Sweet Pea Varieties

Oban Bay ( Spencer )

Blooms of 'Oban Bay' sweet pea selection from Spencer are available in attractive shiny blue or icy blue hue and found in abundance. The flowers are profusely perfumed and ideal for garden decoration as well as cut flowers. The petals are whitish that transform to silvery blue and are undulating. The wings are also undulating, slanted down and have the same color as the petals. Plants of this variety of sweet pea grow vigorously. They grow better in cooler climes and are a favorite in Scotland.

Oklahoma ( Spencer )

The 'Oklahoma' sweet pea variety from Spencer bears spectacularly large flowers that have scarlet hued flecks offering a very impressive appearance. The buds of the flowers are yellow colored with shaded of red. The petals are plane or sometime faintly undulating and curve back as the flowers mature. The edges of the 'Oklahoma' wings are curved down. Both the petals as well as the wings have thick scarlet stripes on both sides.

OLA ( Spencer )

Blooms of 'OLA' sweet pea selection from Spencer are available in rosy lavender hue and they grow on long and solid stalks. The flowers are perfect for display at floral shows and also as cut flowers. They are heavily perfumed.

Old English Bouquet Mix ( Spencer )

Plants of the 'Old English Bouquet Mix' have long firm stems that make the blooms useful for use in bouquets. The blooms are normally available in pink and salmon or reddish-pink shades and often deep lavender tinge. These flowers are pleasantly perfumed.

Old Fashioned Flake Mixed ( Grandiflora )

As the name suggests, 'Old Fashioned Flake Mixed' sweet pea variety from Grandiflora is a blend of old flake types. The flowers in this sweet pea selection are robustly scented.

Old Fashioned Holiday Mixed ( Grandiflora )

This variety of sweet pea from Grandiflora bears flowers in different blended hues, including white, red and blue. They are heavily perfumed.

Old Fashioned Mixed ( Grandiflora )

Sweet peas of this variety are a blend of all the other selections from Grandiflora and were very popular during the Victorian period. By earlier standards, they comprised large blooms, but going by the present-day standard, the flowers in this selection are relatively small. The flowers are delicate and simple in shape, but have a robust aroma.

Old Spice ( Grandiflora )

Blooms of 'Old Spice' sweet pea from Grandiflora are a blend of extremely old types of flowers and are therefore also known as 'Old Spice Antiques'. These flowers are available in different shades - white, pink, cream, scarlet, purple and rose. The plants grow well in summer and are able to endure extreme heat conditions. Flowers of the 'Old Spice' sweet pea variety are heavily aromatic.

Old Times ( Spencer )

Blooms of Spencer's 'Old Times' sweet pea are available in a creamy and supple blue hue and are extremely fragrant. The flowers are undulating with lacy petals and magnetize bees, butterflies and birds owing to their strong aroma. The blooms grow on long stalks and are perfect for any garden as well as use as cut flowers. The plants are tall growing up to a height of six feet. This variety was developed in England in 1901 and prefers cool summer conditions.

Oliver Cromwell ( Spencer )

Blooms of Spencer's 'Oliver Cromwell' sweet pea selection are big and have a uniform maroon hue. The petals are brilliantly colored, but are not as dark as other flowers in this group. The flowers are very productive and grow on long stems making them one of the best varieties for floral exhibitions. Each stem supports around four flowers.

Orange Dragon ( Spencer )

'Orange Dragon' selection of sweet pea from Spencer bears bright and amazing orange-red hued blooms that do not fade away unless the plant is grown in full sunlight. The plants prefer shade and have long stems that make the flowers of this variety ideal for floral displays. The flowers of this variety of sweet pea are faintly aromatic.

Orange Flake ( Spencer )

Blooms of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer are pink-whitish with reddish-orange stripes. Some of them are also salmon cerise on an orange background. The flowers have a paler hue at the base. 'Orange Flake' sweet pea flowers are heavily perfumed and this variety of sweet pea was first developed in New Zealand.

Orange Surprise

Blooms of the 'Orange Surprise' selection of sweet peas are big and have a bright orange red hue with shades of cerise or vivid pinkish red. The flowers are robustly aromatic.

Oregon Sunset ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Oregon Sunset' selection of sweet pea bears big blooms on long stalks. The flowers of this variety of sweet pea are available in supple pink, orange and creamy hues.

Original ( Species )

This variety of sweet pea, also known as L. odoratus, was first introduced by Dr. Keith Hammett in 1970 from the wild in Sicily. Flowers of the 'Original' sweet pea variety are heavily perfumed.

Our Harry ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Our Harry' selection of sweet pea from Spencer have a vivacious blue mauve or pale purplish hue. The petals are stoutly reflexed, mildly tousled and have an intense lavender hue with the color fading along the edges. The wings of the flowers have a faintly deeper color and somewhat undulating. The wings are stoutly creased down over the keel that is white with a trace of purple. The flowers are faintly aromatic.

Our Jenny ( Spencer )

Blooms of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer are available in brilliant mid-blue color.

Our Joyce ( Spencer )

This selection of sweet pea from Spencer bears luminous orange rose hued blooms. The petals are evenly light and faintly orange rose colored. They are uniformly colored on the façade, while the top of the underside is shiny. They are thin and undulating. The wings of the flowers have light colored wings that are somewhat orange rose in color and have a lighter color at the lip and are visibly lighter hued underneath. The flowers are small, resistant to sunlight and heavily aromatic.

Ouse Valley ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Ouse Valley' selection of sweet pea from Spencer are available in lavender hue and are very highly perfumed.

Oxford Blue ( Spencer )

The 'Oxford Blue' variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears big blooms that are brilliantly blue with shades of lavender. Sometimes, the flowers have an additional reddish trace. The petals are nicely tousled, have a solid lavender blue hue, daintily veined with a deeper shade and are vaguely deeper hued at the middle and the hemispheres. The flowers are so undulating that they are often inclined to be unstable. The underside of the petals is intensely hued. The wings have a faintly intense hue and at times they have a thrilling shade. The wings are nicely tousled inclining to curve down along the edges. The plants of this variety of sweet pea have strong stalks and grow up to a height of six feet. The flowers are profusely aromatic and perfect for use as cut flowers and display at floral exhibitions.


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