Sweet Pea Varieties
'X, Y, Z'

Xenia Field ( Spencer )

Named after the Daily Mirror's garden writer, blooms of Spencer's 'Xenia Field' sweet pea have a creamy background with shades of light bluish pink. This sweet pea is an old fashioned climbing variety that bears fragile looking, big, pea shaped flowers that have a pastel shade. The flowers blossom between spring and early summer and are pleasantly perfumed. 'Xenia Field' sweet pea blooms are excellent as cut flowers and use in bouquets.

Yardley ( Spencer )

'Yardley' sweet pea has light lavender flowers.

Yasmin Khan ( Spencer )

Blooms of this sweet pea variety from Spencer are big and have a luminous orange-cerise hue. The flowers grow on long stem making them ideal as cut flowers and for display.

Your Highness ( Hammett )

Blooms of 'Your Highness' grown by Hammett are heavily perfumed.

Zorija Rose ( Modern Grandiflora )

This selection of sweet pea from Modern Grandiflora bears magenta rose flowers that are found in abundance. The petals are smooth with both sides creased to the fore and initially have a light magenta rose hue with a faint scarlet shade in the middle. Afterward, the color of the petals transforms into brilliant magenta rose with the wire or veins in a little more intense color. The color of the petals is the same on the underside. The wings also have the same color as the petals, but are drooped down above the keel and curved inside. The color of the wings is the same underneath. As the flower matures, its hue becomes intense with shades of scarlet. Although the flowers are comparatively smaller, they grow in abundance and are really spectacular. The flowers are mildly aromatic.


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