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Pinus sylvestris

Pine is a tall evergreen tree that grows up to a maximum height of 35 meters. The leaves of this pine appear in bunches of paired needles that are about 50 mm to 70 mm in length and generally short compared to a number of other pine species. Pine trees are monoecious, meaning that they bear both male and female flowers on the same tree. While the male flowers are like tiny yellow color balls found at the base of new shoots, the female flowers have a red hue and are cone shaped appearing at the end of any fresh growth. It may be noted that every species of pine display a type of constant growth, new cones forming as the old cones mature. While the dissimilarities may be noticed in the cone, the usual form of the tree is also an excellent guide - the Scots pine, which was selected by Dr. Edward Bach, possesses the typical head of boughs on a light rust hued trunk.

Flowering Period

The pine trees are in bloom during May.


The Bach Flower Remedy, Pine is prepared using the boiling process. To prepare this natural remedy, collect as many male as well as female flowers from different pine trees. The flowers need to be collected along with branches or twigs that are approximately 15 cm in length to enable them to be accommodated in a saucepan. It is important to note that this medication should only be prepared with flowers that are mature. For this, you need to gently shake the branches and the mature flowers will drop to the ground. In addition, you will also find a haze of yellow color pollen provided the time is appropriate.


The Bach Flower Remedy, Pine has been indicated for individuals who suffer from guilt and also for people who own the culpabilities and faults of other people. They usually have a propensity to frequently make an apology and are harsh on themselves with a view to rectify their apparent misdemeanours or carelessness. The remedy Pine is meant for administration at whatever time people suffer from guilt, irrespective of the fact if it is owing to any recent occurrence or is related to any enduring or entrenched guilt complex.

Pine remedy facilitates in reinstating an optimistic logic of the internal self-value or self-esteem. People who require Pine most generally undergo emotions, such as disgrace, culpability, self-blame or self admonishing and frequently take the onus for, or even ask for forgiveness for something that does not have anything to do with them whatsoever. In effect, such people are never content with them and have a propensity to experience that other people are well off compared to them. People who are enduring the Pine state find it difficult to come across any genuine sense of accomplishment or happiness in their life.

Any individual enduring the Pine state of the mind is generally a recluse who is downcast by the encumbrances of culpability and lamentation. Such a person is likely to experience the Pine condition additionally apparent, because a bad sense of right and wrong has been repressed and not paid attention to, just to reaffirm in the form of internal indecision as well as an absence of reliability. In this instance, Pine therapy would bring the genuine content of culpability in an individual's moral realization, which needs to be understood and worked through. However, when an individual is in the withdrawn Pine mental condition, the individual generally reacts to an extremely delicately tuned sense of right and wrong that does not permit for easiness as well as forces the diligent individual, although there is likely to be some amount of genuine guilt. In this case, this Bach Flower Remedy will help to lessen self-blame and liberate the person from such feelings.

In the Pine state, the sufferers may face two extreme conditions with the middle state being engaged by the usual Pine mental condition, affirming him/ her following any genuine offence, which the individual apologizes for afterwards and wishes that perhaps they could nullify the wrongdoing. As a Bach Flower Remedy, Pine has the aptitude to lessen this burden and give the sufferers the sense of having a new opportunity.

When an individual is in the Pine mental state, he or she is likely to be possessed or obsessed with culpability as well as self-admonishing and are not likely to be free from a number of burdens for several years, which may give rise to a feeling of dishonour from deep within them. In a number of acute instances, the mind is likely to be repeatedly pulled toward the action of guiltiness, either by rerunning it or in fact, performing it something like prevailing over the inner feeling of disappointment or as if to ensure that perhaps the extent of the offence was not as cruel as believed. Such exercises apparently numbs the conscience, albeit momentarily, and are meant to facilitate the process of self integration of the unpleasant experiences that do not let out voluntarily into the wanted self-personality. In effect, they work to disseminate the trouble by contributing sustained focus as well as refutation instead of discharging the culpability content by means of moral determination and understanding with people who have actually been offended by their actions or behaviour. In other instances, purification by organizing rituals is likely to be repeated time and again to soothe an individual's conscience. Performing such ritualistic cleansing acts also weakens the genuine soul liberation that is accomplished most excellently by means of lively discussions as well as social reunion.

While curing mental ailment, Pine is indicated in self-punitive, obsessive-compulsive as well as perfection-oriented or ceremonial or sacred actions as well as thoughts, something similar to the obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. This Bach Flower Remedy is very effective in treating delusional disorders and paranoid or obsessed personality disorder accompanied by panic of being castigated by higher authorities or people in power. However, in this case it is not the 'other people', but the individual's personal conscience or overstated attention to detail which may be troubling them.

The emotions of individuals who are enduring the normal Pine state as well as those who are in the exceedingly painstaking Pine mental condition, often suffer from emotions frequently focused around repentance, embarrassment as well as self-culpability related to not fulfilling their lofty ideals. Some people may also experience genuine hopelessness and desolation, as they feel that they are not able to ascend higher than the burdens of culpability and failure to exonerate them. It may be noted that individuals who are conscientious are even likely to take up responsibility as well as the censure for any letdown when in actuality other people have been responsible for the offence or neglect.

In the transitory Pine state of the mind, the emotional aspect is influenced by drift over the orders of the conscience, often taking the issues in a lighter vein, increasing negligence as well as insensitivity. On the other hand, the inner feelings of culpability suppress the peace of the soul and leave behind a feeling of unanswered apology.

In the event of recurring feelings of guilt developing into compulsive or ritualistic obsession, one will, in fact, witness a decline in their emotional content, while the mind endeavours to set up an equilibrium by means of a somewhat tedious and perfunctory method. In this case all secondary emotions, for instance, rage, firmness, dissatisfaction as well as estrangement from him or herself as well as other people are likely to emerge from this kind of obsession.

It is interesting to note that at times, even animals suffer from a feeling of guilt. However, as in the case of Holly, the remedy Pine is incorrectly given to several animals. In case you happen to scream at your puppy for damaging the best pair of shoes you posses, the animal is likely to appear feeling guilty by turning away its eyes. However, submission and fear are likely to be the real emotions felt by the puppy. In such situations, Mimulus is an effective option to cure the animals of their Pine state. In addition, any animal that is chastised all the time is likely to require Pine, provided it starts thinking that the whole thing is its mistake. However, generally, in animals the Pine state is found between dog and dog, cat and cat and horse and horse, because there the emotion will not be bogged by our overpowering supremacy.


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