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Verbena officinalis

Vervain (Verbena officinalis) is a powerful herb that grows to a maximum height of 1 meter. The herb emerges from a perennial rootstock having somewhat tough unkempt stems. The dead stalks of the previous year usually stay on with this plant. The stems of vervain are square in segment and similar to the plant's leaves, they also have bristles or hair. The leaves are feather-like or pinnate and appear opposite to one another on the stem. The leaves have intensely rounded sections and are jagged at the periphery. The leaves on the upper part of the plant are usually smaller compared to those at the base. Vervain produces small flowers that measure about 4 mm to 5 mm across and have a light mauve or pinkish hue. The flowers open up gradually the length of a thin spike that develops into small fruits underneath. At a time, just a small number of vervain flowers open up.

Flowering Period

Vervain plants are in bloom during the period between June and September.


A natural remedy is prepared from vervain employing the sun method. To prepare the medication, you need to pick the flowering spikes from several different plants that you can manage. These cut stems are subsequently floated on a bowl of water.


Vervain is especially indicated for conditions of the mind wherein an individual possesses excessive fervour that may result in blown up endeavors to change other people to accept their individual views.

People who are said to be of the Vervain type have a very intense feeling regarding questions related to rules and righteousness, and generally go a long way to protect what they consider to be correct. They will support anyone who they may think is suffering unjust action and such people are not frightened to protest in support of their cause. The Vervain type individuals would like everyone else to have strong convictions like them and, hence, will encourage conversation and deliberations since it provides them with an opportunity to present their viewpoint as well as place their arguments before others. The purpose of these people is to convince other people all the time to perceive things from their viewpoint. However, unlike the Vine personality, Vervain types never dominate other people or compel others to obey them; instead they want to convert them to their mode of thinking and share their over enthusiasm.

Generally, the Vervain type of individuals is actually fervent people who take pleasure in challenges and will exert themselves on any project which might appeal them or in which they might have faith. However, when their endeavors are hindered, it results in frustration and can experience intense pressure owing to this.

The Vervain personality assists those people who require reinstating balance to the insentient belief that it is their duty to look after all things around them. People who require Vervain Bach Flower remedy generally have extremely elevated values and beliefs/ attitudes and they always look for converting other people to their viewpoint and belief by means of pure power of their eagerness and determination. Vervain personalities are sticklers who have a propensity to work too hard, forcing them beyond what is practical, and, as a result, frequently turning up provoked and extremely strung. In severe Vervain state of the mind, such individuals may also become fixated, extremely enthusiastic and also angered owing to wrong or discrimination. The remedy Vervain reinstates the balance to such conditions enabling the individual of this type to initiate additional viewpoint in its approach to accountability and also to recognize the requirement of other people to have liberty to pursue their individual course of life.

In people who are enduring the Vervain state, the individual, mind is passionately influenced enthusiastically regarding specific thoughts and endeavors to achieve them; pursue as well as convert other people to them. Such an intensified inducement is likely to be borne by immense power of will despite obstacles as well as inner tension as well as drive is also likely to go up, particularly when the individual requires while prevailing over opposition. Such opposition may even be from inside the individual, since the wish to rest or any other endeavors at entertainment emphasize themselves. Alternately, the resistance may also arise from others who do not wish to cooperate with the Vervain personality willingly. It may also be a portion of the problems of the attempts itself.

Although every one is entitled to battle for his/ her thoughts and ideals, other people ought not to be excessively swayed in case they do not happen to share the same interests. Although individuals in the Vervain condition of the mind are generally carried off by fervency as well as fervour, they might misplace view of this fact. In such instances, the Vervain individual is certain about the rightness as well as usefulness of the ideas followed by him/ her and may also turn a blind eye to the preferences and views of other people.

Vervain has been indicated in treating fanatic features in mental ailments. For instance, it is highly effective in curing bipolar disorders, in troubles related to controlling impulse, in the instance of fantasies as well as psychoses accompanied with intense elation, fervency and obsession. In the instance of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, individuals having Vervain personality might have a propensity to actively convert other people to his/ her standards that are excellence oriented. As a remedy, Vervain cures the fundamental elegance as well as enthusiasm that provide several conditions of mental/ emotional discrepancy the added effect and power. In addition, this remedy also facilitates in carrying the psychosomatic energy to improved levels.

It may be noted that apart from mental thoughts and concepts, fuelled by internal impulse as well as the unremitting force of the will power, even emotions may also be transported to immense heights. Manipulability, emotionality as well as rapidly stimulated motivation and affection for other people may arouse and augment owing to the use of this natural medication. Nevertheless, a number of individuals receiving this remedy may experience extreme happiness, overstated as well as unstable emotions of friendship and love and this may turn out to be unsuitable as well as domineering. Alternately, the pessimistic sentiments of repulsion as well as denunciation are likely to take up obsessive temperament. In a basic Vervain condition, hysterical mood swings may even be changed to the limits.

In may be noted that the Vervain personality has a propensity to be involved in political zeal as well as explosion of hostility, which may come up from internal fervency as well as the endeavours to control other people. In effect, generally people belonging to the Vervain type have a high level of self-virtue, as an individual affirms his/ her objectives completely - especially those people who are helping mankind in fulfilling its requirements.

The natural remedy Vervain facilitates in gradual accomplishment of targets, instead of endeavouring for too many things at one time. It also helps in exploiting the energy as well as invigorating the internal peace as well as nerve control. Vervain also assists the patients in developing endurance towards other people's opinion.

Even animals that have Vervain personality are generally vigorous as well as emotional and are likely to be intensely strung. In fact, such animals are likely to find it difficult to remain at rest and, all the time, seem to be interested as well as keen to be engaged in whatever might be happening. For instance, Vervain animals are dogs leaping up on visitors as well as chasing around a park to participate in ball games.


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