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Juglans regia

Walnut trees are deciduous by nature and grow up to a height of 20 meters to 25 meters having extensively scattering branches. Usually, the bark of walnut trees is even, while old trees may have furrowed barks. Walnut bears leaves which have a purple-green hue when they are fresh and are feather-like having anything between seven and ten leaflets that are somewhat curved at the end. The male flowers of walnut are chubby, loosely hanging, green catkins; while the female blossoms are comparatively small, green hued and have the shape that resembles a fig or flask. At the top of the flower there are two pinnate stigmas which seem akin to minute light orange-pink ruffle that gathers pollens carried by the wind. The male as well as the female flowers of walnut emerge on the same tree, but the male flowers mature after the female flowers to make certain that cross-pollination from nearby trees occurs. As the leaves of the walnut tree are aromatic, no one can miss them. All varieties of walnut trees, including Ash, American black walnut (Juglans nigra) and the Tree of Heaven, have feather-like or pinnate leaves, while having a greater number of leaflets. The leaves of the Black Walnut are also indented along the margin. It is easy to identify the J. regia during the period between April and early May, as the leaves of this variety of walnut have a purple bronze appearance.

Flowering Period

Walnut trees are in bloom during the period between April and late May.


The flower essence remedy Walnut is prepared employing the boiling method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy you need to select and gather female flowers from many dissimilar trees. While collecting the female flowers you need to cut them along with their stems along with young leaves keeping in mind that they can be accommodated in the saucepan. While you may also include a few male catkins, it is important to note that this remedy is prepared mainly using the female flowers.


The Bach Flower Remedy Walnut is especially employed to protect us from intensified manipulability.

This flower essence remedy is beneficial for people who have problems in adjusting prior to, during or following a phase of change. The changes related in this case may vary from starting school to moving jobs to childbirth. Any turmoil in life that results in any type of distress is an indication that Walnut is the ideal remedy for such conditions.

Walnut is known as the link-breaking medication that helps in alleviating the changeover from the past to the current. In addition, this Bach Flower Remedy is also the ideal medication for individuals who desire to progress in life, but find it difficult to liberate themselves from the restrains or security of their precedent. Besides, Walnut is also an effective remedy for people who find them swayed by others perceptions and are generally deviated from their right path in life. Once more, Walnut works in the form of a link-breaker, allowing advancement and liberty in one's life.

People who are enduring the Walnut state find that their mind is excessively persuaded by the notions from the external world. These perceptions may perhaps be in the appearance of vogues, tendencies, other individuals and their persuasions or any other existing lure, or also mental manoeuvrings. Individuals requiring the flower essence remedy Walnut most are those who are impressed and influenced without any difficulty to the extent of incorporating the impression in the mind as well as being guided and swayed by it in their every day preferences or also in their vital life selections.

When people are in this mental condition of candidness, impressions sink prior to judicious and assessing control is able to prevail and change preventable or harmful influence. Internal steadiness as well as determination of reason and determination, logical thinking power and appreciation of the individual's own worth, choices and approach, are yet to be completely formulated and recognized in the individual's mind.

In a number of instances, while the internal determination is present, the Walnut state of the mind exists in the form of an intensified compassion, not as much to be deceived ethically or publicly, but just to be excessively influenced by hitting upon content. This may occur in the class of factual or imaginary stories of anguish and offence that provokes compassion and perturb an individual's thoughts extremely, frequently conveyed along with visual impact by means of films; or even beauty may have an excessive and marked inkling on the mind. Larger-than-life lure to sexual subjects, albeit it may perhaps simply be a mental obsession, generally entrenched in oversensitivity towards optical or unreal consequences.

For the duration of transitions, while an individual frees himself or herself of his or her usual arrangement of orientation, and, while the individual fumbles for new directing posts in a fresh environ, the mind is exceedingly bared to potential detrimental sway that may well detract one from the core uniqueness of his/ her soul or essence. Such transitions possibly will be in the shape of a move or indicate the most important springboard in an individual's life, for instance, commencing or concluding of school, going away from their parents, marriage, the experience of an empty nest or even demise of a beloved. Also known as the 'link-breaker' remedy, Walnut facilitates to release the past existential arrangements, at the same time as protecting the firmness of the essence or soul and shifting it within to the subsequent 'existential link'.

A flower essence remedy, Walnut is given to people while they are undergoing the process of psychological development, at a time when the newly initiated self-image is yet to be established firmly and requires to be protected from external restraints.

Walnut has been found to be effective in helping treat delusional disorders at times when an individual has a feeling of being preoccupied or swayed by forces over which he or she does not have any control. In such conditions, Walnut is helpful in developing a defensive shield inside the domains of consciousness as well as to bring steadiness of limitations.

While the mind is not endowed in assessing and protecting adequately as well as sensibly, emotions may possibly get influenced by intensified pliability. In fact, impressions penetrate and are likely to result in emotional fracas from deep inside the sufferer. For instance, teenagers are swayed without any difficulty by their peers, fashions as well as trends, while they continue to be in the course of action of developing their independence, self-identity as well as intensified discriminating controls. In such cases, the sufferers experience much emotional anguish by trying to impress such people, who have actually impressed them, and in one way or the other failing to equal those people. Candidness to prejudices political influence as well as passion possibly will take root or be anchored in intensified manipulability. The combination of probable unfavourable cerebral content and emotional passion is also likely to fail the mental power to assess as well as be judicious further.

Children in the Walnut state frequently require shielding from external manipulations, as the minds of these kids are yet to develop sufficient analytical as well as discriminating capability. For instance, the negative appraisal of the child by his or her parents is corresponded to the child and it pushes into the personality, and weakens the self-concept and confidence of the youngster. Using the flower essence remedy Walnut would be highly beneficial to the young mind and help the child to find a stability as well as self-appreciation from deep inside him or her. When the child is using Walnut, the negative assessment by his or her parents will have very insignificant effect on him or her.

A Bach Flower Remedy, Walnut encourages compliance, emotional suppleness as well as fortification when one is undergoing a transition. In fact, every one of us encounters the challenge of alteration several times throughout our lives and in such cases, Walnut assists us to remain candid, flexible as well as adjustable. Such changes may include things that happen when we pass through the various phases of life or changes in our way of life, for instance, divorce, death of a loved one, shifting to a new house or taking up a new employment. Walnut works in the form of a link breaker, thereby assisting us to liberate the old and determinedly hold the new. In addition, Walnut also possesses the aptitude to offer a shroud of fortification for people who are extremely susceptible to their surroundings or to the sway of other people.

In the case of animals, this flower essence remedy would be very eagerly as well as frequently used for the apparent periods of change, such as giving birth, being taken back to their original home, or being displaced when the family moves to a new location or home. In addition, Walnut will also prove to be beneficial for them when one more animal is brought to the household or it may assist them in dealing with the alterations owing to the arrival of a new baby, or also guests or inhabitants. Besides, Walnut would also be effective if you required leaving your pet in kennels or any cattery or with any friend of relative, when you are going on a holiday.


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