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Mimulus guttatus

Mimulus has plump green stems akin to that of a water plant and grows up to a height of roughly 50 cm. The leaves of the plant appear opposite to each other and they hold on to the stem. Mimulus flowers have five petals, but they combine to form an open mouth that is about 25 mm to 30 mm in diameter. The petals are vivid yellow having a small number of red specks on the lower brim. Initially, Dr. Edward Bach had named the yellow mimulus flowers as Mimulus luteus, however, afterward they were identified as Mimulus guttatus. The Blood-drop Emlets (botanical name M. luteus) is a comparable bloom from Chile. However, this flower is comparatively small having noticeably red spots. It may be noted that the two species of mimulus mentioned here hybridize without restraint with the red M. luteus seeming to control the yellow hued M. guttatus. These two species may grow independently in nearby valleys, however, when they get together downstream, the yellow M. guttatus becomes darker having additional red specs. In fact, people engaged in breeding plants are also engaged in creating hybrids of these two mimulus species and these, in turn, cross pollinate often altering the natural form of the plant. To prepare the Bach Flower Remedy, you need to use the yellow hued M. guttatus.

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Flowering Period

Mimulus plants are in bloom during the period between June and August end.


The flower essence remedy Mimulus is prepared employing the sun method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy, you need to locate a place where the plant grows robustly in the wild beside a bright stream and collect the flowers from many dissimilar plants. Gather the flowers along with their stalks and float them on water in a bowl. Place the bowl in such a position that the flowers on the surface of the water are exposed to sunlight.

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A Bach Flower Remedy, Mimulus is used to cure tangible trepidations caused by any identified cause.

Individuals who are said to belong to the Mimulus type generally suffer from panics of crowds; they are afraid of people as well as frightened of publicity. While these are the primary characteristics of the individuals belonging to the Mimulus type, they have a propensity to be introvert and hesitant. Mimulus is a remedy for uplifting the mood of the sufferers and can be given to any individual who has been enduring fear, cause of which can be recognized without trouble. For instance, these fears include fear of poverty, fear of pain, fear of succumbing to an accident, fear of spiders, and fear of being robbed and so on.

While the fear of being letdown or unsuccessful basically suggests the use of another flower essence remedy called Larch, since such a condition is an indication of absence of self-confidence in an individual to accomplish something, the Mimulus fright of end results may perhaps be additionally precise, for instance, trepidation regarding what other people may be saying; or fear of making the champion's speech. As this puts forward, it is quite difficult to clearly differentiate between Mimulus and Larch states of the mind, and frequently these two remedies are given to the patient simultaneously. The usual means to distinguish between Mimulus and Larch is this - give the sufferer only Larch provided he or she is short of confidence, but do not endure any genuine nervousness. However, if the sufferer endures a fear of anything particular, but besides this, the individual is convinced regarding his or her capabilities, give them only Mimulus.

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When an individual is enduring the Mimulus state, his or her mind envisages actual apprehensive incidents, persons or objects and the sufferer backs off from the events, persons or objects having a feeling of trepidation. Alternately, in such a condition of the mind, one lives in a continuous situation wherein there is trepidation, coyness as well as anxiety owing to instantaneous adverse situations, in addition to persistent tryst with flawed pattern of thoughts.

Generally, the flower essence remedy Mimulus is used to cure preventative fears that may perhaps also settle while the individual is faced with the frightful situation. This is applicable to real events, for instance, any surgery, examination, or even a public appearance. Alternately, an individual has a chronic phobia that reiterates sporadically. In fact, these are obsessions or fixations of the mind, more often than not given rise to a combination of fearful experiences related to a specific object, event or sign. In addition, Mimulus also helps to cure deeply entrenched existential horrors, for example fear of poverty, fear of passing away, fear of mishaps, and fear of lonesomeness as well as all other types of adversities. It may be noted here that the Mimulus state of the mind is also manifested when an individual experiences hypochondriasis or extreme self-observation and watchfulness in his or her ventures or efforts.

The major dissimilarity between Mimulus and other remedies that are used to cure fears is the actual nature of the content dreaded. In the instance of the Mimulus condition, the mind is always precisely aware of what is frightening or the object that is being dreaded. Fearful persons, things and/ or persons as viewed as obstacles or in the form of perilous restriction or discouragement that an individual wants to avoid and move away from. In such cases, Mimulus facilitates healing by reducing the effect of the dreadful content, frightening events, persons or objects turn out to be simply another normal occurrence or individual in the flow of life, rather than impending in front or surpassing an individual's realization. This Bach Flower Remedy helps to infuse courage as well as a feeling of being in control of things - especially his/ her mind.

Mimulus is valuable for treating all types of nervous disorders and phobias when the causes for such fears are real persons, objects or events/ situations.

Coyness, apprehension or anxiety weakens one's self-image, and an individual may have a feeling that he or she is substandard compared to others and also feels humiliated regarding him or her being short of courage, propensity to scared concern and also fright of judgment. It is for this reason, the sufferers usually do not share their fears with other people. Contrarily, the sufferer may perhaps endeavour to hide his or her internal anxieties and lack of confidence from other people by putting up a show of boldness ostensibly. In fact, this state is described as conjured valour or cheeky confidence, wherein there is actually very little or none of it. Conditional on the condition, this state may develop into a potentially perilous condition of irresponsibility or disheartenment of behaviour. More often than note, in gentler conditions, the sufferers or people belonging to the Mimulus type endure their fear secretly.

People who are constantly shy will benefit greatly if they use the flower essence remedy Mimulus. People enduring such a mental state usually also experience disappointment or unhappiness regarding such inner impediments that frequently they have a feeling of helplessness in moving ahead. In such cases, the nervousness may also be obvious physically and result in easily provoke anxiety, generally counteracted by the individual with efforts to conceal this condition of the mind from other people. However, using Mimulus effectively cures this state and helps in restoring the self-confidence of the individual.

When an individual is enduring acute case of fear, it is possible that he or she will also experience an inner anguish or a fall in his or her individual energy levels.

A Bach Flower Remedy, Mimulus is helpful for people who have a feeling that they require more courage to come to terms with the events of daily life. People who require this remedy generally experience unwanted terror and concern regarding the every day situations, for instance, swimming, flying, coming across spiders and perhaps also visiting a dentist or taking a driving test. Such individuals may seem to be worried, coy or fearful and possibly will be wavering or blushing easily when they are in situations wherein they have a sense of vulnerability. Other instances where therapy with Mimulus will be extremely beneficial are situations when an individual becomes very susceptible to crowds, bright lights, and loud noises. While therapy with the flower essence remedy Mimulus drowns the fears and worries of the sufferers, individuals who have these character attributes find themselves in a position where they are capable of creating a further positive mental attitude to their life.

The Mimulus state of the mind may even occur to animals. In effect, animals that require the flower essence remedy Mimulus are those who are always frightened and worried creatures. Such animals are likely to exhibit their fright somewhat overtly by trembling or quivering or displaying additional body language while they are faced with the object, incident or person that actually scares them. It may be noted that animals that whine or hide from view behind the couch when any stranger comes into the house may perhaps require Mimulus most.

It needs to be underlined that animals that are scared of other animals, fireworks, thunder or even the cracking of burning of wood in the grate would be benefitted from using the flower essence remedy Mimulus. Like Larch and Centaury, this Bach Flower Remedy should also be considered for curing animals that find it troublesome to affirm themselves. However, in situations where the animals experience absolute fright, or the trepidation is not very precise, you may also consider giving the animal other flower essence remedies like Aspen and Rock Rose.


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