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Healthy eating is crucial for our holistic well being, physically as well as mentally. Healthy foods not only help us to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, but also perk up our nervous system. Healthy eating does not only denote following a diet plan or consuming nutritious foods. But, a healthy eating approach is not only about what you are eating, but also how you are eating.

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Sustaining on low fat diet

These days obesity is one of the most worrying and widespread diseases. It not only makes living uncomfortable, but is also responsible for several diseases that many of us develop. The answer to healthy living is consuming foods that have low fat content. The less amount of fat you consume, the lower is the fat reserve in your body. And, this in turn, results in weight loss. Thus, if you are obese, you need to eat prudently. It is best to combine a balanced low fat diet with your normal pursuits in order to attain a healthy weight. In such an instance you will not be required to starve or suppress your craving for preferred foods. Several researches have established that consuming low fat foods have multiple advantages and a few of them are mentioned below.

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It may be mentioned here that you don't have to take low-fat diets only with a view to lose weight. Even if you possess a perfect health it is important to adopt a balanced and low-fat diet, as it will help you to keep away from several ailments. Consuming a low-fat diet is beneficial as it results in lesser backaches and a better immune system that will help you to prevent colds as well as heal your injuries faster. In addition, remember that good eating practices are as infectious as bad eating habits, if you take a healthy diet with low fat content, your family will follow you soon. And who doesn't know that setting examples of good eating habits before your children is similar to a health investment that will help them reap the benefits throughout their remaining lives.

In fact, obesity or over-weight is a complicated situation involving genetic, emotional and behavioral factors. Therefore, it is quite difficult to elucidate the reasons that make it difficult for many people to shed their surplus weights. There is a general belief that people who are obese eat in excess. However, several researches involving obese people, as a group, have shown that they actually do not eat anything in excess compared to slender individuals. On the contrary, compared to thin people, obese people have different food habits. While people who are skinny obtain most of the required calories from lean proteins and carbohydrates, those who are obese acquire their calories from foods that are rich in fat.

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Changing your food habits, such as substituting fats with carbohydrates or lean protein, actually has a remarkable impact on your metabolism or assimilation of the ingested foods. In fact, each time you consume food, it kicks off a thermic effect of food (TEF). In other words, eating anything anytime commences a momentary enhancement in an individual's metabolism that helps in digesting as well as absorbing the nourishments by the body more effortlessly.

After you take a meal or snack that is rich in complex carbohydrates and a reasonable measure of protein the TEF is maximum. On the other hand, it is comparatively much less when you take a meal that is rich in fat content. This is the primary reason why many scientists deem carbohydrates and protein as foods that produce a lot of heat in the body. And when you consume such comparatively 'more hot' foodstuff, you actually burn a greater amount of calories. Speaking in terms of metabolism, consuming plenty of snacks that contain high carbohydrate content is similar to placing a stack of dry leaves on a crackling campfire. Imagine such a scenario where the flame rises and consumes the fuel fast and well. Thus, when you eat a snack containing high fat, it is something similar to firing up something that is soggy - the ignition requires putting in a great effort to burn it up and in all likelihood, there will be more smoke and less heat.

If you change to a low-fat diet on a regular basis, the additional burning up of calories will eventually result in a gradual, but noticeable loss of weight. In effect, many scientists are of the opinion that an average and active individual is able to lose weight or body fat without any change in the intake of overall calories by switching from a diet when 40 per cent of the calories are obtained from fat to one where 20 to 25 per cent of calories are acquired from fat.

Several researches have established that consuming meals that have low fat content enhances the ability of the white blood cells to fight several ailments. This is significant considering the fact that the white blood cells comprise the first line of resistance against any type of contagion. In fact, it has been found that people who consume low-fat diets are at a lower risk of developing certain kinds of cancer. And the reason behind is that low-fat diets boosts the immune system. In addition, several researches have shown that consuming low-fat diets also helps one to avoid development of stones in the gallbladder - an organ found under the liver. Gallstones are very common in people over 35 years and it is likely to result in jaundice as well as acute pain in the abdomen that may need surgery to get rid of the condition.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, foods that contain low fat may even be effective in preventing osteoporosis - a condition wherein the bones become fragile and incapacitates several thousands of aged persons each year. Initial findings of a recent research shows that compared to women who consume more foods containing more fats are more susceptible to bone fractures than those who take low-fat diets. In fact, there are a number of proofs that taking foods that are low in fat content may perhaps lower the acuteness of problems related to multiple sclerosis.

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