Sweet Pea Varieties

Balcony Bride ( Dwarf/Intermediate )

'Balcony Bride' sweet pea is not only attractive with supple pink band of color, but is also very productive and has strong stems. 'Balcony Bride' sweet pea flowers are good for decorating baskets and window boxes.

Ballerina ( Spencer )

'Ballerina' sweet pea has a profound creamy color with an intense deep pink picotee. Each stem of the plant bears three to four flowers that are intensely fragrant. Normally, 'Ballerina' sweet pea flowers are six cm in diameter and the petals are waved, while the wings floppy and pinkish.

Balmoral ( Spencer )

'Balmoral' sweet peas have a maroon base with pink colored high spots that make the flowers more attractive.

Band Aid ( Spencer )

The 'Band Aid' sweet pea flowers possess a pale orange-pink (on cream) color much like the flesh of the salmon fish. These flowers are profusely aromatic.

Baronscourt ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are loaded with rich mauve color, and are very good for displays at exhibitions. The flowers are intensely perfumed too.

Barry Dare ( Spencer )

Named after the managing director of Unwins Seeds, flowers of 'Barry Dare' sweet pea are dark scarlet in color much like the red of a cherry. The color is slightly pale at the rounded projecting part - vivid pinkish red at the opening and light at the lobes. The petals are undulating and not disheveled. On the other hand, wings of 'Barry Dare' sweet pea are intensely wrinkled and colored vividly scarlet with a slight reddish tint. On the reverse side, the wings are paler, while the roll over is deeper scarlet than many other things of the same shade and has an orange hue. The plant has long and fleshy stems which make them excellent for cut flowers as well as displays at exhibitions.

Batheaston ( Spencer )

The 'Batheaston' sweet pea bears relatively large flowers that have either a light pink or white base. Often the flowers have a pinkish shade on white background. Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are profusely aromatic.

Beacon ( Spencer )

Like the 'Batheaston', flowers of 'Beacon' sweet pea too are large and are found in scarlet, deep burgundy or maroon colors. This sweet pea was initially introduced as 'Sutton's Beaujolais' and is gently perfumed and truly stunning. They are excellent for use as cut flowers.

Beautiful Blues ( Spencer )

'Beautiful Blues' sweet pea is available in an enchanting assortment of blue and lavender colors. The flowers are mildly aromatic.

Beauty Queen ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea have a pale orange-pink color much similar to the flesh of the salmon.

Benjamin Townsend ( Modern Grandiflora )

Flowers of 'Benjamin Townsend' are white in color and are intensely aromatic.

Bert Boucher ( Spencer )

'Bert Boucher' bears white flowers that are richly scented. The petals of the flowers as well as the wings of the plant are evenly undulating. These flowers are good for decorating garden landscapes as well as for exhibitions.

Bicolor Melody ( Spencer )

As its name suggests, flowers of this variety of sweet pea are found in multiple exciting bi-colors, including pink / blush, deep and light lavender, white / light lavender, vivid red / scarlet and claret / violet blue. The flowers are also very aromatic making them one of the choicest among the sweet pea flowers.

Bijou ( Dwarf )

Flowers of 'Bijou' sweet pea are comparatively larger and tangled. Each stem bears up to five flowers that are found in an exciting range of colors such as blue, red, salmon, rose, pink and lilac. The stems are pretty long and hence the flowers may be used as cut flowers. The plant requires plenty of watering and nourishments for the flowers to last longer as well as to grow longer stems. The 'Bijou' sweet pea flowers are mildly fragrant and are useful for displays.

Bishop's Rock ( Spencer )

This selection of sweet pea bears flowers that are either mild blue or bright purple-violet in colors. 'Bishop's Rock' sweet pea flowers are well aromatic.

Blackcurrant Mousse ( Spencer )

'Blackcurrant Mousse' sweet pea is a plentiful bloomer and bears purple flowers with shades of lavender or white.

Black Diamond ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Black Diamond' sweet peas are deep maroon that is blended with pale purple and lavender. The plant bears dark smooth maroon blossoms that possess a sweet aroma. The flowers are excellent for border and can also be used as cut flowers for display.

Black Knight ( Grandiflora )

'Black Knight' sweet peas bear deep bronze chocolate colored flowers. Many also describe the flowers as dark and shiny maroon. The plant is normally strong and grows straight and the wings are somewhat purplish. Usually, 'Black Knight' sweet pea among the best of the Grandiflora variety, but the Spencer too has its own adaptation known as the 'Black Knight Spencer'.

Black Prince ( Spencer )

'Black Prince' sweet pea flowers are among the darkest flowers of the family. The flowers are deep smooth maroon in color and are moderately fragrant.

Blanche Ferry ( Grandiflora )

'Blanche Ferry' sweet pea bears light rose colored flowers. The wings are whitish with shades of pink. They are distinctive from other flowers in the same category and a perfection of the earlier 'Painted Lady' variety. The flowers bloom around a fortnight before the other common varieties.

Blaze ( Spencer )

'Blaze' sweet pea bears flowers on branching plants, and flowers are incredibly dark orange in color with shades of scarlet. The flowers are profusely fragrant and good for use as cut flowers and decorating borders.

BlondeI ( Spencer )

The 'BlondeI' sweet pea bears large cream colored flowers.

Blue Danube ( Spencer )

The 'Blue Danube' sweet pea has long stems that bear dark blue disheveled flowers that are excellent for displaying in exhibitions. The plants that grow robustly bear strongly aromatic flowers.

Blue Flake ( Spencer )

'Blue Flake' sweet pea bears flowers with blue-tinted white base having deep blue stripes.

Blue Ice ( Spencer )

Normally, the flowers of 'Blue Ice' variety of sweet pea have pale blue shades that are lighter near the rims. The wings of the flower are undulating and they are profusely fragrant.

Blue Mantle ( Spencer )

'Blue Mantle' sweet pea normally bears robust dark violet-blue flowers that appear as a blue haze when in full bloom when looked at from a distance. The flowers are profusely aromatic.

Blue Reflections ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Blue Reflections' are found in individual colors like soft lavender, blue, violet and maroon and also in bi-colors. The flowers are intensively aromatic.

Blue Riband ( Spencer )

'Blue Riband' sweet pea bears flowers that are mild bluish in color.

Blue Ripple ( Spencer )

'Blue Ripple' sweet pea is said to be a must for all gardens owing to its flowers' sweet scent and performance. The plant bears lacy white or creamy flowers with blue speckles. The flowers are best suited for decorating cottage gardens, cut flowers as well as on fences. The flowers are also used to prepare beautiful bouquets.

Blue Triumph ( Spencer )

The 'Blue Triumph' sweet pea bears big, dark blue flowers that grow robustly. The flowers are intensely perfumed.

Blue Velvet ( Spencer )

The flowers of the 'Blue Velvet' are supposed to be the darkest of all blue flowers borne by the sweet pea family. These flowers are large, evenly tousled and deep blue in color growing on long stems.

Blushing Bride ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea have a white or creamy background that turn to light pink when mature.

Bobby's Girl ( Spencer )

'Bobby's Girl' sweet pea bears comparatively big flowers that are both waved as well as normal. The flowers have a salmon pink creamy color and the wings are creamy with shades of salmon. Each stem bears five flowers that are intensively aromatic.

Borderline ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Borderline' sweep pea variety are waving snowy white with stripes and shades of vivid reddish purple color. The flower edges are magenta, while the wings are somewhat reddish. These graceful flowers grow robustly and are intensely and sweetly scented that form a source for producing sprays. The flowers are good for decorating hutment or small gardens and also as cut flowers.

Bouquet Series

This variety of sweet pea is cultivated for numerous reasons that include outstanding verve, yield, unusually stronger stems, big flowers as well as their sweet aroma. The flowers of this variety are available in eight colors that include pink, mild blue, navy blue, scarlet, lavender, rose, white and salmon creamy pink. It is sad that presently only a blend of the colors is available. Earlier, a Spencer variety of 'Bouquet' in light purple color was also available.

Bowhouse ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Bowhouse' sweet pea are large and evenly undulating growing on sturdy stems. The flowers are light purple in color and mildly fragrant.

Brian Clough ( Spencer )

Named after a manager of the Nottingham Forest and Derby County football clubs, this variety of sweet pea bears flowers that usually stand straight, are evenly undulating and are crimson colored that is deepest at the center and lighter along the rims and at the base. On the overturned side, the flowers are quite hazy. The wings of the plant are robustly tousled, but more light, but rosier on the reverse side. Many consider the 'Brian Clough' flowers to be better shaped than the 'Nancy Colledge'. These flowers are excellent as cut flowers as well as for display in exhibitions and are mildly aromatic.

Bridget ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are dark, velvety and violet-blue in color. 'Bridget' sweet pea flowers blossom a bit late in the season, but are generously fragrant.

Bright Et Breezy ( Spencer )

'Bright Et Breezy' sweet pea bears flowers of six different colors and is liberally aromatic. These flowers are preferred by the people owing to their unsoiled, unsullied and vivid appearance. The flowers are comparatively large and have undulating petals, sweet aroma and are borne on strong stems. The flowers have multifarious use, including decorating small gardens and also as cut flowers for exhibition.

Brilliant Fragrance ( Spencer )

Flowers borne by 'Brilliant Fragrance' selection of sweet pea are initially creamy in color and transform to mild or pastel pink as they mature. The flowers of this variety of sweet pea are wonderfully aromatic.

Bristol ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are normally available in consistent supple blue. The flowers are vertical and when they open up they are creamy at the edges which gradually become undulating. The rims of the flowers are pale blue, while the upturned sides are little dark. The wings of the plant are supple blue with somewhat deep colored at the centre, while the reverse side is lighter. The flowers are comparatively shorter, but blossom robustly. They are ideal for landscape decoration as well as exhibition purpose. 'Bristol' sweet pea flowers are generally intensively aromatic.

Bristol Cream ( Spencer )

'Bristol Cream' sweet pea bears mild cream flowers that are very undulating at the rims. As is evident from the name, the flowers are creamy in color and delicately aromatic. Usually, 'Bristol Cream' flowers grow on long stems and hence are ideal for use as cut flowers and for display at exhibitions.

Buccaneer ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Buccaneer' sweet pea are very productive and are usually crimson in color.

Burnished Bronze ( Spencer )

Although called 'Burnished Bronze', flowers of this selection of sweet pea are usually shiny maroon close to being called brown. Both sides of the petals are shining scarlet maroon and somewhat undulating at the edges. The wings of the plant are also undulating or waved and drooping towards the keel and have a pale brown color. The color of the flowers as well as the wings is so vivid that they rarely fade in the sun. The 'Burnished Bronze' sweet pea is somewhat like the 'Karen Reeve', but much easy to cultivate. This variety of sweet pea is seldom found to be aromatic.

Busby ( Original )

'Busby' sweet pea with white and pink bi-color flower is seldom found these days. The 'Busby' sweet pea flowers available these days have a white base with a pale muddy rose color and the upturned side is peach colored. The wings of the plant are basically white with rosy veins, while the upturned side is somewhat white in color. The tip of the wings is white. When the flower blossoms it is robustly colored and the color becomes paler with maturity. Occasionally, this variety of sweet pea is also called 'The Busby Pea'.

Butterfly ( Original )

The normal flowers of this variety of sweet pea have a white background with shades of pale purple, while the wings too are white in color, but with shades of lavender. The edges or rims of the flowers as well as the wings are deep blue. The flowers are of average size and found in covered structure with normal gashes on the sides. In fact, the 'Butterfly' sweet pea is considered to be among the oldest of the hooded variety. The flowers of this sweet pea are intensely aromatic.

Butter Ice ( Modem Grandiflora )

As the name suggests, flowers borne by the 'Butter Ice' variety of sweet pea are supple creamy in color and possess strong aroma.


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