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Wild Rose

Rosa canina

Wild rose, often referred to as dog rose, is basically a bushy plant that grows perennially and has a curved and overhanging stems that are approximately 4 meters in length. Plants of this species have arched barbs that somewhat have a resemblance to the canine tooth of a dog. Such curvy thorns appear on the otherwise even stalk of wild rose plants. The wild rose plants produce leaves that resemble feathers (pinnate) and each leaf generally has five or even more (about seven) leaflets that are hollowed out along the edges. The petals of wild rose flowers resemble the heart. They are generally large (about 50 mm) and flat. The color of the flowers may vary from white to pink. The typical rosehip generally emerges in autumn. Among the other different field roses, the Sweet Briar (botanical name, R. rubiginosa) is profusely aromatic and possesses several pointed bristles on their stems. Similar to the R. stylosa, the trailing rose (botanical name R. arvenis) too possesses a noticeable combined style in the midst of the flower. On the other hand, the downy rose (botanical name R. tormentosa), which is generally found growing on chalk-like soil, bears furred leaves.

Flowering Period

The different varieties of wild rose bloom during the period between June and July.


The Bach Flower Remedy from wild rose is prepared using the boiling method. It is advisable to collect the roses from numerous bushes, which may be possible. You need to cut the flower heads having a short stalk and any leaves on the stalk. Ideally, the stalks ought to be cut in length of 15 cm in order to ensure that they can be accommodated in a saucepan.


Precisely speaking, Wild Rose is very effective in curing the mental conditions related to indifference as well as submission.

Wild Rose remedy possesses numerous therapeutic properties. For instance, it assists in reinstating the attributes of passion as well as happiness in the life's process. Individuals requiring Wild Rose usually undergo a condition of unconcerned resignation that may be accompanied by feelings of exhaustion and monotony. Any individuals who might be enduring a severe condition have a feeling as if they have already surrendered and feel a total absence of stimulus and enthusiasm that are essential for the normal functioning of life. There are a number of people who endure such an acute condition when they are suffering from prolonged ailment and may have been told that they should give up the hope of recovering completely ever. Treatment with Wild Rose facilitates in restoring the enthusiasm and finding happiness in life irrespective of the situations that an individual may be confronting.

This medication, Wild Rose, is meant for people who are drifters in life. It is also for people who are content to sit back as well as drift through several years, never minding where they would be eventually ending up. As long as the individual remains happy, there is hardly any problem with this state - this is actually the case related to people belonging to the Wild Rose type. Nevertheless, occasionally people of this kind of characteristics or in such a mental frame have a feeling that life is looking the other way and they are being left out. Such individuals wish to get themselves out of such an apathetic condition, but fail to do this. In effect, treatment with Wild Rose assists them to feel much more inspired and lively, so that they are able to obtain more from their life.

People who are in the Wild Rose state are mentally resigned to adverse situations and never look for new prospects for their enhancement. Generally, an individual belonging to the Wild Rose type has made an endeavour to seek further decent or sought-after alternatives of life, but has been unsuccessful and virtually surrendered. In order to guard themselves from such discontent as well as persistent desolation, the mind of such people opts for lack of interest as well as submission, which are both necessary to infuse the needed calm and comparative release from resistance.

On the other hand, in the early stage of struggle, Wild Rose may also be prescribed, though this is never the universal condition in such cases. In this instance, the victim or sufferer experiences vulnerability and hopelessness - both are the typical attributes of the state of Wild Rose. Thus far, submission has not started and people actually experience more fury and aggravation.

In other instances, the Wild Rose state does not essentially occur owing to a difficult condition that was initially resisted. It is even possible for an individual to have a propensity to Wild Rose condition since babyhood in case the atmosphere is oppressive together with character traits of timidity or vagueness, which have actually been unsuccessful in raising the spirit of sovereignty as well as exploration. It has been found that such individuals may just concede whatever may come their way, with no regard for alternatives or struggling for a respite in the schedule.

While an individual is ailing, the universal Wild Rose state is depicted in a indifference towards combating for wellness. In effect, in such situations, the individual resigns and may also experience a lack of all motivations to live.

In the case of mental ailment, generally there is a flat affect and this can be done away by using Wild Rose, like in the case of schizophrenic conditions, psychosis, developmental problems, schizotypal personality disorders as well as schizoid. In effect, the behavioural disorders are not as severe conditions compared to schizophrenia, combined with schizoid character disorder which demonstrates the flat affect in an additional distinct manner compared to the schizotypal behaviour/ personality disorder. More often than not, individuals who give in to such ailments, face diminished social contacts, have very low emotional attachment as even the belligerence gives in to passiveness.

The characteristic Wild Rose state demonstrates a draw back from attachment in any adverse conditions that the sufferers are unable to triumph over. Such departure from reality actually assists in defend emotions to ensure that the flood of desolation and aggravation does not have any effect. However, at the same time, the emotional aptitude for happiness and vivacity also suffers. Such oppressiveness actually avoids those forces from occurring that the individual requires to get away from its stalemate. Seemingly, such as stifled capability for happiness is evident in indifference in pleasure and play, in an absence of expectations, dreams and also wishes.

People enduring less severe or absolute Wild Rose state experience hopelessness accompanied by instantaneous fury and aggravation. In such cases, the emotions of the sufferers are likely to waver between the two excesses. If it is possible to make amends by means of the individual's endeavours, the Wild Rose state is averted and the sufferer will once again feel powerful. However, on the other hand, if the situation is overwhelming, the Wild Rose propensity is likely to turn out to be unceasingly ingrained, for instance, disability as well as terminal ailments. Wild Rose remedy will still aid in uplifting the emotions and mind to newer heights of well-being and direct the view to alternatives of enrichment as well as happiness that is well within the reach of the individual. The natural medication, Wild Rose helps to free the sufferer when he/ she is in the midst of hardships by altering the internal approach from resignation or submission as well as departure to a new openness for life.

Individuals who are enduring life-long cases of Wild Rose, while their emotional life may seem to be steady, they might have a concealed potential as well as creativity in their internal reserves. This natural medication facilitates in activating these hidden potentials in the person.

Several individuals, who require this particular Bach Flower Remedy, may have to undergo treatment with Wild Rose for a prolonged period, since the essential conditions that are innate in such a state are strongly entrenched right from the birth or may be from even prior to that. For example, an infant who is crying for several hours, but is still taken no notice of, finally acknowledges the fact that he or she is on their own and abandoned. This baby accepts his/ her destiny in the manner it is and starts life with no vigour or concern whatsoever. In case this condition is not treated, it might turn out to be chronic and may eventually become a dominant trait of the baby's personality.

When Wild Rose stage is in its extreme form, which is also known as the negative Wild Rose, the condition of the sufferer is one of despair and he/ she has virtually accepted it to be predestined. Such people start believing that nothing will become better for them and, hence, do not have any happiness in their life. As a result, they also do not make any endeavour to make any positive change happen in their life. The depression of such people is really obvious.

People enduring this negative state of Wild Rose may frequently seem to be walking like the dead, showing no interest or enthusiasm whatsoever for like, but resigning to their destiny miserably. Generally, when such people talk, they speak in a dull, inert voice and often wonder why other people attach so much importance to life. Simultaneously, other people fail to comprehend this negative state of Wild Rose mind since the situations adjoining the sufferers never seem to be as awful, as these patients think or believe them to be.

In effect, people who are enduring the negative state of Wild Rose are very unexciting companions, as they are extremely indifferent as well as tedious. The profound depression suffered by such individuals usually gives rise to indifference that usually dispirits all gatherings they attend. However, when people endure a gentler, but a persistent Wild Rose state, they are likely to take part in extreme activities with a view to balance the absence of genuine interest in them.

Although it is usually a chronic condition of mind, it has been seen that the negative Wild Rose state is likely to occur at times in the form of a provisional or momentary condition. This may generally happen after a woman has a miscarriage, while one is working intensely on his/ her personality or during psychotherapy. On such occasions, this Bach Flower Remedy (Wild Rose) helps in restoring the usual vivacity as well as enthusiasm in the suffering individual.

Undergoing therapy with the Bach Flower Remedy (Wild Rose) steadily results in a renewed interest in the sufferer's life as well as the happy anticipation of better things to happen in life. In effect, the patient achieves a new litheness as well as internal liberty and is able to allow the riches of life to surge within him/ her once again.

It is also possible to identify animals who are suffering from negative Wild Rose state by means of their behaviour. Such animals have a propensity to be gently compliant, enabling you to do whatever thing to them or with them, even without caring what they might be enduring. In fact, such animals will have a dearth of vitality and enthusiasm and will get worked up only on rare occasions. They will also rarely be concerned about anything.


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