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Crab Apple

Malus sylvestris

Crab apple (botanical name Malus sylvestris) is an undersized tree that grows up to a maximum height of 10 meters. This tree has a preference for sunlight and space and, hence, will more often than not grow in clearings and hedges - places where a small group of trees are able to grow collectively. Crab apple is a tree that is self-sown with the aid of birds that break open the fruits.

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By and large, the crab apple trees have resemblance to other apple trees, while the tender leaves of this species are just somewhat hairy on the underside and the young shoots are not swathed by woolly fluff unlike in the instance of the domestic apples or the naturally growing cider apples. Crab apple trees bear deep green hued leaves, which measure about 40 mm to 50 mm in length and are jagged along the edges and to some extent usually have a red stalk that is more pronounced during autumn when the petite golden hued apples (measuring about 30 mm to 40 mm across) also makes it easy to identify this plant. While the pinkish buds of crab apple are tinged with red, the flowers are white, each having five petals (measuring about 25 mm) and pleasantly aromatic. Akin to the pear, crab apple blooms earlier compared to the domestic apples, although the flowers of pear have a white hued bud. In fact, there are many different varieties of ornamental crab apple trees that have been brought from abroad for their out of the ordinary glamorous flowers as well as showy fruits. All these varieties ought to be identified as different species. For instance, over a period of time, the domestic apple (botanical name Malus domestica) will regress to crab apple if the plant seeds into the wild. However, the apples borne by these plants will have a reddish tinge instead of the genuine or original golden yellow color of the crab apple.

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Flowering Period

The crab apple trees are in bloom during May.


The flower essence remedy Crab Apple is prepared by employing the boiling method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy you need to collect the entire bunch of flowers along with leaves, which grow at the branch terminals. It is advisable that you choose the flowers that are in faultless bloom from as many different trees as you can.

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People who find the flower essence remedy Crab Apple beneficial are those who have a feeling that they have something unlikeable and it ought to be rinsed out of their system. For instance, it may possibly be a feeling of contamination, as if they have been exposed to any infection or venom, or there is also likelihood that such people may have a feeling of repugnance against themselves for silly things like overeating. When an individual is enduring the Crab Apple state of the mind, such emotions are much more compared to the gentle aversion or dislike that majority of the people might undergo in comparable situations, and this feeling may shoot up to a fixation or an impulse. When they are ailing, people of the Crab Apple temperament have a feeling of being diseased and infected by anything that may be incorrect with them. Any type of imperfection, defacement or symptom is blown up in their minds and as they have a common propensity to become extremely worried with specifications and inconsequence that they mull over trivial symptoms to the extent of leaving out all other things.

People belonging to the Crab Apple type have yet another trait and that is they do not like their appearance and, hence, consider themselves to be ugly. In fact, it is likely that they are appalled by their personal bodies as well as those of other people - actually, Crab Apple people are immensely upset by physical functions. This type of individuals generally cannot tolerate being dirty or living in any unhygienic conditions and, hence, have a propensity to be extremely proud of their house, preoccupied keeping it clean and tidy.

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While undergoing the Crab Apple state, the mind of the sufferers is extremely focused on the solitary facet of considering themselves contaminated, troublesome, disgraceful, as well as onerous. The other characteristics of such people are not all that important, for instance the positive traits of their character. When any of the distressing conditions takes on unsuitable facets, the suffering individual loses perception regarding what is of utmost importance in their life or regarding them. This approach is augmented by basic feelings of vulnerability they experience regarding the problems. In such instances, the Crab Apple personality has a feeling that he or she is not able to get rid of or prevail over the disturbing situation, and this may result in the development of a feeling of hopelessness.

In a number of instances, the disgraceful characteristic endured or undertaken is promoted by dissemination of addictiveness and concealed from other people resulting in the development of an individual reformatory of dishonour and revulsion towards oneself.

In other instances, the Crab Apple condition of the mind is noticeable by compulsive obsession with flaws in beauty or conditions of ailment wherein one considers him or her to be contaminated and improper. In such cases, the sufferers may openly share their problem with other people.

Nonetheless, in a different circumstance, these type of people apprehend infection or uncleanness from any external source, for instance, by germs or unhygienic environs. In addition, a powerful response of loathing or revulsion may arise in some people owing to these situations. The powerful attitude manifests their internal feeling regarding any individual shame that is hidden, or it is a sign of terror of and perhaps enticement to contamination in their thinking or deeds that has not been tackled in an appropriate way.

In the event of any kind of mistreatment or molestation, the victim's mind is likely to endure Crab Apple state. In such situations, the victim has a feeling that he or she is contaminated or demeaned even if no personal wrong or guilt exists. Crab Apple may be given to people when an individual is of the view that something is impure or they have been dishonoured either from the realm of their inner personality or from external sources. In such cases, the individual strongly wishes to be rinsed out from these things.

The flower essence remedy Crab Apple is also effective in treating obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a condition wherein there is a persistent anxiety disorder, accompanied by one's disgraceful content. In addition, Crab Apple is the ideal remedy for body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), which was previously known as dysmorphophobia and occasionally denoted as body dysmorphia, which involves inflated, compulsive obsession with fictional or barely obvious physical flaws.

It is likely that emotions like embarrassment and contamination may be a heavy burden on the Crab Apple personality's heart and suffocate their own delight of life. There may also be genuine feelings of hopelessness and dejection, because such type of people feels that they are not able to liberate or purify themselves. This is especially right when they are continually engaged in dishonourable or immoral deeds and lament for such actions afterwards.

When in the Crab Apple state of the mind, individuals may also develop one more intense feeling and that is of compulsive or frenzied connotation. In such instances, trivial troubles take on unbalanced significance and, as, more often than not, there is no handy remedy, the compulsive anguish is likely to mount.

The outlook of people belonging to the Crab Apple type is extremely egocentric; they always excessively deal with themselves, while the outlook is lost to other people as well as their particular requirements or position in their life. Very often, this type of individuals feels shameful regarding their look or internal culpability as well as contamination/ dirtiness that thwart them from taking delight in direct eye contact. In addition, this feeling also prevents the Crab Apple personality from a lot of prospects for their individual enhancement by means of cautious changing into others as well as focusing away from themselves.

A number of people experience a strong yearning or desire to remain clean and also be purified from inside them. According to some authorities, such feelings may possibly be a part of any ethical or spiritual development, or it might be the attitude of a stickler who is struggling for excellence and eventual health in body as well as consciousness. Therapy with Crab Apple is an effective remedy in both instances.

It may be noted that the Bach Flower Remedy, Crab Apple facilitates in cleansing at every level. For a short time, people who require this remedy most usually lose the vision of their individual natural wholesomeness and bear fundamental sentiments of being impure, polluted as well as being short of purity, which may in extreme instances be apparent in the form of obsessions associated with housework or physical cleanliness. Crab Apple personalities may be hard to please, distressed very easily and have a propensity to exaggerate when they are enduring the negative state. Crab Apple may also be used to treat skin eruptions or possessiveness as well as overzealous actions of any type. This flower essence remedy may be effectively applied topically to the skin in the form of an ointment added with some water. In addition, you may also add a few drops (about 10 to 12 drops) of Crab Apple to your bath and also take it internally.

As in other conditions, the Crab Apple state of the mind may also occur to animals and it is obvious when they have an extreme desire for sanitation, displaying unnecessary grooming tendencies. In fact, dogs and cats that lick themselves continuously or fanatically nibble at their fur are likely to find Crab Apple beneficial. In addition, animals that are found to loathe consuming foods, mating or defecating may also benefit from this flower essence remedy.


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