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Water Violet

Hottonia palustris

Water violet (botanical name Hottonia palustris), also known as Violet Butterfly Bush, Buddleja, Viper's Bugloss and Echium, is an aquatic plant that grows perennially, but is very short lived. This plant produces erect or straight flowering stems that develop somewhat away of the water by about 20 cm and bears flowers that are set in whorls. The flowers of water violet are very ordinary, have five petals and have a resemblance to the pallid mauve primrose with the center having a yellowish tinge. The plant has feathery leaves that are always immersed in water.

Flowering Period

Water violet bears flowers during the period between May and June.


The Water Violet remedy is prepared by means of a process known as the sun method. For preparing this medication you need to pick the flowers along with their stalks individually and drift them on a bowl of water.


Water Violet particularly cures the states of arrogance as well as unfriendliness.

People who are in the Water Violet state actually take pleasure in the relatively peaceful things in life. They loathe noise and chaos and have a preference for being alone instead of being dependent on meddling and commotion. Such individuals are basically independent, haughty, self-reliant as well as noble. They also have respect for other people's privacy and also enjoy their personal solitude.

Individuals who are in the Water Violet state usually have an air of serenity about them. Precisely speaking, they are generally calm even when faced with a crisis and confine their feelings to themselves alone. This behaviour of the individuals in the Water Violent state makes them bottle up things and retract into their own self - something that may result in making them seem detached and unfriendly. In effect, such things may give a wrong impression about these individuals and enhance the distance between them and others. Therefore, rather than taking pleasure in their privacy or solitude, such people are likely to start feeling cut off as well as lonesome.

The Water Violet remedy facilitates in reinstating the essence attributes of humankind as well as astuteness. Individuals who requite Water Violet remedy usually have a very important insight as well as perception to share with others, but owing to their mild and susceptible personality they find it difficult to share this with other people. Such people have a propensity to retract or pull back into their individual space. The Water Violet therapy assists such individuals to bear in mind the cohesion of every thing as well as to break up the blockades in the region of the heart chakra, which is created by this state, encouraging the aptitude to hang out without any problem and also to communicate their reliability, knowledge as well as wisdom.

People belonging to the Water Violet type are able to understand the viewpoint of other people all the times and also able to acquaint themselves with problems of other people. As a result, such individuals are valued as superiors owing to their specific qualities - calm leadership, and also because they are always at a quandary while taking harsh decisions against their employees. This type of people looks forward to their employees to follow their lead and, in case they do not, Water Violet people will pull out from their employees, instead of engaging in ruthless condemnation.

Following therapy employing Bach Flower Remedies, it is possible for the Water Violet personality to utilize his/ her self-assurance as well as self-governing approach for their personal benefit as well as for others. Such people will endure their life with a gentle grace as well as inner solemnity, which attracts people towards them. And when this happens, they are able to act in response once again.

In a positive state, individuals who belong to the Water Violet type prefer to be left on their own. In effect, they chose to remain in the background while allowing others to live according to their desires. It may be noted that Bach Flower Remedy is meant for use by individuals who are facing problems in connecting with other people - maybe at their residence or their place of work.

Individuals enduring the Water Violet state raise themselves above others and have an approach or outlook of a reserved solemnity. They also keep themselves aloof from involving with other people. Owing to profound experiences in their life along with succeeding thoughtfulness regarding the truths of life as well as deepened course of spiritual advancement, they believe themselves to be extraordinary, superior and sophisticated. At the same time, they consider other people to be less conscious or not very matured. In the event of their life's understandings entailing sorrow or being upset by other people, they find additional grounds to withdraw from people and cut themselves off and remain behind a wall of self-defence as well as a sense of being superior compared to others.

In effect, it is the dual nature of the Water Violet state wherein the person has a feeling that he or she is special and superior to others, while deep inside they are susceptible as well as lonesome. The discerning mistake in Water Violet state predominantly lies in endeavouring to ascertain their independence and also protect their mature and sophisticated self-concept by means of turning away from any kind of involvement with other people. Although the fact is that genuine importance and true self-esteem can be earned best by remaining affectionate, offering self-forgetful service as well as by means of comradeship with others.

There may be several reasons for the Water Violet personality to feel that he/ she is superior compared to other people. In fact, few of the reasons for this feeling may be owing to the extraordinary abilities/ talents possessed by them, their achievements in life or the individual's heritage - this often makes the Water Violet personality feel that he/ she is exceptionally gifted, talented or even being the chosen one. In majority of the instances, this particular benefit is relished quietly by the individual himself or herself and they simply present the attributes or discuss them seldom. Nevertheless, in many other instances, they express their authority more vigorously by means of proud behaviour, oddity as well as arrogance.

Water Violet is an extremely effective remedy for delusional disorder of the grandiose type as well as narcissistic personality disorder wherein the patient has a propensity to feel proud and become eccentric. These kinds of maladies are actually accompanied with a basic lack of confidence, craving for high regard and even envy ignites the ostentatious insights as well as desires. In such cases, there may a requirement to administer other medications along with Water Violet.

The emotional life of the gentle natured Water Violet personality likely to be passive and festering as they generally keep away from active engagement with other people and at times, may also consider such involvement to be an interruption to their internal peace and harmony. Such absence of involvement with others is likely to be taken to meaning lack of naturalness, lack of concern or even indifference in spite of social encouragement as well as enjoyment. In effect, people belonging to the Water Violet nature crave for true human meeting, but is unlikely to be completely conscious of this kind of a pursuit. Such individuals experience loneliness as well as elimination of repression from deep inside and depart the inner self unfilled and depressing. The Water Violet personality is unlikely to enterprise onwards from the place of self-defence, the moment the inner requirement for social relations comes to the forefront, but is likely to have a preference to wait. All the while, they would be experiencing miscellaneous emotions of haughtiness and understanding and, at the same time, allow other people to make the first initiative. This somewhat passive condition is likely to result in more dissatisfaction and exert the individual further deep into unfriendliness and isolation.

On the other hand, Water Violet personalities who are more communicative demonstrate dominance/ authority and arrogance more explicitly as well as rudely. Haughtiness as well as oddity is likely to estrange other people unnecessarily and keep them away from them. Such types of individuals who are more impulsive are unlikely to be as susceptible within as those who are of quiet or gentle nature. Nevertheless, they still endure an absence of true bridge of shared admiration and sincere endeavour towards other people.

A momentary state of Water Violet is likely to occur to those people who have been disgraced or insulted, since they always make an effort to defend their personal image. Such people may opt to elevate him or her above the wrongdoer, rather than allowing the negative evaluation or cause offence as well as be defeated by it. Very often, the more spontaneous Water Violet personality is likely to push other people into this stage of self-protection, since one Water Violet state of mind produces another, albeit it is simply momentarily. This natural remedy will facilitate in reinstating amity as well as comradeship, wherein once there was estrangement and disrespect.

Animals belonging to the Water Violet mental state are known to have a disposition similar to those of the humans having this personality. Such types of animals never complain, but elevate themselves above any difficulty they may be facing, just going astray silently and remain alone to endure in silence. Usually, such animals may seem to be unfriendly or superior and never encourage or receive embraces, noticeable warmth or petting.


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