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Larix decidua

Larch (botanical name Larix decidua) is a typical tree that grows up to a height of 30 meters or even taller. The trunk of this tree is erect and tapered having a coarse bark, while the leaves emerge perpendicularly from the trunk and wilt in an arch with their tips pointing in the air. The leaves of larch appear in clumps of green hued needles. This species bears flowers of both sexes on the same tree. While the male flowers have a yellow hue, the female flowers are red. The branches retain egg-shaped cones from the earlier years.

It may be noted that several diversities of larch are found. While the Japanese larch (botanical name L. kaempferi) produces only yellow color flowers, the hybrid variety Dunkeld larch (botanical name L. x eurolepis) that was developed to be resilient towards diseases is comparatively slender having branches that have a grey hue instead of the straw yellow color. Dunkeld larch is actually an inconsistent form having flowers whose color differs from purple to red with a creamy tinge. Many people also cultivate Dahurian larch (also known as the Western or American larch). However, the common Larch (botanical name L. decidua) was selected by Dr. Edward Bach to prepare the flower essence remedy. The common Larch continues to be the most ordinary/ common form of mature tree of this family grown in addition to the forest areas.

Flowering Period

Larch is in bloom during the period between late March and April.


The flower essence remedy Larch is prepared using the boiling method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy you need to collect the twigs along with the flowers from several different trees - as many as you can. Ensure that the twigs are no longer than 15 cm so as to accommodate them in the saucepan. It may be noted that the male as well as the female flowers of the common larch tree are used to prepare this remedy.


A Bach Flower Remedy, Larch is especially employed to cure mental conditions where the patient suffers from low self-assurance.

Larch is a flower essence remedy meant for people who do not have any faith in their capability to perform certain tasks. Owing to this, they restrain as well as lose out many things that their life has to offer. For instance, they are unlikely to send applications for a job since they do not believe that they will be able to get the job. Similarly, such people will never make an endeavour to learn driving, as they think that they are sure to be unsuccessful in any driving test. When children belonging to the Larch type are in their classroom, they will never volunteer to answer any query, as they are certain that their answer will be incorrect and they would appear stupid. In fact, people belonging to the Larch type are very self-conscious and will withdraw from anything that puts forth any type of challenge, although they could, and possibly do, have what is required to be successful in different spheres of life.

When an individual is enduring the Larch state, he or she is unable to recognize him or her as competent or triumphant. In such cases, the Larch personality foresees letdown and feels that he or she is unable to somehow meet the standards of the challenges presented by life. This is the main reason why the Larch personality is likely to keep away from fresh prospects for development and progress. Meanwhile, this kind of avoidance even more inculcates the erroneous thought pattern of not being in charge and be worthy of failure.

Besides the conceptual error that one is not competent, the Larch personality also evaluates him or her with other people, supposing that all other people are more in command of themselves as well as their lives. Such an erroneous insight only weakens the individual's self-esteem further and this, in turn, hampers the liberally flowing expression of imagination as well as accomplishment. On the whole, when people are enduring the Larch state of the mind, their outlook regarding life is diverted and directed excessively in the limitations of him or her and their apparent complexities, instead of being focused in the direction of the people and tasks in his or her surroundings. In such circumstances, concerns regarding the individual himself or herself take away from the genuine duty of offering him or her in self-forgetfulness to the progress as well as service of other people. When the Larch personality has realized the importance of other people, it is possible for the troubled self to flow freely, and they are able to experience the feeling of achievement or triumph.

Even as they remain inside the limitations of their self and do not sense being empowered to rise above the challenges of life, the Larch personality is likely to experience inner sorrow, hopelessness, repentance and also desolation. When an individual is enduring the Larch state of the mind, he or she has a feeling that they are concealed within themselves, and it may appear to be impossible to go beyond these confines, in spite of their hopeless desire to perform in such a manner. Sentiments like lowliness, coyness, fear of being unsuccessful as well as the absence of individual power is likely to hurt them intensely and worry or nibble at the very base of the joys of life. In addition, the Larch personality may even experience being alone and distanced from other people, as he or she withdraws very easily, not having the feeling of being essential/ imperative or as an important asset of any group. This attribute of the Larch personality may be taken to mean as not being sensitive to other people or not paying any attention or respect to them.

The flower essence remedy Larch is an excellent facilitator for individuals who are enduring challenging jobs and only infrequently find themselves being threatened or lacking in self-confidence. When an individual is enduring the Larch state of the mind, he or she may experience a laid-back and dampened feeling, lacking in energy or motivation. Such an experience is likely to be similar to the condition of despair at a time when there is no genuine courage or happiness of moving ahead, of dealing with life.

Larch is also effective in reinstating self-assurance in any individual regarding his or her capabilities. People who require Larch most generally have a sort of an inherent insentient conviction of failure that by no means they will try out innovative things in their life and, therefore, will never be able to find out their actual potential. Such people involuntarily have a feeling that they are inferior compared to other people and will refrain from doing new things, permitting others whom they consider are abler than them to assume the opportunities offered by life. In effect, the flower essence remedy Larch assists in reminding people who possess these characteristics that deep inside they do possess the competence to do new things and, simultaneously, reinstates their self-confidence to live their life to the fullest.

The Larch state of mind may also occur to animals, especially among those who are short of self-assurance and also try to avert circumstances wherein they may have to perform. Animals of the Larch type are those that are displayed at shows and they may possibly be suppressed before the event. For instance, such animals are also likely to flinch when it is their time to perform or go into the arena with their heads down and tails between their legs. In fact, refusing to perform comparatively simple jumps possibly will be a horse's way of tackling absence of sense of self worth - a perception that it is better to decline jumping instead of jumping poorly.

One more circumstance where Larch may possibly be effective is at the time when a cat is thankful to integrate into a prevailing feline social arrangement and possibly will feel discouraged and uncertain regarding itself owing to this. For similar reasons, animals that have been saved from bad homes or uncaring owners could also require this Bach Flower Remedy to assist them to resume their self-confidence.


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