Sweet Pea Varieties

Daily Mail ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are very attractive and are evenly vivid pinkish red. The deep cerise pink color is also found in the wings that are slightly lacy with a darker color along the edge of the keel. The flowers, on the other hand, are evenly tousled brilliantly pinkish red with cream colored base. The top of the flower is white with whitish wires. They are delicately fragrant.

Dalemain ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Dalemain' variety of sweet pea are usually large and possess a ruby red color.

Dancing Queen ( Spencer )

The 'Dancing Queen' selection of sweet pea bears flowers that are characteristically lacy and chaste white in color. When the flowers blossom first they are pure white with a hint of green and gradually becomes completely white with other shades disappearing. They are intensely lacy and somewhat curled backwards. The wings are wide, chaste white in color with a slight shade of pink with roughly lacy petals. The petals as well as the wings have the same color (white) on the reverse sides too. Flowers of the 'Dancing Queen' sweet pea variety are heavily perfumed.

Daphne ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Daphne' sweet pea grow on long stems and have a light lavender color. The petals are somewhat lacy and darker at the centre. They have a deeper color on the upturned side and at the first appearance seem to be creamy on the top. The wings of the flowers are more intensely lacy and deeper in color. The edges and the upturned side are comparatively light in color. Compared to the 'Isabella Cochrane' variety of sweet pea, flowers of the 'Daphne' have a more uniform color all over and are heavily perfumed.

Darcey Bussell ( Spencer )

Named after the Royal Ballet's main ballerina, 'Darcey Bussel' sweet peas bear flowers that are very attractive and graceful having a light rosy purple color with streaks. Originally, the flower buds are yellowish, but transform to purple just before blossoming. The petals are barely undulating appearing to be curvy and white in color with a somewhat gloomy appearance on the back. The flowers have a tinge of pink wire and purplish vertical lines at the middle. The upturned side of the flowers is completely purple in color with no white area between the purple color and purple veins. The wings are undulating and not curvy downwards. Occasionally, the wings are irregular and deranged with a clear split at the centre. They are well veined and also streaked with some space in between. 'Darcey Bussel' flowers are adequately aromatic.

Dave Thomas ( Spencer )

Normally, flowers of the 'Dave Thomas' sweet variety are evenly vivid scarlet, but at times they are also found in faint scarlet color. The petals of the flowers are usually level when they blossom, but gradually become tousled or lacy. The scarlet color fades at the edges and the upturned side is relatively paler. The wings also have a bright scarlet color that become lighter downwards and has white spots on both sides of the keel. The tip of the keel is partly orange scarlet in color, while the remaining part is white. Flowers of 'Dave Thomas' sweet pea are heavily scented.

David Unwin ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'David Unwin' sweet pea variety are somewhat rumpled and are light reddish in color. Normally, when the flowers blossoms they are smooth and composed, but gradually grow intense undulation. The flowers are evenly pale vermillion colored all over and are paler at the edges, while the upturned side is shiny. The wings are roughly undulating, are colored like the petals and paler at the bottom. This variety of sweet pea flowers blossoms quite late in the season. They grow on long stems and are therefore, ideal for use as cut flowers and display at exhibitions.

Dawn ( Spencer )

The 'Dawn' sweet pea flowers have a pastel lavender blue shade. The petals are misty blue, while the edges are white and intensely curved backwards or downwards. The wings are lacy and also have a pale blue flush. The keel is white and yellowish at the tip appearing to be supple and shiny. The flowers are strongly perfumed.

Dawn Chorus ( Intermediate )

'Dawn Chorus' sweet pea bears flowers that are more like the ones in the Spencer category and grow on Intermediate plants that are energetic and robust. The petals are undulating and white, while the upturned side is purplish in color. The wings are extended as well as undulating and white colored. These flowers have a delicate aroma.

Dean's Scarlet ( Spencer )

As the name suggests, flowers borne by the 'Dean's Scarlet' sweet pea variety are scarlet in color superimposed with an orange shade. This brilliantly colored flower does not become paler even when kept in direct sunlight.

D.E.B.R.A ( Spencer )

This sweet pea variety with a unique name bears flowers that are mauve or pale purple in color.

Delicacy ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea grow on long stems and have a very soft pink color. These flowers are mildly perfumed and ideal for use as cut flowers.

Denis Compton ( Spencer )

'Denis Compton' sweet pea bears large lacy flowers that are pale pink and at the centre they are light creamy. The flowers are profoundly perfumed.

Denise Tanner ( Modern Grandiflora )

Both petals as well as the wings of the flowers of 'Denise Tanner' sweet pea are pink colored like the peach. The petals are somewhat covered, while the stalks are reddish. The flowers are heavily aromatic.

Destiny ( Spencer )

Flowers borne by the 'Destiny' sweet pea selection have a white background with a soft pink shade. These flowers are seldom aromatic.

Diamond Wedding ( Spencer )

'Diamond Wedding' sweet pea bears white flowers that grow on strong stemmed plants. The stems are usually long and each bear around five to six flowers that are profoundly aromatic.

Diana ( Spencer )

The flowers of 'Diana' sweet pea are of very pale orange salmon color and somewhat tousled. The flowers have a lighter color at the edges and the upturned side is creamy. The wings of 'Diana' sweet pea are deeper orange, but lighter at the bottom and whitish near the edges. This variety of sweet pea also bears duplex flowers and grow equally well in sizzling as well as wet atmospheric conditions. The flowers are usually not scented.

Dignity ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of Spencer sweet pea grow on long stems and are found in rich royal purple color. They are useful as cut flowers.

Dolly Varden ( Grandiflora )

'Dolly Varden' sweet pea bears vivid purplish magenta colored flowers that grow on long stems. Each stem bears three flowers that transform to lighter shades, nearly white, along the edges and have maroon streaks and shades at the bottom.

Donna Jones ( Modern Grandiflora )

'Donna Jones' sweet pea selection from Modern Grandiflora bears brilliantly red colored flowers that are also heavily perfumed.

Dorothy Eckford ( Grandiflora )

'Dorothy Eckford' sweet pea bears beautiful and unique chaste white flowers. The petals are clean white that resembles the front part of a ship, while the sides are sloped backwards, while the top portion bends over to the fore. The upturned side of the flowers is pale cream colored. Normally, three flowers grow on each stem of the plant. The wings are wide and partially slanted downwards and somewhat creased towards the fore. The flowers are pure white both in the front as well as at the back. 'Dorothy Eckford' flowers are extremely beautiful and ideal for decorating any garden. These flowers are heavily perfumed.

Dragonfly ( Semi-Grandiflora )

Flowers borne by the Semi-Grandiflora 'Dragonfly' sweet pea variety are creamy colored with speckles of pale blue.

Duchess of Roxburghe ( Spencer )

The 'Duchess of Roxburghe' variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears light blue flowers with shades of cream. These flowers are nicely perfumed.

Duke of York ( Grandiflora )

This variety of sweet pea from Grandiflora bears wonderful bi-color flowers. The flowers are light rose in color that gradually become paler and appear peachy white. They are also white at the edges and at the bottom, while the upturned side is almost similar, but have more of the peach shade. The flowers normally grow upright and somewhat plane. The wings are chaste white and slanted over the keel. The white keel is also a little curvy.

Dusty Springfield ( Spencer )

'Dusty Springfield' selection of sweet pea from Spencer bears large flowers that are scarlet rose in color. The large scarlet rose flowers grows vertically and are somewhat waved at the centre and plane at the edges. Normally, they are found in a smoothed shape. The flowers have a little deeper color on the upturned side. The wings are very deep scarlet in color that fades somewhat as they mature. The wings have a lighter shade at the bottom and also the base.

Dynasty ( Spencer )

'Dynasty' sweet pea from Spencer bears flowers that are conspicuously deep purplish red in color. The flowers grow straight, are a little undulating and have deep carmine veins on a white background. The color of the flowers on the upturned side is more even. The wings have a deeper shade and are never found to be undulating. The wings droop downwards from the sides and have a lighter color at the bottom. The flowers grow robustly and are nicely perfumed.


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