Sweet Pea Varieties

Earl Spencer ( Spencer )

'Earl Spencer' sweet pea from Spencer is an impressive selection. Flowers borne by 'Earl Spencer' are large and attractive orange in color. Typical of the Spencer type, the flowers may also be expressed as salmon (red or pink color) blended with orange.

Early Multiflora Gigantea

'Early Multiflora Gigantea' sweet pea flower from Spencer is found in an unspecified appearance, dimension and shades and the series comprise 'Chloe' - navy blue, 'Gloria' - dark rose pink, 'Eleanor' - mid blue, 'Lily' - white. 'Marilyn' - scarlet-cerise, 'Peaches' - salmon superimposed on cream, 'Grace' - lavender, 'Susie' - pale salmon-pink, 'Stella' - cream, 'Flag Blue' - navy blue. The flowers are generally large and grow late in the season.

Early Sunshine ( Spencer )

The 'Early Sunshine' is a Spencer variety including an Australian blend. This variety of sweet pea has a wide assortment of colors that comprise navy blue, lavender, white, rose, cream, mauve, pink, scarlet and mid blue. The flower is very productive and is mainly cultivated for its commercial value as cut flowers.

Eckford's Mix ( Grandiflora )

'Eckford's Mix' sweet pea from Grandiflora was initially cultivated by Henry Eckford, known as the father of modern sweet peas. This variety has a wide assortment of colors including maroon, cream, blue, maroon, shell pink and white streaks in crimson. All the flowers of this variety contain a heavy honey or orange perfume and grow on long stems making them ideal for use as cut flowers.

Eclipse ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears large purple flowers that appear exquisitely lacy. The petals of the flowers are intensely undulating, reflexed and have a prominent and bright pinkish red color evenly blended with purple all over. The flowers have a lighter color along the rims and pale on the upturned side. The wings are very tousled and have a deeper color than the petals. At the bottom, the wings are a little pale and also shiny. The keel of the flower is whitish with purple edges. The flowers are quite dependable and heavily perfumed.

Ed Fincham ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Ed Fincham' variety of sweet pea from Spencer are beautifully undulating and maroon in color. These flowers are mildly aromatic.

Edward Unwin ( Spencer )

The 'Edward Unwin' selection of sweet pea from Spencer bears large and unsullied blue colored flowers that are very productive. Flowers of 'Edward Unwin' are usually larger than those of 'Charlie's Angel' and are heavily scented.

Eileen Brinton ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Eileen Brinton' sweet pea are found in supple pearly rose color. Petals of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer are creamy with shades of pink when they blossom and gradually transforms to white as they mature. Eventually, the flowers become rose pink with somewhat creamy color at the bottom and the hemispheres. They are nicely lacy and lighter on the upturned side. Unlike the petals, the wings of the flowers open up with a more prominent white with pinkish shades. The rims of the wings are usually lacy, creamy white in color and lighter at the bottom. The keel is creamy, but occasionally there is an exception: keel is profusely reddish and this spoils the beauty of the flowers.

Elaine Paige ( Spencer )

'Elaine Page' sweet pea from Spencer bears vivid rosy pink flowers and is named after the singer Elaine Page.

Elegance ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Elegance' variety of sweet pea from Spencer are chaste white in color. It may be mentioned here that there is another sweet pea named 'Elegance' from Grandiflora. The Spencer variety has a chaste white background that is nicely speckled with bright rose color or has veins. The flowers grow straight on long stems and each stem usually bears two to three flowers. Sometimes, the colors of the petals and the wings of the flowers differ.


'Elinor' sweet pea bears intimately spaced out white flowers with a reddish purple shade. The petals are somewhat undulating and covered. The wings too are undulating and the flowers are heavily perfumed.

Elizabeth Taylor ( Spencer )

Named after the famous Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor when she was only 19 years old, this variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears large lacy flowers that are light purple in color. The flowers bloom in abundance and can endure enough heat. They normally blossom during spring.

Ella ( Spencer )

Flowers from this variety of sweet pea have deep reddish ruby color.

Emma ( Spencer )

'Emma' sweet pea from Spencer is beautifully supple reddish pink rose in color. The petals are softly tousled and when they blossom, initially they have a pinkish shade and rapidly turn deeper shades of salmon rose. The flowers have a cream color at the hemisphere and are somewhat creamy at the centre, while the upturned side is much lighter. The wings of 'Emma' sweet pea are undulating, to some extent deeper in color and more reddish. The upturned side or the wings are silvery or shiny.

Ena Margaret ( Spencer )

'Ena Margaret' sweet pea from Spencer bears flowers with different colored edges, especially purplish picotee. The flowers are profusely aromatic.

England's Queen ( Modern Grandiflora )

Flowers of the 'England's Queen' variety of sweet pea from Modern Grandiflora are much similar to Eckford's 'Queen of England'. The flowers are white in color with double notched standards and deeply perfumed. On an average, each stem bears four flowers.

Enid Walker ( Spencer )

Flowers of this selection of sweet pea from Spencer are harmoniously light blue and grow on long stems. They are heavily aromatic and ideal for use as cut flowers.

Esther Rantzen ( Spencer )

Named after the famous television persona Esther Rantzen, this sweet pea is from the Spencer category and bears lavender blue flowers.

Ethel Grace ( Spencer )

This is an exceptional variety of Spencer sweet pea found in unique lavender color and was originally cultivated by Bernard Jones and presented by Boltons. The flowers grow on long stems and have a beautifully designed top. They grow vigorously and are also profoundly scented.

Eva Bridger ( Spencer )

This selection of sweet pea from Spencer has a pale purple color flowers blended with pink. The flowers are heavily aromatic.

Evening Glow ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Evening Glow' variety of sweet pea from Spencer are described as a non-gardener's conception of sweet pea and have an appearance similar to the beautiful Grandiflora selection during their early stages. In the initial phase of their blossom, the flowers are plane and the rims are slightly curved to the fore, but the petals gradually become lacy and are creamy colored at the bottom. Rapidly they transform into misty coral orange color and the upturned side is creamier. The wings are seldom found to be undulating and are nearly corrugated. They are somewhat deeper in color than the petals and whitish at the bottom, while the upturned side is of a lighter color. The keel is creamy with a pale yellowish tip. The flowers are heavily perfumed.

Evensong ( Spencer )

'Evensong' sweet pea from Spencer has flowers that are supple blue color with shades of lilac resembling the twilight sky. They are deeply scented.

Explorer Mixed

Flowers of the 'Explorer Mixed' variety of sweet pea blossom early and have a wide range of attractive colors. The flowers have a blend of different colors, while the wings graciously tinted. They are found in rich shades of lavender, salmon, deep rose, rose crimson, mid blue, pink, white as well as scarlet. The flowers are delicately perfumed and grow on long stems making them useful as cut flowers and for bouquets.

Explorer Series ( Intermediate )

The 'Explorer Series' from Intermediate is considered to be a remarkable descendant of the 'Snoopea' and 'Supersnoop' selections. Flowers in this series of sweet pea are large and have won numerous awards and are bereft of any tendrils. They are found in different hues of crimson, rose, scarlet, pink, mid blue, purple, white, navy blue and pale pink. The flowers grow on long stems and each stem bears around three to four flowers. They are often profusely scented and ideal as cut flowers.


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