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Impatiens glandulifera

Impatiens (botanical name Impatiens glandulifera) also called Impatiens roylei is the sole plant of its type. Impatiens is a rapidly growing annual plant bearing large and pointed leaves that are jagged at the margins. The stem of this plant has a deep green color with purple lining. The flower heads of impatiens appear atop stalks that emerge from the leaf base. The plant bears pale mauve hued flowers, each having five petals that are merged to take the shape of a helmet or covering and it is occasionally known as the 'Policeman's Helmet". It may be noted here that the impatiens (Impatiens glandulifera) is different from the popular indoor plant called 'Busy Lizzie'.

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Flowering Period

Impatiens is in bloom during the period between July and September. In some cases, the plant also flowers till the first frost of the season.


The flower essence remedy Impatiens is prepared employing the sun method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy, you need to only pick the light mauve flowers. These flowers need to be collected along with their thin stalks and subsequently be floated on water in a bowl. The bowl containing the flowers needs to be positioned in such a manner that the surface is properly exposed to sunlight. It is important to select a location where the impatiens flowers bloom really robustly and they need to be picked from as many different plants as you can.

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As the name suggests, the flower essence remedy Impatiens is especially effective in treating condition wherein an individual lacks tolerance or patience and has a propensity to nervousness as well as restiveness.

Individuals who belong to the Impatiens type more often than not possess superior intellectual aptitude, have clarity of thoughts and their thoughts are direct regarding no matter what they focus their minds on. Such people have a preference to be left alone to work on their own as well at their personal pace. When this is available, they do not feel weighed down or restricted by the existence of other people. In addition, the Impatiens personality has a preference to go ahead in life and get going with the task in hand and, hence, they find intrusions exasperating. Likewise, their fast minds do not have any space for an idle chat - they will only talk about things that need to be thrashed out. However, they would like to end the discussion promptly and make a fresh start without wasting any time.

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When they are in their most optimistic mood, people belonging to Impatiens type are clear in their thought, open, bright, and precise regarding everything and have quick-witted sense of humour. When such people are in their negative temperament, the Impatiens personality is agitated, full of tension, impatience and irritated over the systematic sluggishness, dithering, lack of concern as well as worthlessness of others. When they are in haste, they are likely to jump to decisions or even miss out on crucial information. In addition, the desire of Impatiens type people to complete things rapidly can denote that they often put them under needless demands.

In the Impatiens state, the mind is in an anxious, provoked condition and there is the exigency to work and progress quickly. Hustling in the mind more often than not results in rushing in the movements of the Impatiens individual, driven by inner disturbance and restiveness. In this mental state, competence is a desirable objective. In the Impatiens state, people work rapidly and count his or her advancement, and finally completes the job or gets it done. Such an internal dynamic, more often than not in addition to competence and expertise, provides the personal perception of being a person in charge or a paradigm whom other people ought to pursue or keep pace with. People belonging to the Impatiens type are likely to be merciless or selfish, impatient as well as menacing.

When the Impatiens state is seemingly less severe, although the patient may experience inner disturbance and edginess, there will be a reduced spurring on of other people or mercilessness. Yet, such internal forceful condition is exhibited by means of indications of mental as well as physical tension and also sporadic outbreaks that are kept under control so far as it is possible. In this case, the suffering of the Impatiens personality is likely to be intense, as the openings of internal tension are clogged-up owing to concern for other people. At the same time, the internal tension may perhaps escalate to a higher phase of edginess. In extreme case of Impatiens state of the mind, there may be an ominous sign of a nervous breakdown.

The flower essence remedy Impatiens can be given to people in every situation of their life where there is a requirement for enhanced endurance and tolerance, or when their way of life turns out to be stressed and obsessed.

In case the individuals face problems with controlling their impulses as well as throughout rehabilitation from drug addiction, Impatiens has the aptitude to reinstate balance in the mind/ emotions as well as the body and augment self-mastery.

When the individuals experience a further expressed Impatiens state of the mind, more often than not, he or she has a feeling of being predisposed to hang on with other people and pay considerate attention, but propels him or her as well as other people from one doing to the following. Normally, the Impatiens personality experiences feelings of aggravation, annoyance, discontent and even tetchiness. In such cases, the patient may experience a persistent selfish attitude and there may be a feeling that other people ought to pay heed and revolve around the eccentricities of the Impatiens individual.

As there is an oppressive pressure inside, people enduring the less articulated Impatiens kind are likely to experience desolation further easily, or an emotion of being snowed under by elevated situational stipulations in addition to internal absence of power of the nerve as well as calm control.

People belonging to the Impatiens type do not achieve internal harmony easily in either of the cases mentioned above. In fact, in both states, the patients are hardly able to relax serenely inside themselves. There is constant internal pace and tension that look for an opening by engaging in activity as well as restive motion.

A Bach Flower Remedy, Impatiens is beneficial to people who are propelled by an internal feeling of exigency, a sentiment that they require getting things done 'yesterday' or earlier. People who require Impatiens most are those who easily become irritated and tetchy with others, who are generally sluggish compared to them - a condition that more often than not results in internal uneasiness as well as constriction. People belonging to the Impatiens type generally have a preference to do everything on their own, since they are of the view that when they do things by themselves tasks can be completed more quickly. Moreover, the Impatiens personality never waits for anything for long, even to the extent of allowing other people to finish what they are saying and they may also outburst in anger very easily in case they are pushed. However, the good thing is that, such people generally also forget these incidents very easily and quickly. Individuals belonging to the Impatiens type are of extremely independent nature in their thoughts and when they are enduring the extreme Impatiens state of the mind, they may even become cut off and find it difficult to relate to other people.

The Impatiens state of the mind may occur to animals too. When any animal is in this state, the indications of Impatiens will mainly be interactive cats that are in hurry all the times; dogs that do not have the patience to wait to be accompanied for a walk and continue to be in the fore all the times; as well as animals that appear to have unceasing energy/ vivacity. In addition, the flower essence remedy is also beneficial for horses that are difficult to deal with prior to any racing event or those that exhibit raring to go for the event. Although a number of other Bach Flower Remedies like Mimulus, Rescue Remedy and Vervain may also be considered for such animals, Impatiens is possibly the best flower essence remedy for treating their condition.


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