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Populus tremula

Aspen (botanical name Populus tremula) is an undersized tree that grows up to a maximum height of 15 meters. Although aspen is related to the great black poplar, they are unlike each other. In aspen, the grey hued catkins emerge prior to the leaves. The flowers of other poplars are additionally red hued, while the flowers of grey poplar, which is likely to be a cross between aspen and white poplar have a great resemblance to those of aspen. However, the grey poplar (botanical name Populus canescans) is a comparatively large variety of tree growing up to a height of 30 meters and has lobed leaves. Aspen produces male and female flowers on the same tree.

The male flowers of aspen are grey hued with red anthers and when the flowers mature, they are yellow with pollens. The male flowers are roughly 5 cm to 10 cm in length. On the contrary, the female flowers of aspen are comparatively small and have a green-grey color. The trees release seeds in May and they are transported in white down or feather-like rafts far and wide by the wind, as in the case of other poplars. The bark of aspen is even and has a shiny silvery green color, while the branches are thin. The vivid brown leaf buds appear in winter. The leaf stalks of this tree are flattened and, as a result of this, they shake in the wind. The leaves are even and without any hair or bristle having a smoothed shape, while the margins are scalloping. Leaves of poplars other than aspen either have white color wool underneath (as in P. canescans), or are delicately jagged at the margins (as in P. tremuloides). If you scrutinise the leaves of the tree during summer, it would help you to identify aspen.

Flowering Period

Aspen blooms during the period between February and early April.


A flower essence remedy, Aspen is prepared employing the boiling method. This Bach Flower Remedy is prepared using both male and female flowers of the tree. To prepare this medication, collect the flowers from various different trees when aspens are found growing in thickets. Gather the flowers along with roughly 15 cm of their stem or along with the leaf buds. You may also collect bunch of the flowers.


The flower essence remedy Aspen is effective in curing indistinct or inexplicable dreads and terror. Precisely speaking, this Bach Flower Remedy treats the fear of the mysterious kind.

People who often endure the Aspen state of the mind will let you know that they have a fearful feeling, as if something is going to take place just now. However, the sufferers are unable to make out the reason behind their frightened feeling. Such people are anxious or in a state of immense suspense all the time. In addition, they are worried as if they are surviving on the edge of a knife - complete with frightening anticipation. In fact, they are always apprehensive, but are not able to detect the reason behind such a feeling.

When people are enduring the Aspen state, their mind is excessively approachable and impressed very easily with the great 'mysterious' or the gloomy and ominous side of life. In such instances, the sufferers are unable to find their grip on the balancing as well as defensive utilities of motive and belief. In addition, they may be engulfed by the elemental frights and intimidating murky forces of doom, which may enter the profundity of the individual's existence. Some people belonging to the Aspen type may develop individual sacraments to set up a feeling of protection. However, there may perhaps be the sustained attraction of the unidentified, induce an assorted reaction of terror as well as exaggeration.

More often than not, terrors do not have any solid reason and they are neither founded on reality and science. Feelings of threatening are unclear and may perhaps only be make-believe. However, some Aspen type individuals are genuinely intuitive and are likely to have accurate feelings regarding the future catastrophes or existing menaces. In fact, this is considered to be an aptitude of such people's sensitivity, which is likely to be a burden for them and make them have an eerie feeling as well as terror. It may be noted that often instinctive, religious or even extrasensory ways of individual development may perhaps result in people enduring the Aspen state of the mind.

The Bach Flower Remedy Aspen is given to people who are enduring mental conditions of apprehensive hallucinations and suspicions or mistrusts when terrors are founded on imaginary feelings accompanied by unforgettable attributes. In addition, this flower essence remedy also facilitates in protecting the limitations of realization when bothered by lingering influences from external forces or from inside the mind. Aspen remedy is also effective in the instance of panic disorders when no obvious reason can be provided for such attacks.

In the instance of extreme Aspen state, the sufferers experience emotions that are weird and scary accompanied by intense fear, whereas in less severe cases, the concern/ nervousness is more balanced. The sentiments are likely to be vague and the sufferer may experience withdraw when confronted with menacing and gloom that is accompanied by a concurrent feeling of appeal and enticement. At the bottom of such intuitions or feelings there lies the yearning for light, protection as well as elegance.

Quite often, when an individual takes the decision to step into the realm of service and righteousness, particularly related to changing into other people as well as their requirements, it is possible that he or she will develop the Aspen state of mind. The internal life of hopelessness, loss, sadness as well as the truth of death is likely to expose a fresh dimension of profundity and overpower as well as scare the individual who is service-oriented, while he or she enhances in thoughtfulness and empathy.

Aspen is a Bach Flower Remedy that is beneficial for people experiencing fear for unfounded reasons. In fact, such apprehension may assume the form of an indistinguishable, but potent fear of some unidentified occurrence in the future or any nervous spooked out sentiments in the dark or bizarre locations. The Aspen dread is occasionally expressed by a shuddering sensation that somebody has immediately trampled over their grave. This demonstrates the spirit/ spiritual domains too well. Everything, including quivering, wobbly or even indistinct flickering sensations in the stomach coupled with chilliness, faintness and horrendousness are signs that an individual required the flower essence remedy Aspen.

Animals may also endure the Aspen state of the mind and in this condition the animal is likely to moan, wheeze or seem to be agitated unreasonably. This kind of apprehension may commence in the sleep of the animals of Aspen type during terrors occurring in the nights or they may even keep awake throughout the night when enduring this mental state. This condition may also happen at any time during the day, when the animal may have an fearful, ethereal appearance in its eyes. Nevertheless, there is unlikely to be any clear trigger - not anything that one may utter: 'He behaves like this at whatever time such things occur' or 'This is the manner in which he responses to the cat next door from the time she scratched him'. In case your animal or pet suffers from spells of apprehension for illogical reasons, it is likely that he requires Aspen for healing.


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