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Sinapis arvensis

Mustard is an annual plant that normally grows up to a height of anything between 50 cm and 70 cm. The flower head of mustard plant is very much akin to several other associated plants in the cabbage family having yellow coloured flowers each with four petals that measure around 15 mm to 25 mm across each. The leaves of the mustard plant are deep green, sporadically lobed and jagged along the margins. The leaves as well as the stems of this plant are hairy or covered with fine bristles. The flower heads emerge from the leaf axils and while the flowers open up gradually the length of the stem, the seed pods develop underneath. It may be noted that some amount of care is necessary to identify the mustard plants because majority of the substitutes do not have any hair or bristle on their leaves and stems. In addition, the leaves of most alternatives have a paler green hue with regular lobes.

Flowering Period

The mustard plants are in bloom during the period between May and July.


A Bach Flower Remedy, Mustard is prepared employing the boiling process. To prepare this medication, you need to pick the flower heads higher than the seed pods when the plants are in full bloom during the early part of summer. It is advisable that you should gather the mustard flower heads from several dissimilar plants that you may have.


The Bach Flower Remedy, Mustard is beneficial for those individuals who experience a dark cloud of obscurity now and then that approaches and leaves for no perceptible reason whatsoever. Individuals who are experiencing this state of the mind have a hopeless feeling and are not capable of covering the manner in which they feel. Such individuals retract within themselves; feel isolated and detached from the remaining world. This remedy facilitates in dispersing the darkness and in ushering back light and happiness in the sufferer's life.

Mustard type of depression has been described akin to the descending of a dark cloud that blanks out joy and happiness from one's life. What is intriguing is that people enduring this type of depression are unable to explicate as to why they are feeling in such a manner. Generally, such individuals have all the necessary things for leading a happy and contended life, but feel that they have been feeling unexciting, weepy and depressing for causes unknown to them. In such cases, it appears that doing nothing helps in alleviating the condition of the sufferers. While the dark clouds may be drifted away temporarily, the burden of such gloominess is so intense that the sufferers do not get respite from it for long. Usually, the Mustard type of depression goes away on its own, and it disappears all of a sudden - it goes away as unexpectedly as it had come. In a number of instances, Mustard depression may occur in cycles, but there will never be a daily justification for this, for instance losing a job or missing any opportunity. In this regard, one may also see Scleranthus - another Bach Flower Remedy.

When the mind is in Mustard state, it is eclipsed by obscurity and gloom and the individual may experience a feeling of a burden or a descending heave that generally causes him/ her to suffer from depression. In fact, the mind seems to get reduced light and the suffering individual becomes cheerful when exposed to warmth as well as the vivid rays of the sun. It has been found that people who usually have a longing for light and sunshine require the Bach Flower Remedy - Mustard. Dr. Edward Bach has described this condition akin to a feeling of a dark cloud that comes down, at times for reasons that cannot be explained.

The gloomy disposition of the Mustard state results in the individual being drawn inward, something like being locked inside, and the relation with the external world is undermined. In such cases, the suffering individual requires to put in plenty of efforts to boost up as well as raise him/ her out of this miserable condition. When one is enduring the Mustard state, he or she may seem to be forgetful, withdrawn or having no interest in the prevailing circumstances. For such people it is difficult to achieve happiness in such situations. Precisely speaking, life looses all its appeal to such people, while any task or contact with others does not seem to provide them with any motivation or happiness.

When one is suffering from depressive disorders, therapy with Mustard remedy facilitates effective cure of the condition. Whenever there is any type of retardation or obstacle, Mustard has the ability to ease the withdrawal tendency as well as joylessness.

It may be mentioned here that together depression and gloominess may give rise to emotions, such as grief, monotony, repenting, self-pity as well as a feeling of worthlessness. Alternately, an individual may also turn out to be even pessimistic and irritable, looking for withdrawal from being involved with other people, and, at the same time, surrendering to darkness.

In acute cases of the Mustard state, suffering individuals are also likely to experience hopelessness as well as a feeling of anguish and aloneness. In such cases, the Mustard personality often feels as if he or she is like an island, cut off from the remaining world. To them, life does not provide any motivation, while they view others as being full of activity and cheerful. In the Mustard state of the mind, the very objective of survival is obscure and life of the sufferers appears to have been stagnated, while their desires become latent.

When the Mustard state is not so severe, hopelessness does not appear to be very domineering, but somewhat akin to a fleeting mood that reaffirms now and then. In fact, a number of experiences, for instance grief, misery or repentance may result in the development of the Mustard state in many people. On other occasions, the dark cloud comes down unexpectedly, with no perceptible reason or ground, to suppress the happiness of the day. In this case also, the absence of a worthy occupation, founded on latent potentials as well as unidentified objective of the soul in work coupled with human relations is likely to be the root cause of the entire trouble.

Mustard remedy is effective in raising the mind or emotions to enable life to become appealing once again and ushering in latest quests or ventures. This remedy is also useful for changing self-impeding, depressive bashfulness into productive relatedness, thereby liberating the glimmers of self-actualizing ingenuity.

Animals that are said to be enduring the Mustard state of mind, will display several signs of despair, for instance, weariness, lack of appetite, unemotional look, having their ears/ tails down and so on. It would definitely be correct to think about giving such animals Mustard, provided you are not sure or aware regarding the reasons for such behaviour of the animal. In addition, you also need to take such animals to a vet because such signs may also be symptoms of some physical problems being endured by them. In case such type of depression has occurred to them previously also, then it highly suggests that the animal is in the Mustard state.


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