Bach Flower Remedies
Red Chestnut

Aesculus carnea

It is relatively simple to recognize red chestnut (botanical name Aesculus Carnea). This plant grows up to a height of 10 meters to 15 meters. However, in comparison, the red chestnut is smaller to the horse or white chestnut. The trunk of this tree is crumpled, while the bark is broken. The branches of red chestnut have an inclination to be light weight, thin as well as wilting. The buds of this tree have a brown color having a shade of green-purple, while the leaves are palmate or split into a many parts with anything between five and seven leaflets that spread out from a solitary stalk. Red chestnut produces red color flowers that emerge at the terminals of the branches in the form of straight bunches at the head of a stem that is about 10 cm to 20 cm in length. Individually, the flowers measure anything between 10 mm and 20 mm in diameter.

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Flowering Period

The red chestnut trees bloom during the period between the later part of May and June. In effect, this species flowers somewhat later compared to the white chestnut.


A Bach Flower Remedy, Red Chestnut is prepared employing the boiling method. To prepare this flower essence remedy, you need to pick the spurs of red chestnut when the trees are in full bloom. It is also important that you collect the flowers from several dissimilar trees if possible.

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The Bach Flower Remedy, Red Chestnut is most effective in curing the fears that arise from the wellbeing of other people.

To some degree, most people in the Red Chestnut state usually feel anxious for people they are concerned about - maybe they are bothered regarding a member of their family who is left home for some other place, or a child who has gone on a school excursion for the very first time in his/ her life. In fact, such worries are very common concerns of almost all parents and it does not point to any problem, whatsoever.

As aforementioned, the fear experienced in the Red Chestnut state is a very common anxiety, but usually blown up to the limits. People who are enduring the Red Chestnut state of the mind are actually hysterical with anxiety till the time they come to know that their loved person is out of harm's way. Such people usually make a fuss in front of their partner or, in the case a child has left the house, they will carry on fretting till they return home.

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It is also interesting to note that the Red Chestnut type of personality has a tendency to telephone daily to ensure that all their loved people are well and have not been harmed in any manner. Such conduct may at times be mistaken for the excessive concern expressed by the Chicory personality. However, there are a number of differences between the Red Chestnut personalities and those belonging to the Chicory type. While people belonging to the Red Chestnut type are fearful, instead of being overprotective, they are never anxious about themselves whatsoever - the anxiety of such people is completely focused on other people, especially their loved ones.

When an individual is enduring the Red Chestnut state, his/ her mind extends to their dear one, who is normally beyond their reach or not in their control to be assisted. As a result, they continue to be anxious apprehensively regarding the well-being of their loved one. In effect, the very thought that someone who is dear to them, who they take pleasure in caring for, is not with them and may perhaps be without any help at hand or even be threatened by something, weakens the vigour as well as the nerve control of the Red Chestnut type. In such cases, although the Red Chestnut type wants to reach out and help his/ her dear ones, but still is not in a position to do anything for them, the nervous energy of such people do not find any exit route, simply wearing away the individual's reserves.

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When individuals are in the Red Chestnut state, lively thoughts, expectation of something awful, in addition to the absence of faith in the compassion of other people's fate only make the problem more complex for them and this may perhaps drive the mind to unreasonable levels of nervousness. When people are in this state of mind, they are unable to set free, while physical remoteness, ailment, old age or perils have disengaged the protection of the love relationship, one's mind as well as the heart is still with other people who are very valuable and whose loss they are not able to endure.

Generally, people in the Red Chestnut state experience sorrow and anxiety together. While the shock of grief may justify the feeling of danger, the loss of protected environs and attachment may elucidate the apprehensions for the life and limb of the loved one - in this case, the sufferer considers any detachment with the dear one as similar to death. In such a situation, emotions, such as helplessness and self-culpability for being unable to provide help to the loved one who is far away, may undermine the emotional strength even more.

The flower essence remedy Red Chestnut is beneficial for people who are afraid of the wellbeing of other people, especially those they love and cherish to care for. People who require Red Chestnut most are actually anxious regarding other's safety, particularly individuals who are intimate with them. Whenever things do not occur as they had expected, such people will instantly begin to apprehend for the worst and imagine that some type of harm might have been caused to their dear ones - possibly they may have met with some kind of accident, they believe. For instance, a mother who is always apprehensive about the wellbeing of her children suffers from this type of fear for trivial issues like when they are late in returning home. Her fear will vanish the moment her family members are back at home unscathed. Therapy with Red Chestnut facilitates in reinstating a positive feeling as well as faith in the Divine Plan or the Creator ushering in the acknowledgement that every individual has his or her own way and is delightfully cared for irrespective of what occurs to them.

The Red Chestnut state may also occur to animals and it is quite difficult to differentiate the Red Chestnut animals from those who are of the Mimulus or Chicory types. However, there is one way by which you may possibly recognize the Red Chestnut animals and that is by search for something that is a overlapping of the two - anxious, apprehensive conduct when you indicate that you are leaving, coupled with an endeavour to tag along with you or stop you from leaving them. For instance, a mother having pups or kittens is likely to display strong concerns if any of them strays. It may be noted that such a conduct on the part of the mother is an indication that she belongs to the Red Chestnut type.


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