Sweet Pea Varieties

Jacqueline O'Brien ( Spencer )

Blossoms of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer have a blend of bright orange and vivid pinkish red hue. The flowers are large growing on matching long stems and are pleasantly aromatic. They are perfect for use as cut flowers.

Janet Scott ( Grandiflora )

'Janet Scott' sweet pea from Grandiflora bears attractive blossoms that are a blend of lucidly light salmon or reddish-pink. The petals are large and somewhat covered, while the wings are wide and big. Flowers of this variety of sweet pea have a deeper hue compared to 'Prima Donna'. Normally, each stem supports three to four flowers that are heavily aromatic.

Jayne Amanda ( Spencer )

Blossoms of the 'Jayne Amanda' selection of sweet pea from Spencer are lacy and large. The flowers have a white background with rose pink shades. The flowers are robustly perfumed and have won many awards.

Jet Set Series ( Intermediate )

Flowers of the 'Jet Set Series' sweet pea variety from Intermediate have been a constant for several years now. The blossoms are large and lacy and available in a number of hues, including crimson, blue, vivid salmon or reddish-pink, pink, scarlet, cream, cerise and mauve or light purplish. This variety of sweet pea is very productive and colorful. They are not readily available now and if found, they are always in blended shades.

Jewels of Albion ( Grandiflora )

Blossoms of 'Jewels of Albion' sweet pea selection from Grandiflora are able to endure extreme heat conditions and possess unusual mixture of colors, including supple mauve, cream, calm deep blue and soft lavender. The flowers are uniquely scented too.

Jill Walton ( Spencer )

'Jill Walton' selection of sweet pea bears attractive apricot or pale yellowish orange hued blossoms that gradually turn rose. The petals are somewhat tousled and when they blossom first they have an apricot hue on the underside and rose color on the front. The apricot hue first fades to faintly creamy white with rose pinkish hue along the rims. The overturned side of the petals, however, has a more profound hue. The wings are a little more pinkish than the petals, but lighter in hue and the overturned side is comparatively white. The flowers are heavily aromatic. However, they are not readily available as it is pretty difficult to cultivate this variety of sweet pea.

Jilly ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears large creamy hued blooms that are really exceptional. The buds of the flowers are yellowish and when they blossom they appear creamy white with shiny flickers almost ivory in color. The petals are largely and uniformly undulating and fade to a faint ivory white hue with creamy shades at the centre. The wings of 'Jilly' are beautifully pointed at the centre, wide and uniformly undulating like the petals. The flowers are real charmers, ideal for adorning gardens as well as exhibitions and hence a darling of the exhibitors. They are also nicely perfumed.

Jimmy MacBain ( Spencer )

'Jimmy MacBain' selection of sweet pea from Spencer bears large and lacy blooms that have light pinkish or pale scarlet pastels on a white background. The blooms grow on long stems and are ideal for use as cut flowers and exhibitions. The flowers are moderately perfumed.

Jimmy Young ( Spencer )

Blooms of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer are charming, elevated, and appear superb in the garden. The buds of the flowers have a creamy yellow hue and are lacy, while the petals are vaguely undulating and occasionally peaked at the top. The underside has a chaste white hue that is also gleaming. The blooms grow on long stems, ideal as cut flowers and are profoundly perfumed. The wings of 'Jimmy Young' are tidy and somewhat undulating. They are also chaste white in color with shades of pink and sometimes slanted.

John Ness ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'John Ness' selection of sweet pea bears lavender hued blooms that are beautifully aromatic.

Joker ( Spencer )

'Joker' sweet pea from Spencer bears large blooms that are pale purple in color with shades of maroon. The color is truly unique as the claret shade blends with a superimposition of reddish bronze hue.

Juliana ( Spencer )

'Juliana' sweet pea from Spencer bears rosy red blooms that are seldom found to be aromatic.

Juliet ( Modern Grandiflora )

Flowers of the 'Juliet' variety of sweet pea from Modern Grandiflora have an attractive creamy hue with shades of pink. When the petals blossom initially, they are creamy and have a deeper color with a misty light pink color along the rims on the underside. Gradually, they become paler pink and have upright streaks at the centre. The pink shade on cream is very faint. The wings are initially creamy with a misty pink hue at the centre and their edges are curved downwards. They gradually become paler and have very little of the pink hue. The keel of the flower is creamy, while the calyx and the peduncles of the plant are reddish.


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