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Ulex europaeus

Basically, there are just three different kinds of gorse (botanical name Ulex europaeus). Although all these types of gorse differ in their size as well as color, their appearance is the same. Gorse is actually an extremely thorny evergreen shrub. Dr Edward Bach had opted for the variety called Ulex europaeus, the largest variety of gorse that grows to a maximum height of 2 meters and is heavily branched. These branches are covered by strong and sharp thorns, each measuring about 10 mm to 20 mm. The other comparatively smaller species of gorses, for instance, Ulex minor and Ulex gallii are in bloom late in the year, frequently making a loaded show with other heathers during September. The blooms of these types of gorses are no as golden in color as those of U. europaeus, but have a somewhat pale yellowish hue akin to that of the broom. It may be noted here that the broom is a associated shrub that does not have any thorn having leaves that are small and smoothed.

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Flowering Period

While it is a fact that gorse may be in bloom all through the year, it flowers profusely during spring as well as in the early part of summer - during the period between late March and early June.


The flower essence remedy Gorse is made by employing the sun method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy, you need to select a place where gorse (U. europaeus) grows in abundance and select from the bushes all through the clusters. The flowers of gorse are collected along with short stalks and allowed to float on water in a bowl. According to Dr Edward Bach, the flowers of gorse ought to be picked just prior to the shrubs attaining their absolute glory, somewhat before it emits scent, most likely during the period in mid April.

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A Bach Flower Remedy, Gorse is especially used to cure a profound feeling of despondency that may have an effect on the vitality of an individual.

The hopeless emotion endured by an individual in the Gorse state of mind, is more profound compared to that of Gentian state. In simple words, individuals who are in the Gentian state have a feeling as if they are on the verge of resigning; where as in the Gorse state, the sufferers have already surrendered. Yet, there may perhaps be a way out, but people enduring the Gorse state of mind do not accept as true that anything like this may be present. Very frequently, such individuals decline to seek a solution to their problems, as they assert that there isn't anything positive that can be done to help them. Moreover, these people feel so pessimistic, if not unfeasible, it is extremely hard to convince them to think otherwise.

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The flower essence remedy Gorse is meant for individuals who are bearing intense indecision in the course of their life, which is forcing them to have feelings like despondency and desolation. Sometimes, the Gorse state of the mind is present in people who have been enduring prolonged ailments and have lost all expectations of recuperation or in people whose experiences have resulted in them viewing life as something that can never succeed. When the Gorse state of the mind is deeply entrenched in any individual, he/ she may possibly have dark rings below their eyes or even be inclined to heave a sigh many times. If Gorse is taken for a prolonged period, this flower essence remedy facilitates in driving out the gloomy feelings and supports fresh expectations as well as visualization for the upcoming. The minds of individuals who are in the Gorse state are not able to distinguish an exit route from their problematic condition. In this state, all motivations to give the individual to latest ideas and optimisms are lost. In fact, the Gorse state of the mind is a condition wherein there is deep-reaching despair and submission.

When the Gorse personality relinquishes the faith that something positive may be done to discover an enduring improvement, he/ she experiences a termination of anticipations, rejection and persistent dissatisfaction, fight back and revolt against his or her destiny. In such a condition, the sufferer accepts his/ her fate, giving away to unfavourable forces. When the individual is experiencing a condition of poor vivacity, it is hazardous for people who are ailing, the spark of life itself loses its motivations to survive and struggle. While there is firm belief that all optimisms have been lost, ambiguity continues to be there related to what precisely lies in the future.

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When the preliminary mayhem of sentiments have subsided, for instance, which happens in very grave situations, the Gorse personality calms down, as he/ she acknowledges the unavoidability of occurrences. While people pour in proposals for the improvement of their condition, it is possible that the sufferer will concur with them, as they are completely aware that there is no exit route from their miseries.

While the individual in the Gorse state of the mind may seem to in peace, it needs to be mentioned that he or she always suffer from a basic feeling of grief and a sense of bad luck as well as anguish. In instance of genuine despondency, for instance terminal ailments (a fatal illness), therapy with the Bach Flower Remedy, Gorse facilitates in elevating the spirits, whereas in the here and now and offer a novel motivating viewpoint into the future. Using Gorse helps to increase confidence/ conviction regarding everything would be fine once again and the suffering individual will be looked after well.

It may be noted that when people are in the Gorse state of the mind, they are just not restricted to ailments, but it may also be witnessed during different circumstances of life, such as in business as well as family life, at any time when any situation may appear to be bleak and the sufferer surrenders to it.

Animals also endure the Gorse state, but they are unable to express their desperate feelings. However, one is able to understand their despondency from the facial appearance of these animals as well as their body language. A dog that has been enduring the Gorse state of the mind would possibly have its tail down between its legs and its head would be down. In addition, the animal may also be withdrawn or recluse in comparison to its normal behaviour. In the Gorse state, the dog will appear to be remorseful or mentally weighed down.

In fact, the mental state of the animal may perhaps be most evident when the animal in Gorse state is ailing. In such instances, a number of animals may appear as if they have relinquished all optimism and anticipations regarding life and are prepared to die. However, when you give them the flower essence remedy Gorse frequently, you will notice that it has helped to raise their spirits and the optimism returning in them. As a result, the prospects of recuperation of these ailing animals are much more when you give them Gorse.


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