Sweet Pea Varieties

Cambridge Blue ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Cambridge Blue' sweet pea variety are usually silvery white with shades of light blue, which is deeper at the centre and similarly colored on the upturned side. The flowers grow on vertical stems and are evenly ruffled and undulating. Each stem of 'Cambridge Blue' bears five large flowers that are intensely aromatic.

Camilla ( Spencer )

'Camilla' sweet pea bears nice lacy flowers that possess a white background with shades of supple lavender. These flowers grow on long stems and are fairly fragrant.

Can-Can ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Can-Can' variety of sweet pea are usually duplex in form and have white bases with light pink shades. These flowers are delicately aromatic.

Candy ( Spencer )

This selection of sweet pea bears flowers that possess silvered ivory color on the façade, has maroon colored wires and the base is speckled chocolate maroon. The flowers have solid colorful edges that lead to the speckled and then again to the maroon colored base. The area around the calyx is silvery, while the upturned side is somewhat creamy silver with purple shades at the top. The flowers are liberally scented and are excellent for decorating the gardens as well as cut flowers.

Candy Frills ( Spencer )

'Candy Frills' sweet pea flowers grow robustly and are silvery lavender pink in color superimposed with a silver lilac shade. The flowers are adequately aromatic.

Candyman ( Spencer )

The 'Candyman' sweet pea bears plentiful of large, aromatic flowers available in candy twist colors and strips. These flowers are basically a blend of different stripes something like the candies found in back-dated sweet shops.

Captain of the Blues ( )

Flowers of 'Captain of the Blues' have a near lucid purple color, while the wings are blue with shades of purple. While in full bloom, the flowers' color changes to bluish-purple, while the wings turn pure bluish. The flowers are nicely fragrant.

Captain Scott ( Spencer )

'Captain Scott' sweet peas bear lacy white flowers on long stems and are sweetly scented. They are good for use as cut flowers.

Cara Hepworth ( Spencer )

The 'Cara Hepworth' bears quite big, vivid and strikingly shiny pink colored flowers. The flowers are nicely tousled and occasionally droop forward. While the flowers have a silvery white shade all over, at the centre it is deep rosy red. The color is the same on the upturned side. On the other hand, the wings of 'Cara Hepworth' are deeper in color, closely tousled and appear to be somewhat folded over the tip. The wings are near scarlet at the top, lighter at the edges and very pale on the upturned side. The flowers and the wings acquire deeper colors as they grow. Sometimes this variety of sweet pea also offers some duplex and some distorted flower. The flowers of 'Cara Hepworth' are nicely aromatic.

Carlotta ( Spencer )

'Carlotta' sweet pea bears deep purplish red colored flowers.

Castle of Mey ( Spencer )

The flowers of 'Castle of Mey' sweet pea, named after the private home of the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, are gracious and characteristic supple cream. The primrose creamy buds of the flowers are very gorgeous and they blossom into pearly white colored flowers that have creamy edges. Soon, the flowers transform into elegant creamy color. Although the flowers are generally supple cream in color, they are deeper at the centre. The flowers are also closely tousled and rolled back. The upturned side is generally deeper as well as creamy, but the cream shade is not always noticeable. The tousled wings of 'Castle of Mey' fold up around the tip of the flowers, and spread later. The wings initially have slightly pinkish veins near the base, but they later turn creamy. These flowers are sweetly aromatic and if cultivated properly have lacy petals.

Catherine ( Spencer )

'Catherine' sweet pea flowers grow vigorously and are beautifully aromatic. The flowers are available in rose-pink color with shades of orange-pink like that of salmon. The centre of the flowers is usually white.

Cathy ( Modern Grandiflora )

'Cathy' sweet pea belongs to the Grandiflora group and bears big flowers that are plane and graceful cream in color. These flowers are profusely aromatic. Normally, the flowers grow straight, are smoothed and plane and are evenly creamy all over. The upturned side of the flowers is somewhat deeper. The wings of 'Cathy' are also evenly creamy and drooped over the tip. The rims of the wings are curved downwards and somewhat darker in color. However, the upturned side is more lightly colored.

Cathy Wright ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are pure white in color and possess a nice aroma. 'Cathy Wright' flowers grow robustly and are preferred for their sparkling white color. These flowers are best for gardens.

Champagne Bubbles ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet pea bears exceptional and attractive flowers that are beautifully tousled and possess cream color along with reddish-pink shades. The base as well as the edges of the flowers is creamy and in between it is reddish-pink. The upturned side is slightly darker, while the wings are creamy with a mist of light salmon at the edges. The flowers' color intensifies after cutting. 'Champagne Bubbles' flowers are strongly aromatic.

Charles Unwin ( Spencer )

The flowers of 'Charles Unwin' are found in very attractive supple shades that are most close to the true salmon color - reddish-pink. Normally, the flowers grow straight and are roughly undulating and gradually get paler to become creamy with a shade of salmon at the centre. The upturned side of the flower is even lighter. The wings fade lesser at the edges and the tip of the flower is creamy. The flowers grow robustly and have an intense aroma. They are ideal for the gardens.

Charlie ( Spencer )

Flowers borne by the 'Charlie' sweet pea are among the earliest varieties of dark purple in this category. The flower buds color very early but appear to be somewhat messy. The standard flowers of this variety are shiny blackish-purple, but appear hazy on the upturned side. On the other hand, the wings of the flowers are more purple and less of black. Although the flowers are uniquely dark, they gradually turn brown as they mature.

Charlie's Angel ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Charlie's Angel' are uniquely beautiful and are found in unsullied light blue color. The light silvery blue flowers are usually large, nearly covered and then curved backwards. As the flowers mature, they become deeper with shades of lavender. While most of the flowers are plane and roughly undulating, some are even found to be tousled. The wings are normally tousled and drooping. The flowers grow on long stems and are ideal for the garden, use as cut flowers and also for display in exhibitions. They are robustly aromatic.

Charlotte Ryley ( Modern Grandiflora )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are violet in color.

Chatsworth ( Spencer )

'Chatsworth' sweet pea bears beautifully laced or ruffled flowers that are found in light lavender blue color. They grow on long stems and each stem bear around five to six flowers that are sweetly aromatic.

Cheri Amour ( Spencer )

'Cheri Amour' sweet pea bears attractive bi-colored flowers which are found in mixtures of pink, supple lavender and rose.

Cherry Ice ( Modern Grandiflora )

Flowers of 'Cherry Ice' sweet peas are dissimilar from the other blooms in the Ice Series. The plant bears small flowers usually with one stem bearing just one or two flowers. The flowers are lacy and little more dark that the 'Raspberry Ice' and in some flowers the base is of magenta color. The wings of the flowers are curled and rolled downwards. Although the 'Cherry Ice' bears beautifully colored flowers, they are not many as well as diminutive. However, the flowers are intensely aromatic.

Cheshire Blue ( Grandiflora )

'Cheshire Blue' sweet peas bear exceptional dark blue flowers that are richly scented.

Chocolate Flake ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea have an off-white base or background with mahogany colored streaks.

Claire Elizabeth ( Spencer )

'Claire Elizabeth' sweet peas bear flowers that are productive and have different colored edges. Normally, the flowers are found in supple rose pink colors and are sweetly scented.

Colin Unwin ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Colin Unwin' variety are found in crimson rose color nearly in the same assortment of shades as 'Brian Clough' and 'Nancy Colledge'. They are normally smooth-edged and somewhat lacy having light crimson rose color. The flowers are lighter around the smooth edges and having a little orange shade on the upturned side. The wings of 'Colin Unwin' flowers are somewhat undulating, watery crimson in color and lighter along the hemisphere and on the lower portion. These flowers are very aromatic.

Colorcade ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet pea has its origin in Australia and is found in a blend of colors, including red and pink. The flowers grow on long stems and are gracefully lacy. The flowers are heavily perfumed and are ideal for use as cut flowers.

Columbus ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Columbus' sweet pea are lucid light blue in color and grow on long stems. The flowers, well ruffled, are much lighter than the 'Cambridge Blue' variety and each stem bears around five or more flowers. They are delicately aromatic and good for use as cut flowers.

Comet ( Spencer )

'Comet' sweet peas bears yellow and creamy color buds with red flushes. The buds open into average sized flowers with white background and having pink stripes on both sides. The stripes become deeper on the reverse side as well as on the upper portion of the wings. The flowers also contain vivid pinkish red wires on the top of the wings. They grow on long stems and hence are ideal for use as cut flowers and display in exhibitions.

Concorde ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Concorde' sweet peas variety are vivid carmine or deep red rose colored and are heavily perfumed.

Continental ( Spencer )

'Continental' sweet pea is a blend of a number of fine lacy blossoms. They include a nice color range, some from the Grandiflora sort; including dark blue, light blue, white, maroon, sugar pink, scarlet and mauve. Unlike the 'Continental' (Intermediate) variety, these flowers grow on small bush type plants and the flower size is not very large.

Continental ( Intermediate )

This 'Continental' (Intermediate) sweet pea is an advanced variety that has tendrils and is found in seven different colors, including crimson rose, scarlet, crimson, light blue, mid blue, white and also lavender. The plant normally grows up to a height of 90 cm and each stem bears as many as seven flowers.

Corinne ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Corinne' sweet pea variety are nicely undulating and normally carmine rose color with white shades at the bottom. They are nicely perfumed.

Countess Cadogan ( Grandiflora )

'Countess Cadogan' sweet pea bears flowers that change their colors frequently. While the buds open into almost purple color that transforms to lilac and later to blue. The wings of the flowers are pale blue in color with light tints at the edges. Overall, when looked at the flowers from a distance, they appear to be brilliant blue when mature. The 'Captain of the Blues' is a deeper version of 'Countess Cadogan'.

Countess Spencer ( Spencer )

This is the novel Spencer kind of sweet pea and even today it is one of the best varieties of pink sweet pea flowers available. The flowers have a white background with vivid lucid pink shades. The pink color gets darker near the edges. The wings of the flowers are delightfully fluttering. The flowers are very productive, grow robustly and each stem bears around four flowers.

Cream Beauty ( Spencer )

As the name suggests, flowers of 'Creamy Beauty' sweet pea variety are found in deep cream color and are normally stoutly undulating. The flowers are heavily perfumed.

Cream Delight ( Spencer )

This selection of sweet pea bears large flowers that are colored brilliantly cream.

Creameona ( Spencer )

The flowers of this variety of sweet pea are attractive and small creamy colored. When the flowers blossom first, they have a perfect creamy shade, but it fades into white as they mature. Hence, the flowers appear more white than creamy. The flowers grow straight, are nicely undulating, curled at the base and have creases around the center with an even cream shade. The wings are beautifully lacy, drooping around the tip of the flower which is little lighter than the flower. The tip of keel is dark and hence easily noticeable.

Cream Ripple ( Spencer )

'Cream Ripple' sweet pea flowers are creamy in color with purple streaks.

Cream Southbourne ( Spencer )

Flowers of this selection of sweet pea are authentically cream colored, but blossom a little late in the season. They grow straight and are beautifully undulating having an even creamy shade all over. However, the edges are a little deeper with a tinge of amber and they are yellowish on the upturned side. The wings, on the other hand, are cluttered and not level and develop vertically around the tip of the flower. The keel or tip of the flower is easily noticeable when it grows as a shrub. This variety of sweet pea is heavily perfumed.

Cream Triumph ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Cream Triumph' sweet pea variety are attractively creamy white in color and somewhat lacy. They are also delicately perfumed.

Cupani ( Original )

'Cupani' is said to be the original sweet pea. The flowers of this variety of sweet pea are normally brilliantly dark maroon in color and have a white base and same color on the upturned side. The flowers are pointed at the top and slanting frontward. The wings are light purple colored, slanted downwards and creased near the keel or tip. On the lower portion, the wings have a light silvery lavender color. The keel is white with purple color at the bottom. They occasionally include inferior varieties that are either white or in bi-color of purple and mauve. Most of the stems bear around three to four flowers, but this is possibly not owing to only liberal cultivation, but also due to latest selections. The flowers are heavily aromatic.

Cupid ( Dwarf )

'Cupid' sweet peas are said to be the novel of the 'Cupid' variety. The plant is dwarf sized and bears untainted white flowers. It is a noticeably abridged version developed by shortening the stem length between two nodes. The stems normally grow along the ground, are fleshy with many small joints. It is from these joints that the flowers develop. The flowers are normally of the size of a simple sweet pea.

Cupid Mixed ( Dwarf )

The 'Cupid Mixed' selection of sweet pea is a gorgeous aromatic flower that is perfect for growing in baskets and containers. They have a wide and attractive color range and are found either in all or some of the shades of the 'Cupid Series'.

Cupid Pink ( Dwarf )

The 'Cupid Pink' variety of sweet pea is perhaps the finest among all flowers in the 'Cupid Series' and is found in an attractive pink and white bi-color. They have a pleasant aroma and are best for cultivating in baskets and containers during the summer. The 'Cupid Pink' is a tidy and dense plant that may also be used as a decorative ground cover.

Cupid Series ( Dwarf )

While the 'Cupid' is considered to be the original 'Cupid' sweet pea, the contemporary 'Cupid Series' comprises flowers of 11 shades that include: pink and carmine bi-color, scarlet and deep lilac bi-color, a white bi-color, white, crimson, cherry, rose, pinkish-red rose and lavender.

Curbar Edge ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are found in dark rose pink color and are seldom known to have any aroma.


'Cuthbertsons' of sweet pea is very popular in the United States, but seldom cultivated in the UK. 'Cuthbertsons' sweet pea flowers are found in seven shades that include 'Jimmy' - scarlet, 'Frank' - lavender, 'Evelyn' - salmon rose, 'Janet' - white, 'Lois' - pinkish rose and 'Kenneth' - crimson. The flowers have long stems and are delicately perfumed.


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