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Centuarium erythaea

Centaury (botanical name Centuarium erythaea) belongs to the plant family of gentian, which comprises hundreds of different species across the globe. In effect, there are approximately six dissimilar centauries and all of them are annually growing plants. The common centaury (botanical names C. erythaea or C. umbellatum), is the variety of species that was selected by Dr. Edward Bach to prepare the flower essence remedy and this species can be distinguished from other local variants quite easily. This species grows up to a height of anything between 5 cm to 50 cm and it develops on straight green hued stems from a leaf rosette. The plant produces just a few leaves that are oval, ridged and even with no stalk. These leaves appear in reverse pairs on the branched stems. Centaury bears light pink blossoms and each flower has five petals that are held in umbels or clusters. Each flower actually opens independently when there is warm sunshine prior to midday and again closes during the evening. Other variants of centaury, for instance C. pulchellum do not have the leave rosette at its base and its flowers are also deep pink in color. In addition, the flowers of C. pulchellum have individual stalks.

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Flowering Period

The common centaury (C. erythaea or C. umbellatum) produces pale pink flowers during the period between June and September.


The flower essence remedy Centaury is prepared employing the sun method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy, you need to locate a place which has a colony of robustly growing common centaury, pick the flowers of these plants and float them on water contained in a bowl and expose the bowl to sunlight.

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Individuals of Centaury disposition often find it difficult to support themselves. Such people can be dominated very easily and since it is in their character to desire to be assisted, this type of eagerness may be taken advantage of very without difficulty. Subsequently, such people find themselves in circumstances that do not allow them to get pleasure from or performing something they do not desire to just because they do not possess the power to decline.

In their cerebral realm, the perceptive balance of the individuals of Centaury type is inclined excessively in support of other people. When people are in the Centaury state, their mind is simply impressed with the requirements as well as stipulations of other people, to the extent of desiring to do something good and are of service. In this case, the sufferer gives priority to other people over them, ensuring that the needs of others are fulfilled before their own and they also undermine their own requirements.

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Such approach of the Centaury personality to life is genuinely inspiring for them as well as other people, barring in specific situations. While life of an individual becomes known, there are moments when one is required to make a decision of destiny. In fact, old relationships are supposed to be slackened or snapped during these situations and fresh promises are thought about. It is likely that the frame of mind of the Centaury type individual will so be tough and the tendency of helping others such encompassing that it may impede the person's vision of new prospects resulting in more profound self-realization or contentment. Emotions like culpability and allegiance may bind as well as constrict the individual's way further. In such cases, it is unlikely that the concealed talents would be promoted and life is likely to seem as hard work instead of being a venture.

It may be noted that another error which may be made by the person who is service-oriented is to ignore the increasing personal failings as well as fatigue. While the requirements of other people appear to be of most imperative, the personal needs of the individual become less important and the wellbeing as well as power of the person is likely to be weakened gradually. However, any alteration of perception is vital at such times, moving from the excessive importance on the worth of other people compared to their personal value as an individual who has his/ her own requirements and desires, from continuous support to still store as well as rebuild his or her potency.

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Therapy with the flower essence remedy Centaury is highly effective in the event of an individual suffering from cerebral ailment displaying extreme compliance and endeavors to gratify other people as a basic dynamic independent behavioral disorder.

It may be noted that when an individual is enduring the Centaury state of the mind, it is likely that his/ her emotional attachment as well as relationship matters may perhaps be robust.

For some people, serving other people is likely to be a refuge - a type of covering an individual's self with a positive approach, a means to develop self-respect as well as to find other's support. Nevertheless, more often than not, people belonging to the Centaury type feel genuine love and compassion for other people that inspires them to become caring and ready to lend a hand. Such people discover happiness in serving other people and time and again fail to comprehend the reason why others are not as generous and humble.

However, provided the give and take or cooperation between two individuals is not on the same level, it is likely that it may soon result in a servant and a master relationship. In such a situation, one person becomes humble, while the other boosts him or her. In fact, in such circumstances it is very likely that instead of selfishness as well as ignorance in the demanding individual, aggravation or bitterness may develop in the person who enjoys serving others.

Over a period of time, the happiness of serving other may alter into duty, while parts of the personality turn out to be extremely entangled with the requirements of other people and individual ingenuity as well as contentment are weighed down.

In addition, the supportive person or the individual who finds joy in helping others is also likely to be short of courage to tell others about his or her requirements. It may also be that the moral principles of this individual will prohibit him or her from thinking about the aggrieved impulses and to emphasize his/ her needs over other's requirements.

People belonging to the Centaury type may suffer from grief inside them owing to their unrealized potential or unrequited requirements. It is also likely that such people will suffer from disappointment and have an internal feeling that he or she has not been acknowledged for their services rendered. While they still experience an endless and consistent contentment of service, therapy with Centaury cures the soul repeatedly as well as reinstates the attributes of internal power and independence. People who require Centaury most are those who posses a lost feeling of service and think that they ought to place the requirements of other people before their needs. Such people seem to be short of the determination to reply in the negative and are subjugated by others easily. In addition, people belonging to the Centaury type are susceptible to the more robust personalities' move to take advantage of them. As a result of this, more often than not, Centaury personalities also make them exhausted while serving others and fail to develop their respective individualism or creativeness. People who are enduring the Centaury state of the mind are generally viewed as being inactive before other people.

Like humans, animals may also endure the Centaury state of the mind and in such a state they are of mild and compassionate nature. Such animals are generally dutiful and all the times they will only perform as they have been told. It is seldom that they act impishly. These animals will bring things, carry substances and also sit for several hours. Dogs that are of Centaury disposition always comply with all people and, thus, they are actually bad as guards. Mild-mannered horse that does not create any problem may also be of Centaury nature. In addition, cats that are generally harassed by a pack leader on the road and return home hurt or dishevelled, but are still not complaining may also be of the Centaury nature. In addition, puppies and kittens that are of Centaury disposition are generally those that never affirm them and may possibly fail to succeed since they are mostly forced out when it is their feeding time.


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