can be perfectly maintained up to a height of 6 feet to 7 feet. The plants have a tendency to spread equally.

In addition, 'Will Scarlet' plants are also excellent climbers and may reach up to a height of about 12 feet when grown on a pillar or trellis. The form of this rose is arching and graceful. The plants can thrive well even in partial shade.

'Wingthorn Rose'

Species, Introduced - 1890

This rose is exceptional in every way. Usually, the petals of roses are arranged in multiples of five, but Wingthorn Rose' has only four petals. The flowers of this white rose are really small. In fact, most gardeners consider the flowers of this rose as inconsequential.

On the other hand, they grow this shrub for its impressive thorns, which usually measure about an inch (2.5 cm) across at their base. The thorns of this rose have a scarlet hue and on young canes they are translucent.

If you wish to display this rose at its best, you need to cut back the canes severely during spring as this will promote copious new growth. If the plant is pruned less severely, it can be used in the form of a terrifying barrier hedge.

The foliage of this rose is like ferns and this is another attractive feature of 'Wingthorn Rose'. If the plants are grown in a site where the sun can serve as a backlight, the thorns of this rose, which are like jewels, can create a splendid effect.

'Winsome' Roses

Miniature, Introduced - 1985

The flowers of 'Winsome' rose have a deep magenta hue and they have a high-centered form. Each flower of this variety of rose measures 1 ½ inches to 2 inches in diameter and is composed of about 35 to 40 petals.

The flowers are of outstanding substance. The color of the foliage varies from medium to deep green and is semi-glossy. The leaves of this rose cover the entire plant that grows up to a height of 16 inches to 22 inches. The plants are resistant to diseases.


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