Bach Flower Remedies

Vitis vinifera

The general grape vine is a perennially growing, trailing creeper. Generally, vine is found in cultivated variety when the plant is clipped back to a stumpy root stock. When growing in the wild, for instance the sub-species like sylvestris, the stalks of the plant may be of sufficient length - anything between 10 meters and 20 meters, and on mature and established plants the primary stem may even be as thick as 25 cm across. The plant produces leaves that are about 10 cm to 15 cm in diameter having as many as three to five lobes. The flowers of the plant emerge in divided clusters arising from the leaves' axil. The flowers are tiny and have a greenish hue of closed buds till the petals are forced to open up by the maturing stamens.

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Flowering Period

The blooming period of common grape vines differ depending on the place where they are being cultivated. Precisely speaking, the vines flower in the early phase of summer between the period of April and May in the Mediterranean region.


The natural medication from common grape wine is prepared using a process known as the sun method. The flowering bunches of the plant are collected from many different vines when they are in their full flowering season. In effect, this is done when most of the flowers of the plant open up and start exposing the stamens containing the pollens. During this phase, the aroma of the flowers is extremely obvious. Even the vines growing in the wild may be used to prepare the medication.

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Vine especially helps to cure the propensity to get involved in prevailing actions.

Individuals having the Vine personality are known to be good organizers or leaders. They generally have a strong will, clear thoughts that guides them, but when they are in the negative aspect of Vine, they are likely to utilize their mental power to govern other people. In such a mind setup, people belonging to Vine type are likely to be somewhat brutal, belligerent and even vindictive in their endeavours to have things according to their wish. In addition, such people are also likely to express their brutal towards people who are gentler without any consideration of the others' plights. In fact, they will go around inculcating as well as directing other people and expect them to obey their orders.

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It may be noted that Vine remedy facilitates in reinstating the standard of unbiased leadership by means of the proper utilization of power and determination. People who require this medication (Vine) generally have a propensity to turn out to be haughty, dictating and are of the firm belief that they are correct and need to assume control in all types of situations. In fact, they are likely to find it extremely difficult to listen to others' viewpoint and will generally coerce other people who are weaker in comparison to them, habitually without being conscious of what they are doing. For instance, the most intense sample of this type of Vine personality is those who are brutal tormenters or bullies. Treatment with Vine assists in opening the heart of the Vine personalities as well as reminds them that constructive leadership is only possible when there is a affiliation between the mind and the heart.

People who are in the Vine state of the mind are swayed by their leadership excellences and take it for granted that they have every right to dominate over other people, though the others may oppose with this kind of bossy nature and stubborn behaviour. Those belonging to the Vine personality type generally disregard others' views and desires when they do not fall in line with their individual plans or wishes. In the most intense instance of absolute domineering manners, or explicit instance, it is likely that domination of such people may result in brutal and aggressive mistreatment. It is seldom noticed that in a Vine instance, or clandestine case, there would be any kind of maneuvering, deception and design or even sycophancy that facilitates in accomplishing one's purposes.

Generally, the extent of power possessed by the Vine personality determines whether explicit or clandestine domineering attitude is used. The assaulting leader, who is endowed with power, seldom needs to have recourse to maneuverings, but just has his/ her individual way. The Vine personality's opponent is generally inferior and possessing less might to give up, is forced to utilize his intelligence or even trickery to disentangle him or herself and accomplish a opposing position of supremacy.

In either instance, the Vine personality wants that the purposes important to them personally need to be accomplished. In addition, the objectives of such individuals take up key percentages, governing their behaviour as well as suppress the insights of other additionally important contemplations related to morals. The Vine remedy is very effective in treating mental disorders as well as other emotional/ mental discrepancies when strong opposition is demonstrated pertaining to support with healing plans and also when the individual does not have any desire to endeavor for any change.

The characteristic Vine personality over and over again takes issues into their hands, being very well aware of what is precisely suitable for them. This remedy has the aptitude to cure apparent offensive manners as well as obstinacy, for instance, in passive belligerent personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, anti-social personality disorder as well as conduct or behavioural disorder. Vine is especially indicated to treat impulse control disorders, wherein urges are not opposed to, but performed eagerly even if they are detrimental for other people.

In both, overt or covert instances, the emotional life of people having Vine personality is likely to be dependent on target-oriented approach, lessening the power of empathy as well as active concern of other people's requirements. In effect, these aspects of a Vine personality are extremely sweeping and severe letdowns of contemplation in the Vine state of mind. It has been noticed that the Vine personality may even have a propensity to overlook his/ her individual requirements for entertainment as well as emotional happiness and owing to overstated fussiness, may turn out to be very much governed by objectives/ ambitions and plans.

In the instance of overt Vine personality, wherein power moves up sense of one's self incorrectly, the patient may discover that the emotional conditions of egoism, pride as well as self-importance, with exaggerated demonstration of his/ her power. At the same time, they might have arrogance against other people and an unqualified expectation of submission from others. In addition, oppression and exploit is likely to grow out of such a condition; or the irrational and random abuse of power takes place which may prove to be detrimental for other people, just to gratify the leader's requirement for sensationalism as well as self-importance. In case there is any opposition to the leader's instructions or orders, one may experience emotions, such as annoyance, rage and frustration or the leader/ Vine personality, contrary to the arrogant nature, is coolly scheming, in control of his/ her emotions as well as very reserved. For example, such propensities may be noticed in a parent, an industrial boss, school teacher or any head of any nation.

In the event of covert instances, the patients generally suffer from intense disappointment, decadence, a feeling of discrimination, obstinacy and insubordination regardless of oppressive pressure. It is likely that covert domination would be preceded by obvious endeavors to retaliate, or the Vine personality may even fluctuate between two different manners, with succeeding or repeated realization of uselessness and turn to maneuverings. Such an activity is generally noticeable in families, as one friend and the children maneuver as well as demoralize the overbearing parent with a view to have their personal requirements fulfilled. However, covert behaviour of Vine personality may also be present in instances where there is no resistance whatsoever, when one individual silently controls matters, while apparently displaying respect for the freedom of other people, frequently under the guise of helping others for their 'individual benefit'.

Nevertheless, innate aptitude for leadership requires appreciation as well as a domain for operation. Treatment with Vine Bach Flower remedy  facilitates in maintaining the heart activated as well as route an individual's talents for utmost effectiveness.

This natural remedy assists in opening eyes to the concern for other people and also in discovering happiness in providing for them in their pursuit for joy and individual progress. In treating disobedience against those in authority, Vine helps to lessen obstinate fixation and, at the same time, route an individual's headship powers to greater fulfilling purposes.

Animals having Vine traits are also similarly strong-willed and are eager to take on clout over other animals in their vicinity. Generally, people have a tendency to remain in trepidation of Vine personalities, and, as far as animals are concerned, small, younger or feeble animals are always in fear of the Vine animals. In fact, other animals may even develop nervousness in the presence of Vine animals. It may be noted that dominant dogs are generally of Vine nature, and until special care is taken, these dogs may even take on authority over their relatively more soft behaved human owners.


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