Herbal Skin Care

It is important to keep one's skin texture moist as well as clean all the time, as this helps to shield the skin from the damaging effects of the scorching sun, drying wind as well as other problems related to the environment. However, it is advisable that whatever action you may take to rinse out, moisturize, tone up or even nurture the skin ought to be essentially done in restraint. Always bear in mind that your skin is living, breathing as well as eliminating and the fragile pH balance, moisture and resistance of the skin can be harmed easily due to excessive cleansing, moisturizing and toning, which may actually block the skin pores.

The herbal skin care preparations that you apply to your skin will differ depending on the type of your skin, the season of the year, your overall health as well as the environment you reside in. Remember, you ought to always be tender while applying any preparation to your skin and never pull the skin or rub the skin forcefully. In addition, you need to keep away from temperature extremes, for instance cold water splashes or facial saunas with a view to awaken you in the morning. It is also advisable that to the extent, if it is possible, avoid using make-up, since it has a tendency to block the skin pores. In addition, when you apply make-up, it makes the skin parched and also adds to its aging making the skin appear insipid as well as limp.

It is worth mentioning here that using herbs may help your skin to have an attractive appearance and also make you feel healthier. The different herbal skin care recipes discussed below show that you are able to use the elements obtained from plant sources to make stimulating astringents, deep cleansing masks, calming emollient creams as well as steam facials. However, it should be borne in mind all the time that the wellbeing of your skin relies on several aspects - such as, age, heredity, diet, strain, exercise and sleeping practice. In addition, influences of the environment, for instance exposure to the sun and humidity, also play a vital role in maintaining the health of your skin.

Sage astringent
Rose water-glycerin lotion
Aloe vera cold cream
An herbal steam facial


Provided you do not have an extremely oily skin, it is best to remove all the dirt and make-up from your face once every day - preferably at night. However, if your skin is very oily, it may require cleansing the skin in the morning also. It is worth mentioning here that cleansing lotions and creams are preferred to water as well as majority of the soaps, which have a tendency to make the skin excessively dry and also harm the pH level of the skin, particularly when the skin is dry as well as receptive. Nevertheless, many people may also find rainwater and unscented natural soaps appropriate for washing their face.

Cleansers for oil skin
If you desire to use ordinary cleansers, you may make use of warm infusions prepared from sage, chamomile, elder flowers, lady's mantle, yarrow or calendula to wash your face. In addition to these, you will also find rose water to be beneficial. Cucumber is also a very effective cleanser, especially for people with oily skin. Prepare a cucumber puree and blend a little of it with half a pint of milk and store the blend in a refrigerator for about three days. Prior to using this facial cleanser, remember to shake the blend thoroughly. On the other hand, you may also shred about half of a cucumber and simmer it in half pint of milk mildly for about three minutes. Subsequently, cool the mixture, filter the liquid and store it in a bottle. This solution will remain well for about a week.
Fennel is also useful in getting rid of the dirt as well as all pollutants from an oily skin. In addition you may also use oatmeal, bran and cornmeal in the form of facial scrubs on a regular basis with a view to soak up all the extra oil from the skin. You should take a small amount of high quality oatmeal and combine it with some water, buttermilk or milk to prepare a paste and wash your face with it gently. Using this natural facial scrub regularly will assist in avoiding the appearance of blackheads.
Almond milk cleanser
Buttermilk and fennel cleanser
Cleansers for dry skin
The oil extracted from apricot is known to be nutritious and also an excellent cleanser. You may also rinse out any surplus oil using a warm infusion prepared from chamomile or elderflower. In addition, using lemons helps to replenish the acid pH of your skin.
Chamomile cleansing milk
Lemon cleansing milk
Cleansers for dry to normal skin
A number of herbal cleansers are useful for both dry as well as normal skin. For instance, sweet almond oil is one herbal product that not only cleanses the skin, but also helps to nourish it. This is a wonderful natural cleansing agent that is effective in getting rid of all dirt as well as removing make-up. If your skin has excessive oil, use warm infusion of chamomile or elderflower to remove it.
Orange flower cleansing cream
Glycerin and rose water cleansing cream
Cleansers for any skin
There are a number of herbal cleansers that are apt for any type of skin. For instance, buttermilk is a wonderful natural cleanser and can be blended with a variety of natural substances, including juice or puree prepared from lemons, tomatoes, strawberries and also with beaten egg white or honey.
Olive oil cleanser
Sage cleanser lotion


It is very important to tone the skin regularly following cleansing, taking a wash or facial steaming for this helps to maintain the firmness of the skin as well as keep its texture fine. In addition, regular toning of the skin also neutralizes any possibilities of forming large skin pores, drooping skin as well as facilitates in getting rid of the extra oil plus all deposits from the cleanser. Usually astringent herbs and fruits are used to prepare skin tonics and they have a revitalizing as well as invigorating impact on your skin.

Cucumber juice
Cucumber juice works as an excellent tonic for the skin. Thoroughly wash a cucumber (it is preferred to use one that has been grown organically) and place in a juice extractor or blender and, subsequently, filter the juice. Swab the juice on your face and allow it to dry.
Horsetail toner
Rose water and witch hazel toning lotion


You may apply delicate or wispy oils, ointments as well as liniments to the skin on a regular basis with a view to safeguard it from the consequences of the sun, winds, central heating as well as ecological contaminants. It is advisable that you should stay away from making use of heavy oils or creams since these never let the skin to breathe well. Moreover, the best thing to do is to only apply moisturizers in the morning and allow the skin to breathe without restraint during the night.

You may personally prepare ordinary moisturizers by making use of the oils of almond, avocado, apricot, olive, wheat germ, safflower as well as sunflower - all these oils are moisturizing as well as penetrating. It is important that you apply the oil gently onto your skin, allowing it to seep in for some minutes and, subsequently, wipe off any surplus oil from the skin. In addition to the oils mentioned here, melon juice, egg yolk, buttermilk, cream, brewer's yeast, almond meal, oatmeal and even peach juice are also excellent moisturizers.

Moisturizers for oil skin
Avocado and beeswax moisturizer
Witch hazel and buttermilk moisturizer
Moisturizers for dry to normal skin
Beeswax moisturizer
Avocado moisturizer
Moisturizers for any skin type
Calendula and apricot lotion
Rose and honey lotion
Cucumber lotion

Face masks

If your skin type is between normal to dry and you cleanse as well as tone it up on a regular basis, you sometimes just need using face masks to enable deeper cleansing as well as conditioning of your skin. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, you may use a facial mask once every week with a view to tone up the skin, especially when you have steamed your face. After selecting and preparing a particular face mask recipe, apply the mixture of the mask uniformly all over the clean skin, keeping away from the delicate regions in the vicinity of the eyes as well as the lips. When you have applied the face mask mixture, lie down and loosen up allowing the mask to stay for approximately 10 minutes or till the time it has set in. Subsequently, carefully wash off the mask using warm water and apply fresheners or toners to your skin with a view to augment the effect of the tonic. You may also make 'mud' packs by blending herbal infusions that go well with your skin type with fuller's earth.

Papaya skin treatment
An oatmeal face mask

An astringent face mask: If your skin is oily, you need to use an astringent facial mask using herbs that have high tannin content, for instance, raspberry leaf, agrimony, yarrow or lady's mantle instead of using rosemary.

A stimulating face mask: For a stimulating effect on the skin, you need to substitute rosemary with elderberry flower, peppermint, eucalyptus leaf or any other herb that possesses a revitalizing impact.

A smoothing face mask: A smoothing face mask assists in softening the coarse and dry skin. To prepare this mask you need to heat one or two teaspoon (5 grams to 10 grams) of flaxseed, kelp or any other herb having rich mucilage content in water till it condenses. Subsequently, include the mixture prepared with oatmeal and almond, rather than using the rosemary infusion. First, moisten this dry mixture by adding some water or, alternately, you may also use aloe vera gel.

A richer face mask: If your skin is dry, you should substitute the rosemary infusion with an egg yolk blended with 1/4 cup of homey. In case the mask has become extremely substantial to be applied readily, you may add some amount of yoghurt or milk.

Masks for oily skin
Egg white and lemon face mask
Brewer's yeast and witch hazel face mask
Strawberry face mask
Masks for dry skin
Brewer's yeast and comfrey face mask
Egg yolk and olive oil face mask
Masks for any skin type
Egg yolk and lemon face mask
Comfrey face mask
Masks for sensitive skin
Chamomile and honey face mask
Marshmallow face mask


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