Sweet Pea Varieties

Tahiti Sunrise

Blooms of the 'Tahiti Sunrise' are available in white background that is deeply shaded with reddish hue. The petals are seldom found to be undulating, while the wings are beautifully rippled. Plants of this variety of sweet pea grow persistently. The blooms are very highly perfumed and excellent for display at floral exhibitions.

Tell Tale ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Tell Tale' sweet pea selection bears attractive lavender hued blooms that have rosy picotees. When the blooms open up initially, the petals have a creamy hue and are widely picoteed in an intense lavender rosy color. The underside of the petals has a darker shade of cream. Later, the petals have a white hue with a misty rose picotee that is somewhat more widespread on the underside. The flowers incline to powerfully crease backwards and are tidily tousled. Initially, the wings are also creamy in color with an arrangement of opaque veins resembling much like the veins of the butterflies along the rims. At times, the wings have a more widespread lavender hue, while the reverse is shaded lighter. Blooms of this variety of sweet pea are inconsistent, but they are very attractive.

Temptation ( Spencer )

Blooms of Spencer's 'Temptation' are available in salmon or reddish-pink color and are big and lacy. Many describe the flowers as light peachy pink hued. The blooms grow on long stalks making them ideal for use as cut flowers, garden decoration and also display in floral exhibitions. The flowers are usually very highly perfumed.

Terry Wogan ( Spencer )

Named after a well-known radio and television presenter, the 'Terry Wogan' sweet pea variety from Spencer bears abundance of charming pink hued blooms. The buds of the flowers are soft yellowish-green, while the creamy white petals are gorgeous and uniformly undulating when they open up. Afterward, the petals turn glowing rosy with a whitish centre. The wings of the flowers are somewhat uniformly and generally rippled and have big creamy white areas compared to the petals. The flowers are extremely floriferous, bloom quite late in the season and beautifully aromatic.

The Doctor ( Spencer )

Blooms of this selection of sweet pea from Spencer are an old variety of lavender that grow vigorously and are heavily perfumed. The lavender hued petals are faintly tousled and the color is most intense at the centre. The edges are curved backward, have a soft hue along the sides and a creamy rim when they opening up. The underside of the petals has a deeper color. The wings are more tousled with deep veins on a light lavender background. The wings have a lighter hue on the reverse that is attractively netted. Owing to their gorgeous color and vigorous growth, blooms of this variety of sweet pea are perfect for garden decoration and use as cut flowers.

The York Pea ( Grandiflora )

Grandiflora's 'The York Pea' sweet pea plants bear purple and maroon blooms. The flowers are available in a purplish-maroon bi-color as well as the individual hues.

Thomas Bradley ( Spencer )

Blooms of Spencer's 'Thomas Bradley' variety are available somewhat in an inimitable rosy picotee. The petals are tousled with a creamy background and hazy rose colored picotee. The underside of the petals has robust pinkish veins that a somewhat visible. Compared to the standards, the wings are more intensely tousled and have a soft creamy hue with a mild rosy picotee. The blooms of this variety of sweet pea are faintly aromatic.

Titan ( Spencer )

This selection of sweet pea from Spencer bears big and lacy soft mauve or pale purplish blooms. The flowers are mildly aromatic.

Toby Robinson ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Toby Robinson' sweet pea plants bear white flowers with attractive purple veins. Sometimes, the blooms also appear to be light mauve. The flowers are beautifully undulating and are heavily aromatic. The blooms are supported by long stalks making them perfect for exhibitions and cut flowers.

Tom Cordy ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Tom Cordy' variety of sweet pea from Spencer are available in supple lilac and pale mauve hues. The flowers are usually pleasantly perfumed.

Tovah Martin ( Modern Grandiflora )

Named after an American garden writer, blooms of the 'Tovah Martin' variety of sweet pea from Modern Grandiflora are available in a bi-color of mauve and lavender.

Twilight ( Spencer )

Plants of the 'Twilight' selection of sweet pea from Spencer bear blooms in blended hues of supple lavender and white, mauve and lavender as well as hazy deep pink.

Two Tone Mix ( Spencer )

'Two Tone Mix' bears blooms in a combination of brash bi-colors. This sweet pea is named 'To Tone Mix' primarily because it bears flowers that have different colored petals and wings. The blooms are pleasantly perfumed. Earlier, there was another short sweet pea variety named 'Two Tone' that were available in distinct hues of reddish-purple and purple.


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