Bach Flower Remedies
Rock Rose

Helianthemum nummularium

Rock rose (botanical name Helianthemum nummularium) is an undersized plant that grows perennially and has overhanging branches from which emerge small straight stems having a head of wilting flower buds. One or two flowers of rock rose open at a time and each flower has five vivid yellow hued petals that measure 20 mm to 25 mm in diameter, and they wither away soon after blooming. The lance-shaped leaves of rock rose appear in reverse pairs and are hairy. Underneath, the leaves are white in color. From the base of all the leaves emerge small stipules resembling leaf-lets. When you have identified rock rose once, it is unlikely that you will mistake this plant for other plants. However, it needs to be mentioned that a trailing buttercup has flowers resembling a cup, while the flowers of rock rose are horizontal and bigger. Even cinquefoils bear relatively small flowers and have very dissimilar leaves.

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Flowering Period

Rock rose is in bloom during the period between May and August.


A flower essence remedy Rock Rose is prepared by employing the sun method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy you need to select a location where this plant grows robustly and collect the single flowers from many dissimilar clumps and float them on the surface of water in a bowl. The bowl should be positioned such that the flowers are exposed to the sun. Dr. Edward Bach has especially noted that although a number of garden varieties of rock rose may be present, only the flowers collected from the plants growing in the wild ought to be used to prepare this remedy.

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Rock Rose is especially indicated for mental states of extreme fright and dread, in addition to an unremittingly debilitated nervous system. This flower essence remedy is meant to cure extreme trepidation, which is so intense that it makes the sufferers experience a terrified feeling. However, the sufferers always have ground for such fears, which may be owing to something that the sufferer has witnessed or due to an approaching incident or a phobia, a nightmarish experience or the fear may even arise from frightening tribulation. Whatsoever may be the reason, the panic is always specific, but has surpassed the daily nature of Mimulus. When any individual is found suffering from such a mental state wherein he or she is gripped by intense fear, they would benefit by using the flower essence remedy Rock Rose.

While this mental state may only occur within an individual's essence, Rock Rose state is one of terror and intensified nervousness whilst threats as well as risks impel to dart or hurry. In fact, the Rock Rose response is a characteristic 'brawl or getaway' reaction, since the entire organism gets ready to either clash or guard or run away from an apparent threat. In such cases, internal agitation as well as anxiety may be intense and weaken the health as also the internal harmony, if it occurs recurrently.

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More often than not, the Rock Rose state of the mind begins in upsetting situations, for instance the closeness of an individual's personal or another person's demise or when an individual is excessively exposed to particular menaces or hazards related to their work. Recurrent nightmare is a hint that the individual requires the flower essence remedy Rock Rose. In addition, people having manias and passions that are of terrified type also require Rose Rock; like individuals who are enduring panic disorders and phobias. In this case, frequent apprehensive experiences of even experiencing ordeal of terror just one a single occasion have been related with specific individuals, things or situations that would activate new terror on contact even in the case when the actual peril has gone by.

Rose Rock is a leading medication in a constant condition of advanced nerviness, particularly if it is accompanied by recurring starting and internal trembling. Long-standing apprehension, constant loss of sleep, a chaotic, challenging life may also lead to a chronic Rock Rose state of the mind, mainly this condition being a collapse of the control of the nerves. In addition, Rock Rose is also beneficial for people enduring every type of anxiety disorders, following traumatic stress disorder as well as in adjustment disorder which when compared to post-traumatic stress disorder is a gentler reaction to a less acute ordeal associated with fright or panic.

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When one is experiencing such a terrified condition, additional feelings generating from terror are extremely powerful, brought by the internal strength and pace of the 'fight or flight' reaction. While combating or fighting, we notice the extra sentiments of fury, hate, unreasonable bitterness and annoyance, while the flight or escaping activates sentiments of desolation, vulnerability or of being seized.

In addition to unceasing anxiety, in the instance of continual case of tenseness, the sufferer may easily be in tears, yearning for assistance, yearning for harmony and respite - such sentiments are typical for individuals who are mainly engaging in the fight or combat reaction. The fight response will explain why people of so-called Rock Rose personality endure constant anxiety and belligerence towards other people; or why an individual may perhaps be wavering between these two extremes; more often than not, illogical owing to dread and abrupt precipitation of sentiments, which exist in both instances.

A Bach Flower Remedy, Rock Rose is effective in all situations wherein there is a requirement to transform the pulsations of intense fright or panic. In the acute Rock Rose state, people who require this remedy may turn out to be firm, trembling or turned into stone owing to intense fear. In fact, in such situations, the sufferers may also be paralyzed due to terror or experiencing the type of blind panic which generates the desire to escape to any place, except where they are presently located. Such propensity to panic during any emergency situation or to have horrifying nightmares also points towards the patient's requirement for Rock Rose remedy.

Rock Rose condition may occur in animals also. Whenever any animal is unnerved, their physical symptoms are the key to their mental state. The most common physical signs of animals enduring the Rock Rose mental state include fur bristles on their back, the posture is defensive, and the expression is one of being anxious or stunned. It is likely that in such situations the entire body of such animals will shudder. These are some of the external indications of terror and, in specific respects, they are not dissimilar to the physical symptoms exhibited by human beings when they encounter any situation that leads to the Rock Rose state of the mind. It may be noted that fireworks and/ or thunderstorms are among the few factors that are responsible for triggering the Rock Rose state of mind in animals. In addition, apparently there are additional causes that may generate this state in animals, for instance, taking them to kennels, visiting a vet, or even travelling by specific transport modes. Moreover, sights of specific people or particular places or smells may set off panic among animals, especially in animals that have a history of being wrongly treated.


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