Sweet Pea Varieties

Ice Series ( Modern Grandifloras )

Presented by E. W. King of Britain, the 'Ice Series' of sweet pea from Modern Grandiflora is available in multiple ice colors, including 'Butter Ice', 'Raspberry Ice', 'Vanilla Ice', 'Cherry Ice' and 'Strawberry Ice'.

Imogen ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer are found in somewhat brash deep red rose colored. When the flowers blossom, they are normally presented deep red colored with shades of scarlet. The petals are nicely tousled and incline to fold over backwards. They are whitish at the bottom and lighter on the overturned side. The wings too are of the same hue and are faintly rough creamy at the centre. However, the wings are consistently misty cream at the base and the keel is whitish. The flowers are deep and remarkable, but supple and not rough.

Indigo King ( Grandiflora )

This sweet pea selection from Grandiflora bears flowers that are violet maroon, occasionally purple brown, in color, with the wings having a violet hue. The flowers are below the average size and covered shaped. The petals are uneven on either side.

Isabella Cochrane ( Spencer )

'Isabella Cochrane' variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears large flowers that have attractive lilac shades. When the petals first bloom, they have a pearl-like white hue with shades of green and they gradually become widely tousled. Finally, they turn white with fine misty shades of lavender. The petals are deeply colored with a few bristles at the centre and whitish around the rims. The wings are wide and have the same color as the petals. Occasionally, the wings have intense streaks around the central rims and the color is lighter at the bottom. The concentration of the 'Isabella Cochrane' blossoms differs in different plants of the selection. The flowers are stunningly beautiful and are more brilliantly hued compared to 'Arthur Hellyer'. Blossoms of this variety of sweet pea are heavily aromatic.

Ivory Queen ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer are creamy colored and robustly aromatic.


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