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Clematis vitalba

Clematis (botanical name Clematis vitalba) is a perennially growing woody vine whose stems normally grow to a maximum length of 30 meters that dangle from trees in the form of forest vines. This plant produces pinnate or feather-like leaves that are pointed growing up to a length of 15 cm to 20 cm and appear in opposite pairs of elongated twisted stalks that help to entangle branches of neighbouring trees and offer support as this plant does not have any tendril. While this plant has not relation whatsoever with the white or black bryony, it may easily be mistaken to be clematis as they also spread out through the hedges. However, even a hurried examination of the plants will indicate the difference - the leaves of bryony are solitary and the flowers produced by the plant are ranged the length of a stem. Nevertheless, both clematis and bryony produce red berries. Clematis produces white flowers each having four petals (more appropriately sepals) having several extremely outstanding stamens that provide a tufted look. During autumn, the weightless seed heads develop into the typical 'Old Man's Beard'.

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Flowering Period

The clematis vines are in bloom during the period between July and September.


The flower essence remedy Clematis is prepared employing the sun method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy, you need to collect separate flowers along with the stalks from many different plants from any place where clematis is found growing robustly. Exercise care while selecting flowers that are in perfect bloom. You can do this simply, as the flowers will be apparent by their aroma as well as the pollen on the stamens.

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A Bach Flower Remedy, Clematis is especially indicated for those who are yearning for a future state, even as they experience apathy of unconcern towards the existing moment.

Clematis is beneficial for individuals who doze off very easily into reverie as well as fantasies regarding the prospect feeling that their life would change for the better then compared to their current situation. People who require this flower essence remedy usually appear to be daydreaming or lethargic and may perhaps complain of absent-mindedness or even an absence of attentiveness or concentration. Such individuals normally have chilly feet and hands and frequently require plenty of sleep. The absence of desire among these people to be completely present denotes that they are just floating in thin air most of their time and are normally not grounded and this makes them to have a propensity to look inept or prone to accidents.

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Intellectuals as well as individuals, such as writers and artists, who are deeply engaged in their imagination usually require the 'reality check' that is offered by Clematis.

Individuals who are said to belong to the Clematis type seem to dwell in their own world. While conversing with such people, you may realize all of a sudden that they are not paying attention to what you are saying - in fact, their minds have drifted away and become taken up by some daydream adventure or any satisfying thinking of some desired event in the future. Such people have an inclination to be lethargic people who may fall asleep more or less any time and at any place. It may usually be hard for them to be attentive or concentrate on something, possibly reading the same page of a book many times since their minds wander away and, hence, they are wakeful only to discover themselves having thoughts about something completely different. Clematis is a flower essence remedy which is also effective for treating the insensitive confused condition of the mind that is impulsive or pursues a fainting attack.

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In the Clematis state, the mind of the sufferer is set upon the fulfillment of aspirations for the future instead of viewing the current moment as hopeful as well as endeavouring to discover pleasures in that. In reality, they may essentially appear to be obscure, something like disguised, and there is likely to be an inclination to lose touch with the present and all of a sudden turn lethargic or heavy-eyed. Alternately, the individuals may also experience giddiness/ unsteadiness or empty in their mind, like the mind was taken away and not completely concentrated or centered on anything particular, especially relating to the present.

It may be noted that such mental conditions may not only occur due to daydreaming regarding the happiness they expect to get in the future, but also owing to exhaustion, from an arduous or depressing daily schedule that the suffering individual takes away him/ her from within, like it has been extremely excruciating to completely experience or look very closely.

In the surroundings of a school, you may generally observe an uninspired, fantasizing student whose forgetfulness is prevailing, while disrupted now and then by surges of attention or awareness.

In the condition of hallucinations accompanied by elated pleasure, enjoyable visions and daydreams, the flower essence remedy Clematis helps to get rid of the enticement and returns the mind back to realism.

While realism is deficient and does not ensure happiness, the individual who is in the Clematis state is optimistic. Their vision guides them to a dazzling future while yearning ends and wholeness, contentment and rewards are impending. While the Clematis type individual dwells on such dreams and daydreams, he/ she is the happiest person. In comparison, realism appears to be harsh, devoid of any significance, lonesome and also distressing. Still, these happen to be the current situations and every time such an individual awakens to such circumstances, disenchantment takes root. The mind of the Clematis type of individual is unable to endure this mental state for a prolonged period and, hence, is time and again engaged in happy thoughts, like they are addicted to fantasies regarding their future happiness.

If the desires of such individuals are depicted in art form, which denotes a grounding of such internal dynamic, it is likely that the Clematis state of the mind will be cured or eased, simply like unswerving dedication to people as well as lending them a hand in making them understand that their dreams would defocus the consciousness of his/ her quandary and enable them to enjoy the existing moment. Nevertheless, generally, in such a state the Clematis type individual will experience further submission, in anticipation of changes to occur and become recluse by detaching all links with people as well as the current situations.

Similar indications are applicable in the case of animals too. In such cases, you will observe that your companion (pet) is exceptionally or may perhaps be normally, maintaining a distance from you. For instance, the animal is likely to have an empty look in its eyes, which appear to be gazing at nothing. In fact, you can easily recognize an animal in the Clematis state - it will appear to sleep continually or face problems in being attentive or some may even appear to live mostly in a dream in comparison to the current moment, for reasons unknown. Therapy with the flower essence remedy Clematis will prove to be beneficial for all such animals.


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