Bach Flower Remedies

Gentiana amarella

Gentian (botanical name Gentiana amarella) is a biannually growing plant turning out a rosette of leaves during the first year of its existence. In the second year of its growth, the plant produces a small flowering stalk measuring up to 10 cm to 20 cm in height which bears tiny, purple color, trumpet shaped blooms. Each flowers posses five petals that are akin to lobes accompanied by a white periphery at the throat. The leaves of gentian are lance-shaped and hold on to the stem with no stalk. The flowers of this plant emerge from the axil on a small stalk. Gentian on blooms in autumn and the flowers are purplish blue, but never blue or speckled. The species Chiltern gentian (Gentiana germanica) is very comparable, but produces somewhat larger flowers in comparison to gentian.

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Flowering Period

Gentian blooms during the period between August and the early part of October.


The flower essence remedy is prepared employing the sun method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy, you need to pick the individual flowers from the top of the stalk and keep them floated on water.

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The flower essence remedy Gentian is especially helpful in treating discouragement, loss of faith as well as reduced hopefulness.

Gentian is an effective remedy to reinstate hopefulness at any time when any setback results in an individual feeling discontented, hesitant or disappointed. This flower essence remedy helps to promote support as well as optimistic thinking, thereby avoiding the development of a feeling of despair.

Gentian is meant for treating uncertainty as well as hopelessness. People who are in the Gentian state of the mind are disheartened and dejected easily whenever things do not happen in the right way or the manner in which they had anticipated or when such people are confronted with problems. In effect, they may perhaps be making excellent progress in ailment or in their life, but are quite easily discouraged by trivial impediments. In addition, Gentian, a Bach Flower Remedy, is beneficial for individuals who experience hopelessness accompanied by prolonged or persistent ailments. This natural medication is also helpful for children who have been disheartened regarding their learning. The optimistic potential of Gentian is the understanding that there is nothing that may be described as failure at any time when an individual is putting in his/ her best effort - irrespective of the consequences of the efforts. When such individuals undergo therapy with Gentian, they do not find any impediment that is impossible to overcome, and no job is extremely discouraging for them to take on. In addition, the sufferers have complete faith that no matter what the problems may be; eventually they will be able to triumph over them.

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As aforementioned, it is very easy to dissuade the Gentian state of the mind. While an individual carries on with his/ her tasks as well as the challenges brought by life, they are likely to feel depressed and prepared to relinquish immediately when there is any type of obstacle in their life. In such cases, an individual withdraws him or her from the prevailing circumstances, assessing the situations to be wrong or have a belief that their fate is not favouring them. They may even simply have misgivings regarding their ability to carry on as well as to be triumphant. In such cases, people belonging to the Gentian type may suffer from the absence of courage to give his or her best to any job or challenge.

In the Gentian state of the mind, the sufferer lacks the strength of his/ her personality - the self-confident that deals with the problems of life instantly or misgivings is required to be brought forth.

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In such a state, the mind of the sufferer is inclined to overstate, to develop trivial impediments into most important ones, to observe minor hold-ups with discouragement, to derive the erroneous assumptions as well as further self-destabilizing convictions. Since the confidence in the individual's abilities dither very often, he or she also does not willingly trust in the affection of any superior power or God.

Individuals who are enduring the Gentian state of the mind are easily discouraged and rouse scepticism, which, in turn, prevents them from all the joys offered by life as well as their self-confidence is weakened. Absence of self-confidence in such people coupled with the inclination to surrender, even when projects are pleasant, probably results in a reduced richness of their life. In addition, lack of faith in them also leads to the absence of eagerness/ enthusiasm and encouragement accompanied by retreating from the challenges of life and from being involved with the remaining world. When people are in Gentian state, often they also experience grief and depression. At the same time, absence of faith in a superior power of God may additionally diminish the feeling of safety as well as weaken the guarantee of having a grip on his or her assignments as well as the changes in life.

In effect, people who are enduring the Gentian state of the mind also do not have the feeling of being grounded or centered sufficiently, something that is akin to supposedly coming into contact with things and not completely delving into forceful making of his or her objectives.

Gentian, a flower essence remedy, is useful when your little one feels disheartened and hopeless with his or her homework. In such cases, the child is simply discouraged and suffers from depression whenever things go the wrong way or when they are confronted with obstacles. In addition, Gentian also facilitates your child in realizing that there does not exist anything such as failure when he or she is giving their best to their tasks, irrespective of the consequences. Therapy with this Bach Flower Remedy enhances their self-confidence and they begin to feel that there is no such obstacle or impediment that is too great to be overcome and there is no assignment that is extremely discouraging to take on.

In fact, Gentian is a flower essence remedy that is most beneficial for people who require help to reinstate the qualities of their soul, such as trust and conviction at the level of their individual personality. People who require this remedy most are basically uncertain concerning their relationship with their Creator or God and usually find it hard to consider them to be an element of the larger whole wherein all is regimented in consistent with a superior plan. Such people are simply disheartened by the most trivial impediments in their life and are likely to appear to have negative feelings as well as be sceptical, since they generally find it extremely hard to see the optimistic solution to any predicament.

Even animals who face any impediment require Gentian, possibly owing to the fact that these animals have failed at any event at the gymkhana, or have been alienated from a companion or their owner. In addition, this state may also occur in animals for trivial reasons when they are told that they would not be taken out for their routine walk on any particular day. It may be noted that Gentian is the best remedy to treat when any animal experiences discouragement or whenever they have a mild depression for any specific reason.


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