Bach Flower Remedies
Preparing Flower Essences

Making a flower remedy involves an enterprise that needs our best no matter what method we choose to make the remedy. It is for this reason that prior to making the remedy Dr. Bach ensured that he was in an amenable and affable mood. He was then focused in his approach to working with the natural elements to ensure a healing remedy. Anyone who wishes to make a remedy must first understand clearly what it involves in order to be exact.

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An excellent day must be selected for making the remedy after having previously located where the appropriate plants and trees grow. All other requirements like bottles, jugs, brandy and water must be ready beforehand, whether you wish to make the remedy with the sun method or 'boiler' method. You would also require a cutting device like scissors or secateurs.

The flowers

The flowers for the remedy should be from a place they grow in naturally, preferably in the wild, where the natural elements are concentrated and the flowers have not been subjected to pollutants from motorways and power stations. The flowers should not have been disturbed by people or animals.
Finding flowers that show these propensities could be difficult in these times. As compared to Bach's time known and unknown causes have changed and weakened the land and the flowers. Where the natural equilibrium has not been distorted there the remedy will be potent. Some shrubs and trees like the Red Chestnut, Cerato or Walnut are now planted. It is best to select the appropriate flowers from amongst those trees that have been most cared for whether in a garden, estate or farm. The remedy must be prepared only from those flowers that are in full bloom. While the flowers can be from the same site they must not all be from the same tree or plant. Also there must not be an iota of doubt that this is the exact flower needed for a particular remedy.

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The required equipment will be according to the method being used to prepare the remedy. You would need a jug, a funnel, saucepan or a glass bowl and a bottle for storing the essence. You must ensure that the equipment is perfectly clean. It must be sterilized for twenty minutes in a large saucepan, wiped dry and then wrapped up in a clean cloth. Pure brandy is needed to preserve the essence and a bottle of the purest water (not distilled). Filter paper to strain the prepared essence will be required too.

Boiling method

The remedy should be made on a bright sunny day and the blooms must be plucked before 9 o'clock in the morning. Fill three fourths of a clean enamel bowl with flowers and stems. The ideal is an enamel bowl though a steel bowl could be used but never an aluminum one. The blooms you pluck should have at least 15 cm long stems if possible and after the required blooms are plucked cover it with a lid immediately and take it home quickly. Fill the bowl with 1.5 litres of pure water and put the saucepan on the boil without the cover. Let the contents simmer for about thirty minutes and stir it with a twig if required. Now place back the lid and put it outside for cooling. Once it is cooled, remove the flowers with a twig and filter the remaining liquid. Pour it into a glass bottle and mix it with an equal amount of brandy. The boiling method prepares a large quantity of essence. If it is not required it will be interesting to taste the remainder. The saucepan and all other utensils used must be carefully cleaned and then stored away till required again.

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Sun method

If you would like to use the sun method then the best time is before nine o'clock on a cloudless, bright and sunny, clear morning. A non-oven proof 300 ml glass bowl should be filled with half a pint of local, pure spring water. Once the fresh blooms are plucked they must immediately be immersed in this water. Ensure that you do not touch the flowers, so either hold the bowl of water just below the stem or carry them on a wide leaf and plunge them into the water immediately. Top up the bowl if more water is required and then cover the bowl surface. Leave the bowl in the sunlight for 3 to 4 hours or till when the fresh look has faded. If during this time the sky becomes cloudy the remedy has to be thrown away. Shadows of any kind, yours or from plants and grasses should not fall across the bowl. Once the time is over and the plants have surrendered their healing powers the blooms must be plucked out of the water with a clean twig. The fingers must not touch the essence at any time. Pour the essence into a clean glass bottle and top with an equal amount of brandy to preserve it. Use the brandy bottle if possible as it will be sterile. Once the remedy is prepared you will see how subtly the water has changed and is filled with vitality. Discard any essence not required or preserve it all if you need it.

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Essence, Stock, Medicine

The bottle should be labelled immediately. If the essence in the bottle is kept free of any physical or metaphysical interference it will remain potent. In order to prepare the stock pour 2 drops of essence into a 30ml bottle of pure brandy. This stock can be changed into medicine strength by combining it with water and brandy for the remedy required. Dosage is four drops four times daily. Two drops of stock could also be sipped in a glass of water.

Thousands of people can be supplied with this remedy stock from a single, half pint bowl (300mL) of the sun method prepared essence. There are around 3,600 drops of the essence in a half pint bowl. When mixed with brandy, approximately 7,200 drops will be created. For every 30mL of brandy, 2 drops of the essence are needed to make potent the solution. In the end, around 3,600 bottles of stock can be created from the essence, and every bottle (30mL) can create around 180 bottles of the medicine. As a result, this is a low cost medicine as just a half pint of essence has to potential to create around half a million bottles of this medication. A bottle will last a patient up to around three weeks.

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