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Carpinus betula

Hornbeam (botanical name Carpinus betula) is a deciduous tree that grows up to a maximum height of 20 meters and in a number of respects one may mistake this tree for beech (botanical name Fagus sylvatica). The leaves of hornbeam have resemblance to those of beech, but are noticeably serrated, to some extent similar to an even elm leaf. The bark of this tree is smooth and possesses the typical grey stripes that are not present in any other tree. The tree produces flowers that bloom profusely and are flashy. The hornbeam produces both, the male and female flowers on the same tree. However, it has been found that one of these (male or female flowers) is predominant on a particular tree. The male flowers are yellow color catkins, while the female flowers are relatively small having exceptional twisted bracts. The flowers emerge to fashion into a three-pointed wing to enable the winds to transport the seeds to far away places.

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Flowering Period

Hornbeam trees are in bloom during the period between April and May. It may be noted that this species does not produce enough flowers every year.


A Bach Flower Remedy, Hornbeam is prepared employing the boiling process. To prepare this natural flower essence remedy, collect the twigs of the tree having male as well as female flowers. It is advisable to collect them from the maximum number of trees as may be feasible.

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Hornbeam particularly cures the state of mind that is not completely stimulated and does not have the clearness of concentration.

Generally, the Hornbeam state of the mind is depicted as something similar to the 'Monday morning feeling'. In fact, the individual who is enduring this state experiences a cloud of exhausted inertia that makes him/ her feel as if they possess no power to endure through the day or continue the job lying ahead. This state often results in putting off or resigning from the job for good. Therapy with Hornbeam flower essence remedy facilitates in getting rid of the indolence, thereby allowing the individuals to observe the challenges presented by life more enthusiastically, more readily as well as with an increased sense of reason.

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In the very first instance, indications of exhaustion or tiredness are likely to make you think of the Bach Flower Remedy, Olive. But the exhaustion endured by Olive personalities has a reason, which is necessarily excessive work load. However, in the instance of Hornbeam, there is no genuine cause for the tiredness - in effect, it is exhaustion at the very thought of doing some work instead of being exhausted owing to the endeavour of really having done the work.

The flower essence remedy Hornbeam is beneficial for individuals who have a feeling that they do not have the mental power to perform the routine jobs in their lives. People who require Hornbeam generally endure a condition of deferment caused by a type of mental tiredness or boredom. Such people usually feel fatigued even after they have had a sound sleep at night and also find it extremely hard to make a start in the morning, perhaps requiring many cups of coffee with a view to be prepared to carry on throughout the day. Nevertheless, when they actually have made a start, they usually find that they are completely capable of accomplishing the day's work assigned to them.

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The mind that requires Hornbeam most is one that is weary and languid, while the body may also feel lethargic. In such situations, an individual needs to utilize his/ her determination and drive him/ her to undertake any work. Even then the mind is likely to experience dullness or lack the force of concentration.

Evading work as well as deferment may take place owing to such exhaustion of the mind and the body in Hornbeam state. In such conditions, work is not appealing and the individual has a sloppy feeling. They believe that they require reinforcement prior to accomplishing their duties with no difficulty and happiness. The condition is such that the mind is not completely liked to or taking hold of the jobs at hand. In such instances, the sufferers feel that the intensity of focus as well as dedication is lessened.

The Bach Flower Remedy Hornbeam is of immense worth in study as well as in school situations or at any time when an individual is required to undertake prolonged mental activity. Hornbeam facilitates in invigorating mental strength or clearness as well as focus and offers determination. In addition, this remedy is very effective in treating learning incapacities, growth disorders as well as in retardation.

In Hornbeam state, the emotions of the individual revolve around the weariness and he/ she deals with the aggravation, indolence, absence of interest, momentary feeling of being besieged, mild despair, boredom as well as infrequent bitterness and nastiness. In addition, the individual is further predisposed to being irritable and is likely to be less prone to be of help to undertake additional work for other people, mainly because the individual requires the additional force for him/ her.

In fact, there are lighter Hornbeam instances, wherein an individual has a rather better feeling, but still lacks some stimulation or inner strength to enable him/ her to deal with the jobs in a much more joyful manner.

Hornbeam is a helpful flower essence remedy for treating individuals who have got wedged in the type of boring, weighted schedule that leads to intellectual fatigue and overtiredness.

The first look of an individual in Hornbeam state is likely to be akin to a factory employee who has been doing the same task repeatedly. However, this may also be applicable to office employees and also executives who also encounter similar problems and matters to tackle every day. In addition, people, whose job entails running household errands, volunteering for any cause or even participating in charity events, may also get trapped in everyday schedule resulting in their life losing its entire sheen.

Hornbeam personality is the individual who is not in touch with the inclinations of the Higher Self - in fact, ignoring the messages transmitted by it and favouring to remain in a recognizable, regular prototype even though it might be insufficient or disappointing. The Hornbeam personality pays no attention to the prospects of progress on any issue, except the mental level and, hence, fails to benefit from several things that usually make life valuable or meaningful.

Since energy is not swapped over between different levels, there is often deficit of energy, making the sufferer feel like life has turned out to be a burden instead of happiness. For them, the mornings no longer hold any expectation of the day that is yet to unfold.

It is interesting to note that it is possible to pull out the Hornbeam personality from its exhaustion when something bizarre occurs that challenges the individual at a dissimilar plane. In effect, mental challenges may possibly be the outlet for the mental rut. Understandings explain that therapy with Hornbeam is invigorating - something akin to having a fresh shower that serves to revitalize the body as well as the spirit.

Following treatment with this Bach flower essence, the person once again discovers the right means to exchange between action and submissiveness. Once again, life as well as work becomes enjoyable and the Hornbeam individual recognizes that he/ she possesses the power to accomplish their aspirations.

There are a number of people who slide into the negative Hornbeam mental state owing to routine work as well as uneventful everyday life. There are others who get into this state because of passionate studying for prolonged periods, and some others by means of confinement owing to prolonged ailments.

It may be noted that Hornbeam is a particular Beach Flower Remedy that is generally required in conjugation with different other flower essences, for instance, White Chestnut, Olive and Gentian.

Hornbeam flower essence may also be employed in the form of a compress to relax weary, irritable eyes as well as to reinforce the varicose veins.

The Hornbeam state of mind may occur to animals too. An animal that appears to be indolent, cower from anything that is difficult or requires some kind of activity, for instance, a dog suffering from lack of interest toward going for a walk, is likely to be in the Hornbeam state of mind. However, in such cases one may consider trying other flower essence remedies like the Wild Rose to treat such conditions. Before concluding, it may be underlined that the best way to identify a Hornbeam personality is by means of exhaustion or tiredness endured by the individual.


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