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Ceratostigma willmottiana

Cerato (botanical name Ceratostigma willmottiana) is an undersized shrub found in England and it grows up to a maximum height of one meter. While the stems of this shrub are reddish brown in color, its leaves are pointed and swathed with small bristle-like hairs. The flowering heads of cerato emerge together with the stems in the form of a bunch of brown hued, thorny bracts, which give rise to a few flowers consecutively. Each bright blue hued flower of this shrub only survives for a day. The flowers have a diameter of 10 cm to 15 cm and have a tinge of purple, while the diminutive white color stamens show up from the central corolla of the flowers, each having five petals. Precisely speaking, cerato is an undersized deciduous shrub that is generally trimmed during winter with a view to stimulate fresh growth and, hence, in this case, using a name-tag may prove to be the most effective way to identify this plant.

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Flowering Period

The shrub cerato blooms during the period between August and the early part of October.


The flower essence remedy Cerato is prepared employing the sun method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy you need to pick solitary flowers inside the bract when they have just opened up and float them on water in a bowl. However, it may quite difficult to locate appropriate established cerato plants whose flowers can be used to prepare this remedy. It may be noted that the best specimens may be got in private gardens of individuals. Nevertheless, people who are enthusiastic about finding this plant with all its attributes will definitely get one for them.

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Individuals belonging to the Cerato type actually have no trust on themselves. Precisely speaking, they do not have any faith on their own minds. Such people always ask other people regarding what they ought to do since they do not have any trust or confidence on their individual gut feelings. This type of doubt on oneself may happen in various situations, ranging from what should be worn to the manner in which they should deal with any situation. At the bottom of all this, such people are aware about their desires, but they quiz their insinuation and find them looking for corroboration from their family and friends prior to arriving at a conclusion as well as initiating the ultimate move.

When any person is in the Cerato state of the mind, he or she lacks mental association with their internal perception and instinctive control. In such cases, the insightful strength of the mind is not backed up by their internal conviction and honest understanding from deep inside.

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As a result of this, such people are plagued by continuous scepticism, vagueness as well as absence of individual determination and self-confidence. As their internal guidance has not been drawn out, individuals in the Cerato state depend a lot on the counsel of other people, frequently thinking highly of their determined move through life and suffer from a feeling of being less adequate themselves. Such people are very much impressed with the external displays as well as inclinations, people having command over themselves and the circumstances, while feeling weighed down related to their personal imaginative self-articulation, over and over again holding them guilty for such painful plight.

In the Cerato state, it is very common to find people suffering from inner social anguish, obsession with them, hindering self-scrutiny as well as coyness. In severe cases of Cerato state, people may even have problems with their speech and be besieged with additional misrepresentation of articulation of behaviour, fixed notions, laughing out of place, illogical nervousness and juvenile manners.

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People in this state of the mind may experience dithering and ambiguity, while the individual's social as well as personal expression may be impeded. In effect, indecisiveness and uncertainty is also likely to expand to every material circumstances of their life whenever there is a need to make a decision. Such people also suffer from doubt regarding their ability to evaluate accurately and arrive at the right decision. When in the Cerato state of mind, the sufferer feels that he/ she as well as other people are not able to completely depend on their inner condition of hesitation and ambiguity.

The flower essence remedy Cerato is given to cure speech problems caused by internal indecision. In addition, this Bach Flower Remedy may also prove to be effective while language development at a time when the internal confidence and forceful use of words require improvement. Moreover, Cerato may also be helpful in curing development problems by assisting the mind to attain confidence and improving the learning potential.

When an individual is suffering from cerebral ailment, Cerato is effective in treating gender identity disorder, hallucinations, nervous disorders, sexual problems, and elimination disorders or at any time when there is a basic dynamic of ambiguity/ hesitation of consciousness expression. When any individual is enduring avoidance personality disorder, this Bach Flower Remedy has the aptitude to successfully cure the nervous dependency on the favourable judgment by other people as well as facilitate in triumph over evasion of societal situations. In the case of dependent personality disorder, this remedy deals with the unnecessary reliance on the counsel and support of other people. When employed to cure nervous disorders as well as hallucinations/ illusions, Cerato is beneficial for such people who have lost their individual veracity with a view to enable the development of new confidence in their outstanding wholesome characteristics and waning the erroneously founded conviction of their delusions and thoughts. As a result, the individual in the Cerato state of the mind needs to balance a continual assortment of feelings or sentiments.

People who are in the Cerato state of the mind experience absence of self-respect and feelings of lowliness are easily stimulated in them. In such a state, the sufferer is bewildered by the decisive behaviour of other people and, hence, desires to meet the standards, wants recognition as well as support from other people. It is unfortunate that others generally identify the sufferer's distress and might even sidetrack in disrespect, enhancing the uncertainty of the Cerato individual.

When in the Cerato state of the mind, feelings of ambiguity as well as recurrent emotions regarding inferiority usually diminish the person's pleasures of life and he or she may feel trodden by others' power against them. However, in general, the person holds themselves responsible for their sufferings. The Cerato type personality has a feeling that he/ she has been trapped in their individual suffocating and impeded expression of behaviour.

Quite often, people in the Cerato state of the mind, develop an intense yearning for truth, individual transparency as well as freedom. They are aware of what they are lacking, but still do not comprehend the manner in which they would be able to attain the unique elixir or solution of life. For several such people, the way of love and service, of becoming others instead of being obsessive with oneself and coming his/ her way, is the basic path to healing.

It may be noted that the flower essence remedy Cerato helps in reinstating the internal confidence as well as wisdom. People who require Cerato most usually have problems in believing in their personal perception or 'sixth sense'. Such people seem to possess an air of ambiguity/ hesitation around them and are predisposed to look for the advice of other people when confronted with making decisions in their respective lives, instead of having confidence on their personal assessment.

Although they might have discussed with friends and associates, they would still find it immensely difficult to make a firm decision regarding the direction of their life creating more perplexity for themselves. People who are in the negative Cerato state will often use the statement, "I don't know." A Bach Flower Remedy, Cerato facilitates in bridging the gap between persona and the soul reinstating the capability to recognize as well as have faith in their personal acumen.

Like children in the Cerato state, animals that are of Cerato type are likely to observe you prior to undertaking any action with a view to see what you wish them to do. Instead of acting on their individual accord, such animals would prefer to wait for your affirmation that it is alright to move ahead.


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