Bach Flower Remedies

Salix vitellina

This tree is found in many dissimilar forms and one needs to exercise some caution while identifying the right form of willow. In effect, English physician Edward Bach opted for the willow variety called Salix vitellina, which has resemblance to the white willow (botanical name Salix alba) in nearly every aspect. Salix vitellina is a gigantic tree that grows to a height of 25 meters and has a somewhat creased yellowish-green bark. The central trunk is not very tall, usually growing up to a height of about 3 to 4 meters, but it has the ability to expand into many big, dispersing branches. Generally, tree is pollarded with a view to encourage a dense growth. In other words, the main trunk is cut back at its apex at this height for the same purpose.

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Salix vitellina produces leaves that are shaped like lances. The leaves are pointed having very fine teeth at the periphery. In addition, the leaves possess delicate white hairs or bristles on their underside. This is different from the crack willow (botanical name Salix fragilis), which produces smooth leaves. The male and female flowers appear on different trees - the flowers are long somewhat rigid green catkins. You may differentiate Salix vitellina from the white willow (S. alba) by the winter branches that are vivid golden yellow - akin to the color of egg-yolk and, hence, this variety is called vitellina. These twigs are supple and never break, as in the case of crack willow branches. A cross between the weeping willow (botanical name S. babylonica) and S. vitellina has resulted in the ornate Golden Weeping Willow, which can be identified or differentiated without any difficulty as their branches are drooping.

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Flowering Period

Salix vitellina blooms during the period between April and May when the leaves of the tree unfold.


Willow, a Bach Flower Remedy, is made employing the boiling method. To prepare Willow, you need to collect male or female catkins from many dissimilar trees with a twig that is approximately 15 cm in length and along with the tender leaves. The amount of these should be enough to be accommodated in a saucepan.


If you go by the nature of humans, you will notice that every one of us require Bach Flower Remedy at some point of our life. This occasion may arise when an individual's good luck is in sharp difference with our individual situation and when envy as well as antipathy may sweep over us. In effect, Willow is one natural medication for people who are enduring self-pity - in generally, their motto is 'poor old me'. It has been found that people who require this medication most are prone to grumbling and moaning regarding their condition in life, as if they and only they have been enduring the life's burden. In case anything goes erroneous, they always consider others to be responsible for it, or blame others for the fault. Similarly, when any individual has good luck, they think that the individual does not deserve it. These are the basic traits of people who respond well to Willow.

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The mood of individuals who respond to the Willow is contemplative and by its nature portray the emotions down into a corkscrew of lack of enthusiasm. This natural medication actually assists people having such a state of mind to look further than their individual troubles. In addition, Willow also allows them to observe life in a much more optimistic manner as well as identify the encouraging things that life has to offer them.

Such individuals may easily turn out to be harsh or indignant, be offended or even feel that life is not being fair to them whenever things do not happen to their liking. In addition, Willow also facilitates in softening those problematic temperamental characterises as well as encourage the identification of the requirement of pardon of self, personal accountability as well as other things. Willow also helps to reinstate optimism in the individual's aptitude to fashion the life they desire to have.

During such times, we generally condemn out destiny and also find fault in everything as well as everybody for our pathetic condition. In such cases, compassion for us is basically the overruling emotion. It is likely that we might have a feeling of such resentment that we may be enticed to put a stop to some other person's happiness by taking any action that might ruin their day.

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Hence, it is quite obvious that we are not pleased and at ease with ourselves. In such situations, taking a few drops of Willow, a Bach Flower Remedy, may help us to reinstate our usual conditions. In other words, this Bach Flower Remedy helps us to return to our standard life when things are resentful and gloomy.

If the harmful condition of the Willow turns out to be persistent in any individual, it may even cause a disparaging impact on the victim as well as those who are in association with the sufferer. In effect, Willow is a condition wherein feelings of an individual are projected strongly to the exterior world. When any individual passes through this phase or condition, they are generally excellent in making demands, but do not ever see the requirement to give in return. To some extent, such people censure others which results into the alienation of their well wishers who may have endeavoured to help them out at some point of time. Finally, people become tired of those enduring the Willow condition and depart.

As a result, those people who are constantly enduring the Willow condition become further isolated as well as more disillusioned over the discriminations or unfairness in their lives. People who are said to belong to the Willow type retain the feelings of resentment in them, often for several years, and also for causes that have turned out to be ambiguous. Instead of blowing up and encountering any other person or 'taking it out' on somebody, the Willow type will continue to seethe as well as release shadows to noxious power.

Since the Willow type is basically a sufferer or victim, he or she will by no means accept any responsibility or introspect to find out the causes for his or her several letdowns. Like people enduring the conditions of other negative flower essences usually do, the Willow type also never allow their Higher Self to ever guide them.

Many a times, individuals who actually have not had the success they have desired slip into the negative Willow condition, when they arrive at the midpoint in their life. They usually lament for not receiving promotions, not achieving the desired status as well as not possessing what they had wanted to. In addition, people who give prominence to physical appearance or beauty moan about the fact that their beauty or attractiveness is fading.

Individuals who are undergoing treatment with Bach Flower Remedy will slowly, but steadily realize that all the things that he/ she may be enduring is basically the result of individual reflections that are being projected to the outside world and this medication will help them to start working to modify or amend such thoughts. The sufferer will eventually find out how to purposely concentrate on the positive, instead of the negative thoughts and, thereby, start to make positive changes happen.

When the willow type has been changed to the positive condition, thanks to Bach Flower Remedy, this individual will start taking responsibilities for his or her destiny. They will no longer remain a sufferer or victim, but turn into masters of their individual destiny. Consequently, he or she will once again start enjoying their life to the hilt.

It may be noted that even animals who have been suffering from the negative condition or are self-pitying and in a mood that may be described as 'tail-between-the-legs' too will also benefit from this Bach Flower Remedy or Willow. This natural medication will facilitate such animals to do away with depression, self-pity, resentment that may result in their wandering around as well as feel remorseful for them.


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