Sweet Pea Varieties

Valentine ( Modern Grandiflora )

Blooms of this variety of sweet pea from Modern Grandiflora are charming and available in a very creative white hue. The buds of 'Valentine' sweet pea are light greenish and creamy. The petals are creased rearward and they are comparatively plane initially and faintly undulating growing straight. On the underside, the petals are chaste white with a faint shade of cream and have tiny spots at the pinnacle. The wings are softly undulating, chaste white and creased above the keel, which is also unblemished white in hue. The blooms are supported by long stems making them ideal for cutting. The flowers are also refreshingly sweet perfumed.

Valerie Harrod ( Spencer )

'Valerie Harrod' bears large gorgeous blooms in supple and somewhat coral pink hue. The petals of the flowers grow straight and are tidily ranging from small wrinkles to generally undulating. Initially, the petals are light rosy hued with an extra pearly effect on the reverse. Later, the color transforms to intense rose with traces of salmon shades and creamy at the bottom. The petals are more intensely hued along the rims. The wings are visibly more intensely colored and as the flowers mature, the petals are more and more creased above the keel. Underneath, the petals are light hued with a big creamy area. The keel of the flowers is basically creamy in hue with traces of pink along the edges. The stunning flowers have an extremely tidy form sans the reddish shade found in several pink hued sweet pea blooms. The blooms are supported by long stems making them ideal for exhibition and are moderately perfumed.

Vanilla Ice ( Modern Grandiflora )

Blooms of the 'Vanilla Ice' selection of sweet pea are refreshingly white as the vanilla ice cream decorated with deep chocolate at the centre. The blooms are at times supported by bended stalks that bear a cluster of flowers. The flowers are very highly aromatic and ideal for cutting.

Velvet Night ( Spencer )

Blooms of this variety of sweet pea are available in a profound blue shade.

Vera ( Dwarf/Intermediate )

'Vera' may be described as a lankier and luxuriant variety of the 'Pink Cupid' sweet pea bloom. The pinkish petals are plane and somewhat covered, while the wings have faint shades of pink. The blooms are heavily perfumed.

Vera Lynn ( Spencer )

Petals of the 'Vera Lynn' selection of sweet pea plant grow straight, are somewhat undulating, and have a scarlet rosy hue that shading to shining white around the support. The petals have a light scarlet hue along the borders with a thin whitish brim losing color as the flowers mature. The wings have the same hue as the petals, but have a lighter color underneath. The wings are usually undulating and some of them are even pointed at the centre, while some others are curving. This variety if sweet pea derived its name from a popular singer. The blooms of 'Vera Lynn' are nicely perfumed and perfect for display at floral exhibition.

Violet Queen ( Grandiflora )

The 'Violet Queen' sweet pea was first presented in 1877 and is a high growing variety that bears violet pink hued blooms that appear to be very fragile. Petals of the flowers have a faint magenta hue and the wings are lilac colored. The petals have intense colorations at the base. The flowers are usually diminutive and get bruised in sunlight. As the flowers mature, the wings often transform into brilliant blue.

Virgo ( Intermediate )

Blooms of the 'Virgo' sweet pea plant look like small butterflies and are available basically in white hue as well as an array of shades, including lavender, blue, red and pink. The 'Virgo' sweet pea is a part of the New Century Constellation Series. The blooms of this variety of sweet pea are faintly aromatic.


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