Bach Flower Remedies
Cherry Plum

Prunus cerasifera

Cherry plum (botanical name Prunus cerasifera) is one of a vast plant family comprising small flowering trees, including several ornamental flowers that bloom during the spring. Cherry plum trees usually grow up to a height of 6 meters to 8 meters; however, they are generally spruced for the purpose of hedging when they send out sucker roots effortlessly.

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Cherry plums grow shabbily have curved head and, generally, they are without thorns. The plants produce oval shaped leaves that are about 2 cm to 3 cm, jagged at the margin and have a shiny green hue. The leaves of cherry plum emerge following the blooms. The unpolluted white flowers of cherry plum appear on stalks and each has five petals measuring about 20 mm in diameter along with several outstanding stamens. The trees bear fruits only infrequently; usually the color of the fruits is similar to ripened tomatoes. In effect, the flowers of cherry plum are the first blossom of the year emerging prior to Damson or Sloe (botanical name P. spinosa). Many people may mistake the cherry plum blooms to be those of Sloe, which bears comparatively smaller flowers and this tree bears sharp thorns. In addition, the bark of Sloe is black in color (Blackthorn), while that of cherry plum is pale brown in color.

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Flowering Period

Cherry plum trees blossom during the period between the later part of February and early April.


The flower essence remedy Cherry Plum is prepared employing the boiling method. It is especially important to collect the flowers on a cloudless and sunny day. The flowers are picked along with their twigs that about 15 cm in length to enable them to be accommodated in the saucepan.

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A Bach Flower Remedy, Cherry Plum is especially used to cure the apprehension of losing rationale as well as mental control when confronted by unnecessary desires, anxious urges or powerful mental stresses.

While the Cherry Plum state of the mind is an extreme one, most people who are in this condition would have, to some degree, experienced the feeling that they are becoming fanatical/ mad. Such a feeling may be due to anything varying from the children getting under one's feet to absolute obsession or fear. On the whole, this is an overpowering feeling of losing one's hold on circumstances in order that one is scared that he or she would break and do something unreasonable or incorrect, may be something with devastating results.

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The flower essence remedy Cherry Plum reinstates the balance, peace as well as the optimistic approach of the mind. When an individual is in the negative Cherry Plum state, he/ she may experience intense uneasiness where in they may also feel prevailing, absurd apprehensions. People who require this medication most generally have a feeling as if they are loosing the power over their mind, becoming insensible or maybe on the verge of collapse. Such people are likely to be irritable, nervous and wish to scream or apprehend that they would be abnormally violent - to them or towards other people. When the state is very extreme, individuals of Cherry Plum type may have wide open gazing eyes and may not be able to prevent them from saying or doing anything that absolutely beyond their usual temperament. In such a condition, many women endure deviations of such illogical emotions associated to their monthly menstrual cycle. In every such circumstance, therapy with Cherry Plum offers tranquillity, logic as well as harmony.

When one is in the Cherry Plum state of the mind, his/ her mind is intensely tensed and devoid of balance. In fact, this mental condition may occur following long-lasting mental endeavours, particularly when something is obtained with immense will power as well as forceful focus in spite of the deteriorating strength of the nerve as well as exhaustion. Alternately, the Cherry Plum state may also occur owing to unrequited crucial requirements and stresses - either wilfully experienced or dynamic in the unaware, which is not possible to satisfy, however transmits desires of thinking to the mind, something like shed tears for recognition.

In both the instances, the outcome is an inundation of the mind accompanied by unnecessary thinking that is powerfully opposed, as it is naturally appalling, deemed to be unfriendly, risky for the suffering individuals or other people, or simply strange. The individual enduring the Cherry Plum state of the mind frantically tries to remain normal inside, to balance constantly the rational senses in opposition to such abnormal mental strains. Since such unreasonable forces are fervently resisted, they react with sharp passion. With the mental pressure mounting and fear crops up that all steadiness will go astray and the impetuous, unnecessary thinking will eventually triumph. It may be noted that this is actually the characteristic fear that is endured by the Cherry Plum type people.

In effect, there are several different levels of the Cherry Plum state of the mind. In the relatively gentler instances, the individual is likely to simply engage in controlling his/ her thought, endeavouring to sanitize the mind or reaffirm reason and confidence/ self-respect over unnecessary, awkward, frightening or even agitating thoughts and imaginations. The Bach Flower Remedy, Cherry Plum may prove to be effective in treating coyness, anxiety as well as stage fright - all of these are unnecessary mental conditions that an individual tries to struggle against in his/ her inner self. However, when the Cherry Plum state is more intensified, the sufferer is not only threatened by thinking, but also by active performances. Impulses that direct the body to undertake specific actions, risky to the individual as well as other people, or publicly incorrect, possibly will stipulate notice as well as pressurize to dictate behaviour. It is interesting to note that several crimes as well as suicides are committed by people who are in the Cherry Plum state of the mind. In effect, the flower essence remedy Cherry Plum has the aptitude to cure all difficulties related to impulse control.

Provided such symptoms are present, Cherry Plum is effective in curing all types of phobia as well as apprehensions regarding abrupt physical/ mental breakdown like in the case of stuttering or in ailments, for instance frequent fainting or epilepsy. The use of Cherry Plum is indicated at any time when there is apprehension of losing command over an individual's mental/ emotional senses or physical occurrences; when one has the feeling of vulnerability when confronted by overpowering dynamics that, while opposed to, appear to have their personal life. During the course of drug rehabilitation or when attempts are made to cure addictive imaginations, therapy with Cherry Plum facilitates curing the apprehension of losing his/ her determination as well as giving way to any previous customary satisfaction.

When an individual is in the Cherry Plum dynamic, he or she also finds precision-oriented, fixated-habitual or sacred conduct or thinking courses undertaken with the purpose to avoid giving way to the frightened impulse. Cherry Plum is very useful in treating illusionary as well as psychotic conditions when the limitations of realization fall apart and the mind turns out to be a subject of the unconscious as well as elemental forces.

People who are enduring the Cherry Plum state of the mind are likely to experience intense suffering and agony accompanied by the forceful apprehension of losing command over their mind and thinking process. In gentler cases of this state, the sufferers are likely to feel additionally frustrated or anxious when opposed by unnecessary thoughts, instead of enduring torment.

In the Cherry Plum state, not only the mind, but the emotions are also not in balance. Often, people endure discontented emotional requirements in the bottom of mental strains. A number of crucial parts are not listened to correctly and, hence, they turn out to be repressed. As a result they are not only reaffirmed by means of peculiar or improper appearances.

In a number of deliberate violence or offence, one may notice a attraction of the individuals toward the Cherry Plum mental state that is undertaken with the intention of stimulation or excitement. The impulse to contemplate outlawed things may generate in some people a feel for adventure, and the risks are undertaken keeping them in the mind. In such cases, the individual savours the tension or pressure, till the time the negative balance is prevailed over.

Some people in the Cherry Plum state will deliberately undertake the prohibited exploit, as this makes them have a feeling that they are allowed to do it. In such cases, from the momentary Cherry Plum state of the mind, a lately balanced confidence develops. In such cases, moral awareness is not strong enough to provide adequate prevention when confronted with such disruptive impulses. It may be noted that the flower essence remedy Cherry Plum is beneficial to such individuals, as it stops them from being attracted towards contents that are forbidden and provoking. In addition, Cherry Plum also lessens the allure of forbidden deeds to such people who willingly undertake risks for abnormal excitement. At the same time, Cherry Plum also helps to reinforce the moral awareness.

Very often, people enduring the Cherry Plum state also encounter the contradictory consequences, because elevated moral values as well as an intense feeling of respectability drives an honest individual into this state of the mind. In this case, the thinking needs to be appropriate and the individual becomes aware of the responsibilities to safeguard them always.

A flower essence remedy, Cherry Plum also helps sufferers to find peace by way of de-emphasizing obsession with inner dynamics as well as directing the focus of an individual towards caring for others. In effect, moral standards as well as love for the neighbour are usually at the very bottom of the genuine Cherry Plum apprehension and this increases the necessity to self-observe, balance as well as protect other people. This remedy is useful in fulfilling these stipulations in people enduring the Cherry Plum state of the mind.

Akin to humans, animals may also undergo a secluded Cherry Plum state of the mind. However, in the case of animals, it is more probable that it would be related to or be a side-effect of something different. For instance, a cat that cleans fanatically to the extent of self-disfigurement may require another flower essence remedy, Crab Apple, for the supreme impulse for sanitation as well as the compulsive conduct, and also Cherry Plum owing to the loss of the ability related to self-injury. Likewise, any animal experiencing an exasperating state or contagion may perhaps lose the strength of mind till the time the nuisance is alleviated and continue to scrape itself aggressively in a frantic move to get reprieve.


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