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Olea europaea

Olive (botanical name Olea europaea) is a mid-sized tree growing up to a height of anything between 5 meters and 15 meters. This tree has a light grey bark, is heavily branched and bears grayish-green foliage. The leaves of olive have a silver color underneath and are leathery growing about 45 mm to 60 mm in length. The leaves generally appear in opposite pairs on the branches. The flowers develop the length of a stem (usually in racemes - a simple indeterminate inflorescence in which the flowers are borne on short pedicels), which emerges from the leaves' axil. Normally, as many as 20 or even more flowers appear together on every raceme. Every individual flower is tiny having four cream color white petals.

Flowering Period

The flowering period of olive differs depending on the place and the season of where the tree is grown. However, generally olive trees produce flowers during the period between May and June.


A Bach Flower Remedy, Olive is prepared employing the sun method. The flowering bunches of the tree are collected when the trees are in complete bloom from several different trees - in fact, as many as possible. Next, float the flowering clusters on the water in a bowl in such a manner that the surface is covered.


The Bach Flower Remedy Olive is particularly effective in curing the states, such as weariness of the mind/ emotion, spirit as well as the body.

Olive is primarily meant for individuals who have exerted themselves too much and, hence, are now drained of vitality. This exhaustion may be psychological or physical, new or enduring and there is likely to be related issues, for instance a personality type having an inclination to work too hard. However, the common characteristics as well as the crucial directing aspect to this Bach Flower Remedy are that there exists a genuine ground for tiredness. It may be owing to physical exertion, for instance extreme hard work, or as a result of studying or performing some other task that requires mental activity or it may even happen after ailments when the body is physically as well as mentally exhausted.

This remedy aids people who have a feeling that their energy reserves are absolutely drained out and they do not have anything remaining to continue with. In fact, this may occur at any level. In severe instances people who require Olive generally complain of being extremely exhausted to perform another job or may be feeling totally washed out. Generally, this is a fall-out of circumstances where plenty of energy has been expended - working very hard, a difficult stretch of digging in the garden or tiredness associated to an enduring ailment are the most common conditions where Olive can be of immense help.

People who are enduring an Olive state experience that mind is extremely weary to continue with and the individual is aware that he/ she has reached a precise limit and their reserves are being washed out. When individuals are in a condition of tiredness that touches within them profoundly, it weakens their basic spirit or inner essence of their survival.

While an individual fights with his/ her duties in life, they may be primarily in the mental, physical or emotional sphere, the individual comprehends that they rise above his/ her head and are seldom in their power to achieve. An individual commences a specific job, but is unable to finish it; and in such cases, the desire to retard and rest is just very strong. As a result, an individual is likely to appear forgetful, tired or even uninterested.

In the instance of people working in the domain of social service, while the fatigue or exhaustion condition develops, in the course of or following protracted ailments, during the course of any difficult period demanding additional effort, Olive is extremely beneficial and brings the curative spark to help the individual to carry on. When an individual is in the Olive state of mind, his/ her emotional life is also very exhausted or tired. Like in the burn out syndrome, they are not able to be concerned regarding other people, as they used to be earlier. In such conditions, these people can neither be agitated or excited over other people and matters that earlier provided them with motivation and happiness. As their inner reserves have drained out, such people may now find him/ her withdrawing into their internal essence, concealing power and, at the same time, safeguard the strengths that they are left over with to carry on during the day.

When people are enduring the Olive state, they may experience despair, grief, dissuasion, a feeling of worthlessness as well as indifference, which all may be accompanied with exhaustion. In such a situation, the internal spiritual essence of the individual is likely to wane in belief and also be without seeing any aim and beauty in his/ her life.

Olive is a Bach Flower Remedy which is beneficial for individuals who have only depended on their physical vitalities instead of extracting power from other elevated sources. As a result of their action, such people generally become extremely out of balance vigorously. Consequently, such people feel absolutely 'finished off'. Such weariness takes place at the psychological, emotional and physical levels making the least amount of work turning out to be an undefeatable obstacle.

The negative Olive state of the mind may often occur due to a protracted immense strain or exhaustion - a prolonged period of physical ailment, a time when one assumes additional work compared to what one person is able to handle reasonably, or the tension of making nursing and care available to a member of the family. When individuals are in this state, they just desire to be left on their own so that they can sleep or simply sit. Generally, an individual who is in the negative Olive state becomes so weary that he/ she may also become ill physically.

It may be mentioned here that therapy with Olive flower results in regeneration, peace as well as reinstated balance. Employing this Bach Flower Essence enables an individual to attain higher sources of energy once again - those that come from the Universe.

However, individuals who are said to have Olive personality do not seem to have any problem with this, since they have a feeling of self containment and can take care of things by themselves. Nevertheless, when these individuals are in the positive Olive state, they are capable of understanding the early warning signs issued by their body and are also capable of dedicating themselves to their internal regulation.

When they are in the positive Olive state, such people seem to possess unlimited resources and are also capable of dealing with intense pressure or trauma, at the same time, being balanced and also happy.

As the negative Olive state of the exhibits a perturbed flow of energy all over the total system, physical illnesses are very common in this condition. Often a medical examination is essential when the negative Olive state becomes very intense. Such obstructed flow of energy may lead to lessened functioning of the kidney, less circulation of oxygen as well as toxicity within the system.

Since this Bach Flower Remedy reinforces the body as well as the soul, it is very useful during recuperation from physical illnesses that cause weakness, such as recuperating from alcoholism. After therapy, the person using the Olive Flower Essence would be able to identify as well as respect the requirements of his or her body once again.

Animals also endure the Olive state and in their case too, the symptoms are similar as in humans. Animals may need this Bach Flower Remedy after they have suffered ill health or following a surgery. In addition, this natural flower essence remedy may also be needed by an animal after it has given birth. Olive may also be effective for animals that work, for instance shire horses and sheep dogs or for animals that take part in competitive events, racing events or shows, where the requirements of participating as well as traveling up and down weighs down heavily on these poor creatures. The Bach Flower Remedy, Olive also assists animals, who have been suffering as well as being tired, by means of aliment management as well as maltreatment.


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