Sweet Pea Varieties

Karen Louise ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Karen Louise' sweet pea blooms are attractively supple lavender or lilac hued and highly perfumed.

Karen Reeve ( Spencer )

Blooms of 'Karen Reeve' selection of sweet pea from Spencer are available in strongly profound purple maroon hues. The petals are uniformly tousled and the maroon color is even all over. The underside of the petals is a little deeper with an electric purple shade at the bottom. The wings of the flowers are of the same color as the petals and are inclined to come apart on top of the brilliantly light purple shaded keel that has a white background. The underside of the wings is lighter in hue, but shiny. Blooms of 'Karen Reeve' sweet peas are rarely found to be aromatic.

Karen Tremewan ( Spencer )

The 'Karen Tremewan' variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears pink colored flowers.

Ken Colledge ( Spencer )

Named after a renowned sweet pea cultivator, Spencer's 'Ken Colledge' selection of sweet pea bears flowers that are available in petite and medium sizes. The petals of the flower are light purple or mauve with a silvery tinge and little lighter at the rims. The petals are vaguely tousled and have the same color and appearance on the overturned side. The wings are tidily undulating and prettily balanced. The wings have a deeper hue compared to the petals. They are profoundly purple, but become paler at the rims and underside. 'Ken Colledge' plants do not grow as robustly as many other varieties of sweet pea, but the flowers are nicely perfumed.

King Edward VII ( Grandiflora )

'King Edward VII' sweet pea variety from Grandiflora bears rich crimson hued blooms and is said to be the best among the color range. The petals of the flowers are tall, broad, and plane with folds at the centre. Occasionally, flowers of 'King Edward VII' sweet pea variety are also available in purple with shades of scarlet. The underside of the petals has the same color. The wings of 'King Edward VII' sweet pea are magenta, slanted downwards over the keel and creased. The overturned side of the wings is reddish or silvery purple in color. Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are spectacular and appears to be scarlet hued from a distance. Normally, one stem of the plant supports three flowers that are heavily perfumed.

Kingfisher ( Semi-Grandiflora )

The 'Kingfisher' selection of sweet pea from Semi-Grandiflora bears creamy blooms with spotted deep blue hue.

King of Mauves ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'King of Mauves' sweet pea variety bears flowers that are brilliantly vivid purple in color.

King's Bounty ( Spencer )

Blooms of 'King's Bounty' selection of sweet pea from Spencer have rosy carmine or deep red colors.

King's Bride ( Spencer )

This selection of sweet pea flowers from Spencer has a pink color, while the base is creamy.

King's Cloak ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'King's Cloak' sweet pea from Spencer are available in profound velvet blue hues.

King's Frill ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'King's Frills' sweet pea variety bears lacy pink colored blooms that have multiple colored edges or picotee.

King Size Navy Blue ( Spencer )

As suggested by their name, flowers of the 'King Size Navy Blue' sweet pea are large, tousled and have a profound navy blue hue. The blooms are moderately aromatic. In fact, the 'King Size Navy Blue' blooms are one of the darkest of blue sweet peas available.

King's Reach ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer are available in average blue color.

King's Special ( Spencer )

This assortment of sweet pea from Spencer is a combination focusing on good garden performance and aroma. The blooms of this variety of sweet pea are heavily perfumed.

Kippen Cream ( Spencer )

Blooms of this selection of sweet pea from Spencer are creamy hued and grow comfortably on long stalks. The flowers are pleasantly aromatic and are ideal for use as cut flowers.

Kiri Te Kanawa ( Spencer )

Named after a famous opera singer, blooms of 'Kiri Te Kanawa' sweet pea from Spencer are almond pink in color with a whitish base.

Kiwi Bicolours Mix ( Spencer )

This is an assortment of different typed of bi-colored sweet pea blooms from Spencer. All flowers of the 'Kiwi Bi-colors Mix' are delicately aromatic.

Knee-Hi Mixed ( Intermediate )

Although supplies of the 'Knee-Hi Mixed' variety of sweet pea are of a revolutionary variety and also have been around for a long time now, but very few of them are really appreciative. Wisley trials have shown that the supplies generated by an American breeder/ cultivator but not retailer of seeds called Bodgers are the best among the entire lot. As the name suggests, the 'Knee-Hi Mixed' variety of sweet pea plants grow up to a height of 90 to 100 cm and each stalk supports anything between six to nine blooms. Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are available in different hues, including deep red, violet, pink, purple, cream and also reddish-pink pastels. The blooms are large; normally five cm in diameter and the petals are undulating. However, these flowers are seldom found to be aromatic, and even if some are perfumed, it is just faintly. Initially, this sweet pea variety was bred from Ferry-Morse, grew up to 1.5 m in height and was nicely perfumed. The seeds are sown during spring and the plants grow up to two feet high with prolific blossoms in a wide range of colors. The seeds may again be sown in autumn too.

Kyle the Clown ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Kyle the Clown' variety of sweet pea from Spencer are available in a spectacular blend of cerise or vivid pinkish red and scarlet stripes. The petals are pearly white with a thin powdery covering of vivid pinkish red or cerise spots and fine, tidy cerise-scarlet wires that nearly have a clean area in between. The underside of the petals has uniform thin powdery speckles that are more intense at the middle and have somewhat wider picotee at the rims. The wings of 'Kyle the Clown' are vividly white freckled and with wires of pinkish red or cerise hue that are noticeable from either sides. The keel is also white with a cerise or pinkish red line at the top. When the flowers blossom, they are brilliant rosy purple in color and gradually become more reddish as the flowers mature. 'Kyle the Clown' blooms are spectacular, but they vary as some flowers are more profoundly colored than the others. The flowers are moderately aromatic.


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