Sweet Pea Varieties

Nacre ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Nacre' sweet pea selection bears flowers that have a creamy hue with pinkish shades. The blooms are pleasantly perfumed.

Nancy Chisholm ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Nancy Chisholm' sweet pea selection from Spencer have a whitish background with rosy pink. The blooms are nicely perfumed.

Nancy Colledge ( Spencer )

The blooms of the 'Nancy Colledge' grow in abundance and are found in rose hue with a mist of scarlet. When the flowers bloom first they are smoothed and then turn somewhat tousled and some flowers are also duplex. The petals have a scarlet rose hue with whitish base and are faintly tousled. The wings are more reddish compared to rose, but have a lighter hue at the bottom. They are also more tousled. Each stalk of the plant supports about seven or eight flowers that are robustly aromatic.

Nanette Newman ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Nanette Newman' selection of sweet pea from Spencer are available in light carmine pink color. Some flowers are also found in carmine magenta hue and are mildly aromatic.

Nelly Viner ( Spencer )

Blooms of 'Nelly Viner' sweet pea selection from Spencer are faintly undulating and are evenly light rosy pink in hue. The flowers are nicely laced and were first introduced in 1901. They are heavily aromatic.

New Century Series ( Intermediate )

The 'New Century Series' sweet pea flowers are typical of the Spencer series without any tendrils. The plants normally grow up to four feet in height. Blooms of this sequence are found in nine assortments named after the zodiac signs, including 'Aries' or pink, 'Gemini' or apple-blossom pink, 'Aquarius' or lavender, 'Libra' or pale rose, 'Capricorn' or crimson, 'Sagittarius' or orange, 'Pisces' or white shaded with pink, 'Virgo' or white with occasional traces of pink and 'Scorpio' or blue.

Nimbus ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Nimbus' sweet pea selection bears flowers that are available in charming blue-black streaks. Petals of the flowers grow straight and are grayish-white with bright stripes of blue-black at the centre. While the petals are curved backwards at the top, underside they have a glowing hue. The petals are thickly colored in the middle and have black wire. The wings too are thickly hued and have darker purple-black stripes above the keel. They too have a glowing hue and the stains are lesser immediately within the edge and then have purplish-black wire. 'Nimbus' sweet pea flowers blossom late in the season and remain in bloom for a long period. Compared to the blooms of 'Tom' sweet pea variety, flowers of 'Nimbus' are smaller in size.

Noel Edmonds ( Spencer )

Named after a television personality, blooms of Spencer's 'Noel Edmonds' sweet pea selection are available in a profound orange pink hue. The flowers are usually large and robust and also available in purplish red hue.

Noel Sutton ( Spencer )

Blooms of Spencer's 'Noel Sutton' selection of sweet pea have been a favorite for long and are considered to be among the best blue hued varieties. The flowers are richly hued and grow robustly, but are susceptible to damage owing to rains. They cannot grow in damp climatic conditions. The flowers are well perfumed and ideal for bedecking gardens as well as display at floral exhibitions.

Nora Holman ( Spencer )

The 'Nora Holman' sweet pea selection from Spencer bears large flowers that are available in delicate and supple rosy hue. This variety is amongst the most favorite in Britain. The petals of 'Nora Holman' blooms are straight and have a light rosy hue that is somewhat ivory at the bottom and edges. The petals are faintly tousled and creamy at the edge on the underside. The wings are nicely shaped, vaguely tousled and colored like the petals. The color of the wings is same on both sides. The flowers are delicately aromatic and are excellent for floral display at exhibitions and decoration.

Norman Wisdom ( Spencer )

The 'Norman Wisdom' variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears big and white flowers. The plants of this variety normally grow up to a height of six feet. The buds of this sweet pea selection are primrose cream when they blossom initially and later transform into chaste white with creamy edge. The petals are widely undulating and have a creamy powder on the underside. The wings too have a chaste white color, are widely undulating with a faint creamy hue. The blooms are nicely aromatic and ideal for decorating homes.

North Shore ( Spencer )

As its name suggests, blooms of the 'North Shore' sweet pea variety from Spencer have navy blue petals, while the wings have a light violet hue. The flowers grow in abundance and are remarkable. They are highly aromatic too.


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