Sweet Pea Varieties

Aerospace ( Spencer )

As the name suggests, the 'Aerospace' sweet peas possess white well crafted patulous wings that are cheerily aromatic. The wings of this variety of sweet pea are patulous and spread.

Air Force ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet peas has a misty blue color that is pleasantly perfumed. However, there is no reference as to how this variety of sweet pea was named 'Air Force'.

Air Warden ( Spencer )

The 'Air Warden' variety of sweet peas has a deep and vivid pinkish red color. And like most other selections of the species, 'Air Warden' is extremely sweet-smelling. 'Air Warden' has large blooms, which are well placed on the stem.

Alan Titchmarsh ( Spencer )

'Alan Titchmarsh', named after the famous television presenter Alan Titchmarsh, sweet peas possess an exquisite shade of almond pink on a cream, while the petals of the sweet pea are pale rose in color that merges with the creamy background at the base. The wings are deep pink with the edges having a pale rose color. This variety of sweet peas grows robustly and provides for first-rate cut flower. 'Alan Titchmarsh' has a mild sweet scent.

Alan Williams ( Spencer )

'Alan Williams' possesses a mild blue color. While the base is mauve, the edges of the flowers are pale and slightly rolled back. The base of the sweet pea has a tiny white mark that is subtly covered with purple bristles. The petals of 'Alan Williams' are deeper blue with silver streaks here and there and the edges are pale and well undulated. The flowers have a strong stem and hence ideal for exhibitions. Compared to other sweet peas, 'Alan Williams' has a strong sweet odor.

Alaska Blue ( Spencer )

'Alaska Blue' is a beautiful waved and strong growing sweet pea. The flowers possess a lovely light ice blue color and are dynamic as well as intensely aromatic. The base as well as the patulous wings is white in color often evenly splashed with blue bringing about a striking ice blue appearance. Earlier, there was another variety of sweet pea known as the pure white 'Alaska'.

Alastair ( Spencer )

'Alastair' is a very productive variety of sweet peas that are radiant crimson red in appearance. This variety of sweet pea is excellent for display purpose. Although 'Alastair' is a very attractive sweet pea, it does not have much fragrance.

Albutt Blue ( Spencer )

'Albutt Blue' is a graceful and atypical light mauve blue flower with a white background. The petals of 'Albutt Blue' are uniformly undulating and have delicate bristles at the base. In addition the narrow picotee is purple-blue. Three or four flowers are clustered at the top making the sweet pea excellent for use as cut flowers as also for display. 'Albutt Blue' has an intense, but pleasant aroma.

Alica ( Spencer )

'Alica' sweet pea is found in both light rose and creamy colors. They bear pretty and neat small flowers and the petals are not waving. The flowers possess misty rose and creamy colors at the base, while it is more smooth and beige on the overturn. The 'Alica' becomes paler with passage of time, but preserves the creamy color at the center which is slightly undulating.

Alice Hardwicke ( Spencer )

'Alice Hardwicke' has long stems and the flowers have a pale orange-pink color. The flowers are pleasantly aromatic. This variety of sweet peas has substantial commercial value.

America ( Spencer )

'America' sweet peas has a radiant red colored patch and was first presented in the U.S. by Morse-Vaughan in 1896. Normally, the sweet pea grows vertically and is smoothed at the top and pointed at the peaks. The top layer of the sweet pea has a white base with vermilion stripes, while the reverse side is more compactly colored, particularly at the top. The wings of the sweet pea bear similar colors, but have a tint of purple. The wings point downwards towards the base and are slightly rolled in. The color on the reverse side of the wings is lighter. This variety of sweet pea is often available in a combination of red and purple. Normally, each stem bears three flowers that are exceptionally aromatic.

Andrea Robertson ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet pea is found in midnight blue.

Andrew Unwin ( Spencer )

'Andrew Unwin' sweet pea normally bears large flowers well placed on long stems. The flowers have an extraordinary light blue color shaded with gentle lavender grey color. The last variety of this sweet pea was raised by Charles Unwin. 'Andrew Unwin' flowers are intensively fragrant.

Angela Ann ( Spencer )

'Angela Ann' is a consistent and well-known variety of sweet pea possessing a pleasant aroma. This is a late flowering variety of sweet pea and is found in an attractive white base with almond pink shades. 'Angela Ann' has a sugary rose base with creamy rolled edges and the color fades at the base. They are generally undulating with a white base and the interior is an even blend of sugary pink and white colors. The wings of 'Angela Ann' are dark in color and lighter on the reverse side and they are often found with pink stripes or veins on a white base making them appear pleasing to the eye. The 'Angela Ann' is a sweet pea variety that is ideal for exhibitions and has the potential to win many shows.

Angel's Blush ( Spencer )

This is a dwarf variety of sweet pea which bears big and charming almond-pink colored flowers. The variety has a somewhat sprawling tendency that makes it ideal for bordering the edges of pots and tubs. They also appear delightful when hanged from baskets. Normally, 'Angel's Blush' grows to a height of eight to ten inches and possesses a sweet scent.

Annabelle ( Spencer )

'Annabelle' grows on long stemmed plants and bear delicately lacy flowers that are lavender colored. Annabelle is a very productive sweet pea variety which flourishes even in bad weather conditions. They are useful for decorative purposes and suitably scented.

Anne Barron ( Spencer )

'Anne Barron' sweet pea bears extremely laced flowers with a cream background and shades of soft pink on them. Anne Barron is a productive sweet pea and is also easy to cultivate. It is useful both for decorating the garden as well as exhibitions.

Anne Gregg ( Spencer )

'Anne Gregg' owes its name to the travel writer and BBC TV presenter Anne Gregg. The sweet pea plant bears lacy and richly cream colored flowers. Like most varieties of sweet pea, 'Anne Gregg' is also abundantly aromatic.

Anne Vestry ( Spencer )

'Anne Vestry' sweet pea is found in vivid pinkish red color.

Annie B. Gilroy ( Grandiflora )

This is known to be an old fashioned sweet pea that possesses deep red and pink colored flowers, while the wings are comparatively paler. Normally, each stem of the plant bears three to four flowers.

Annie Good ( Spencer )

Sweet pea 'Annie Good' is deep purplish red in color with a white eye at its center. Normally, the oxblood petals are undulated or waved. The wings of the sweet pea too are of similar color, broad and uniformly undulating. 'Annie Good' sweet pea flowers are rarely found to be aromatic.

Anniversary ( Spencer )

Sweet pea 'Anniversary' is generally creamy white colored with pinkish edges or picotee. The petals of the flowers are disheveled and are darker in color on the overturned side. Wings of 'Anniversary' are undulating and not clear white, but the edges have a tint of pink. 'Anniversary' is useful both as a decorative plant in gardens and also as cut flowers for exhibitions. This variety of sweet pea is intensely aromatic.

Anthea Turner ( Spencer )

Named after a television presenter, 'Anthea Turner' sweet pea flowers are somewhat wrinkled and are found in attractive shades of creamy white and pink. The flowers are pretty large when in full bloom and are superbly fragrant. This variety of sweet pea flowers in summer and is excellent for garden decoration as well as cut flowers in exhibitions.

Antique Fantasy ( Grandiflora )

'Antique Fantasy' sweet pea belongs to the blended Grandiflora variety and they grow robustly with strong stems that make it the most available variety of cut flowers. 'Antique Fantasy' not only has an intensely invigorating fragrance that speaks volumes about the repute of sweet peas, but is also found in a variety of unmatched colors.

Appeal ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet pea is glowing pinkish red in color and is delicately aromatic.

Appleblossom ( Spencer )

The 'Appleblossom' is really an attractive and gently fragrant sweet pea found in rose pink and striped colors. Flowers of the 'Appleblossom' sweet pea normally have a white background and the rims are either rolled back or rolled forward. The flower edges are generally rumpled and have a tint of rose pink with a gentle tint of raspberry at the center. The reverse side of the flowers is usually white with somewhat darker pink color at the center. The wings of 'Appleblossom' are rumpled and rolled down at the rims and rose pink stripe at the turn over. The 'Appleblossom' sweet pea appears to be very attractive from a distance, but look untidy from close quarters. This variety of sweet pea is mildly fragrant. They are also very good as cut flowers.

Appleblossom Pink ( Spencer )

As the name suggests, this variety of sweet pea is normally found in pink color with slightly lavender-pinkish wings. Compared to the 'Appleblossom', the 'Appleblossom Pink' is found in pinkish red blooms and are excellent as cut flowers as also for making bouquets. They are also superb for display in exhibitions.

Apricot Queen ( Spencer )

'Apricot Queen' sweet pea may be described as a lighter and milder variety of the 'Queen Mother'. 'Apricot Queen' usually has a mild and pastel orange color and not the true color of apricot - yellowish orange. The 'Apricot Queen' sweet pea is intensely fragrant.

Apricot Sprite ( Modern Grandiflora )

'Apricot Sprite' sweet pea flowers usually have a peach-like orange color with radiant crimson plummets. The flowers are remarkably bright and superb for use as cut flowers for displays owing to their long stems. This variety of sweet pea is moderately aromatic.

April in Paris ( Spencer )

Sweet pea 'April in Paris' is normally outsized and bears healthy undulated flowers that are light creamy having an extended mauve tint. Each stem of 'April in Paris' sweet pea bears two to four flowers. The flowers are pointed at the heads and intensely aromatic.

Aquarius ( Spencer )

'Aquarius' has a white background with attractive deep lavender blue vertical stripes. The petals are straight, undulating and prominently rolled back at the rims. In some flowers, the petals are even rolled forward and posses glowing denim blue speckles. The reverse side of the flowers are usually lavender blue in color, while the base and the sides are creamy white. The 'Aquarius' sweet pea's wings have a white base and are light lavender blue along the rims. The wings are evenly undulating with a tendency to roll back at the rims. The 'Aquarius' sweet pea flower does not have any white area between the rim and the body base color. The 'Aquarius' sweet pea possesses an appearance that is mid-way between the Grandiflora and Spencer varieties and is very good to be used as cut flowers for exhibitions as well as for garden decor.

Arbor Low ( Spencer )

'Arbor Low' sweet pea usually has a deep vivid pinkish red color and is intensely fragrant.

Argirina ( Dwarf )

'Argirina' is very attractive and diminutive possessing a blend of bright pinkish red and white colors. The flowers rolled forward at the edges and are pastel red in the upper side, while the overturned part is darker in color. The wings of 'Argirina' sweet pea are white on both sides with a tinge of pinkish red and the rims rolled down. As the flower ages, it becomes whitish having a few pinkish red lines. 'Argirina' is an excellent variety of sweet pea for miniature garden décor.

Arley Hall

Named after the well-known garden at Arley Hall in Cheshire in England, this variety of sweet pea has an ordinary blue color. The 'Arley Hall' sweet pea has been cultivated at the famous garden for several years.

Arthur Hellyer ( Spencer )

'Arthur Hellyer' sweet pea is very attractive and possesses a light lavender color. The flowers are normally prominently undulating and few are of the straight type. Normally, the flowers are rolled back at the rim and are white at the base. The mid portion comprises a broad and misty lavender region which turns white again at the top and finally has a creamy rim at the top. The overturned side of the flower is lighter. The wings are normal and possess the lavender color all through up to the rims. 'Arthur Hellyer' sweet pea is mildly aromatic and is useful for both decorating gardens as well as displays at exhibitions.

Ascot ( Spencer )

'Ascot' has a pale orange-pink color much similar to the flesh of the salmon fish.

Astronaut ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet pea is special as it does not possess any tendrils and this has led the 'Astronaut' to develop long stems making it an excellent product for display at exhibitions. The plant bears aromatic blossoms in an assortment of glowing colors, including red, blue, white, lavender and pink. The 'Astronaut' sweet pea serves well as cut flowers.

Auntie Molly ( Spencer )

'Auntie Molly' sweet peas bear brilliant creamy and pink buds. This variety of sweet pea is mildly aromatic and is useful as borders around small houses or huts.

Aunt Jane ( Spencer )

Named after David Matthewman's favorite aunt, this selection of sweet pea is normally very tousled and also intensely impulsive. The flowers have a white base which is heavily veined with rose pinkish-red in color. The reverse side of the flowers has a silvery rose color with a pale shade. In fact, the wings of 'Aunt Jane' sweet pea are boldly colored, but lighter at the edges. The reverse side of the wings is pale too. 'Aunt Jane' is excellent for landscape decoration, especially on a pyramid-like structure and is intensely aromatic.

Avon Beauty ( Spencer )

'Avon Beauty' sweet pea is generally found in profound lavender shades.


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